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Last update: June 7, 2019

Hit the highway to ecommerce success with Volusion – a truly powerful web store builder


Being successful with web selling is all about having a great product, so goes the common understanding and belief. However, that’s hardly any substantial shard of the complete picture. Success with web selling is not hostage to the existence of a terrific product, although that’s a great blessing to have. Thousands of retailers are making millions out of ecommerce by selling used stuff, routine use stuff, necessity items, and more trivial sounding products. Web selling success is mostly about offering a decent proposition to your intended customers; it could be a superb product, unbeatable prices, or the most enjoyable shopping experience online with maximum convenience. The last proposition is what differentiated ecommerce solutions offer you, enabling you to step ahead of hundreds, if not thousands of competitors offering pretty much the same kinds of products at the same price points. Your quest for an ecommerce website builder that’s loaded with the best from the world of contemporary web store development and management, that’s simple enough to be used by somebody who has never written a line of code, that’s intuitive enough to make all the features actually exciting and useful for users, that’s all this and more, ends with Volusion.

Here’s a quick look at some of the deal clinchers that Volusion brings to the table.

The scale of sales affected with an ecommerce platform is a pretty clear indicator if its suitability for managing huge enterprises online. Volusion can proudly boast of having enabled sales worth $16bn, that’s 4 times as much as even the closest competitor.

With the professional and responsive templates available for all kinds of categories, getting off the blocks with online selling is made as easy as possible.

Volusion is among the few ecommerce solutions that offer varies service plans to appeal to all kinds of web based selling requirement, thus enabling users to pick the most reasonable selling solution.

With Volusion, it’s as much about marketing as it is about selling, and that’s with the aid of important and empowering tools such as newsletters, Facebook stores and more.

Volusion is also among the few ecommerce platforms that offer the services of dedicated account managers and priority support over the phone to enable demanding entrepreneurs into setting up really massive and self-sustaining ecommerce store network.

This is a good time to jump on to the real business, that’s creating a web store with this terrific ecommerce website builder.

How to create an ecommerce website with Volusion?

The Volusion home page gives you a quick run through the most prominent of the benefits brought to you by this amazing ecommerce website builder.

Volusion review

Begin by clicking on the “Start For Free” button, and key in all the details in the ensuing window.

Volusion review

Once you provide your name, email ID, phone number and a few other details, you are directly taken to the dashboard of the Volusion web store builder.

Volusion review

You can either go to the Design option from the menu bar, or click on the ‘Choose a template’ option to select a suitable template for your web store.

Volusion review

Shortlist the best of templates based on selection parameters such as industry, ranging from apparel to pet products; category, ranging from Boutique to Seasonal; and Price points, varying from free to something truly premium.

When you choose a template, it goes into the Saved Templates section on upper half of the template selections screen.

Volusion review

You can go to the Saved Templates tab, and Activate the selected template, and then begin editing it. Click on the View Storefront button here, and you will be shown a preview of the web store in all its glory, with ample demo data to make it look realistic. When in the preview page, click on Quick Start option at the lower half of the screen, and use the Personalize option to provide a store name and landing page image for the shop, and then use Add Product option to add your first product. Once done, click on Get Started, and you’ll well and truly be on your way to creating your web store.

Volusion review

You’re now brought back to the dashboard, and this is from where you can call the shots. Most of the action is available in the form of drop down options from the menu bar at the top of the dashboard.

Volusion review

Let’s take you through the most useful and impressive of the features and functions that are provided to you here.

Orders – Everything relevant to the most important aspect of web store management, that’s order fulfilment, is done here. Right from viewing recorded orders to issuing RMA numbers to accept returns from your customers, everything’s digitally doable here.

  • Process Orders – View and edit all your orders information here.
  • Phone Orders – You can quickly take phone orders, creating information relevant to the order on the go, thus ensuring that you have a system that adjusts to the dynamism of your business.
  • Recurring Billing – Sell subscription services and software licenses easily, as you can create recurring billing records for your clients.
  • Returns/RMAs – In the course of your business, there will be instanced when users will want to return merchandize. Such instances will not unsettle your web store management systems, as you can use this option to generate RMS numbers and track inbound shipments.
  • Point of Sale – Never miss on a point of sale opportunity, as your web store is smart enough to take down orders for enthusiastic shoppers who don’t mind impromptu purchasing.
  • Abandoned/Live Carts – Get quick insight about abandoned carts as well as live carts, so that you can take appropriate actions to ensure the maximum conversion rates.

Customers – Everything about managing your customers, right from accessing their account details to viewing customer reviews posted on your product pages, can be managed from here.

  • CRM System – Enjoy top notch customer relationship management features such as creating dedicated department for specific customer management aspects.
  • Accounts – All the information about your web store’s customers’ accounts is accessible from here.
  • Customer Reviews – If you wish to invite user reviews on your product pages, you’d want to regularly come down here and see what the users are saying about your products.
  • Administrators – Make management of large digital stores easier with role based admin accounts, and this is where you will be able to manage all related aspects.
  • Admin History – It’s important that you keep track of how the administrators are doing, and the Admin History tab is where all the admin activity can be seen.
  • Knowledge Base – Develop a fully fledged library of product information resources, shopping guides, and more, and ensure information rich shopping experience for users.

Inventory – Integral to enjoying a hassle free web store management experience is the sophistication of the inventory management features offered to you. Thankfully, Volusion covers all aspects of inventory management and meets the need of small, medium, as well as large manufacturing based setups.

  • Categories – Add all product categories here, create sub-categories, and use the drag-and-drop features to organize them.
  • Products – Adding your products to the web store is simple, because of the settings and options made available to you here.
  • Options – Create as many product variants based on attributes such as colours, sizes, etc, as possible.
  • Import/Export – Adding data to the store, or taking data out of it is a matter of a few clicks, courtesy the options available here.
  • Vendors, Purchase Orders, Receiving – Manage everything about incoming shipments using these options.
  • Product Key Distribution – Offer key based downloads, thus successfully retailing digital goods.
  • Warehouses – Large setups can create warehouse entities and establish integration with them from here.

Marketing – Among the most value adding features that Volusion offers are the marketing tools that it encompasses. Integration with social media networks and web marketplaces, and management of marketing campaigns based on coupons, gift certificates and news-letters, all can be easily handled using the marketing artillery in place with Volusion.

  • Social, Facebook Store, Sell on eBay, Sell on Amazon – Use these options to send messages on your Facebook and Twitter pages, and integrate with your stores on Facebook, eBay and Amazon, thus making Volusion the most coherent and centralized selling solution for yourself.
  • Deal of the Day, Coupons/Discounts, Nav Menu Promotions – You can offer all kinds of deals and discounts using these options, right from the interest generating ‘deal of the day’ tactics to well planned discounts and coupons.
  • MyRewards, Newsletters, Gift Certificates – Establishing strong connections with customers requires smart usage of strategies based on rewards points, gift certificates, and marketing newsletters, all of which can be smartly done from here.
  • SEO – Ensure that users are able to find you on the top of search engine result pages, courtesy the powerful SEO features on offer.
  • AffiliatesVolusion lets you manage fully fledged affiliate business models right from your dashboard.

Design – Head over to the Design button to access all the options relevant for changing the design of your website; whether it’s about adding a business logo, working on all kinds of content pages for the website, configuring product display settings, or preparing slideshows for the home page and designing the navigation menu for the store.

Reports – Intelligible information is a massive boon while managing a web store, and the Reports section is a storehouse of such information for you. Check the Returns on Investment to track the performance of your web store on a macro level, statistics for affiliates to see as to how the affiliates are doing, data on search terms to be able to name products better and include more popular products, and use all the reports generated for you to understand your business better.

Settings – Manage prominent web store aspects such as shipping calculations, taxes, payment gateways, customized fields, IP firewalls settings and company information here. You can manage currencies, and micro level store features using the options lined up for you under this tab.

With more than a basic understanding of the working of Volusion, let’s deep dive and tell you something about the marvels of the premium packages put on the table by Volusion.

What’s there for you in paid plans on offer by Volusion?

Volusion covers the complete range of ecommerce requirements with its varied service plans, enabling all scales of ecommerce web projects to be set up, simultaneously ensuring that web-preneurs only pay for what they need. Here’s a quick introduction to the 4 service plans that Volusion offers – Mini, Plus, Pro and Premium.

Volusion is among the few ecommerce website builders that provide a no-frills plan that actually allows businessmen to have full-fledged flavours of web based selling. All the 4 service plans offer some truly powerful features that can fast track any web store towards success. Volusion does not charge any transaction fees, so you retail all the benefits of your sales. Moreover, you get 24×7 support to ensure safe sailing with your ecommerce setup. You’d have to travel far to find a web commerce platform that offers sophisticated features such as tax calculations, mobile store, and Facebook store even in the basic service plan, that’s the Mini plan from Volusion. Equipped with all social media tools to quickly popularize your website, all these service plans are empowered enough to appeal to businessmen. Mini plan allows you to add 100 products to the web sore, and allocates 1 GB bandwidth, which is a pretty decent deal.

With its Plus plan, Volusion lets businessmen hit the next level of selling with power packed marketing features. Leverage newsletter tools to establish connection with your customer, inform them about new products and promotion schemes, and stay in their mind space even when you’re not selling. The Plus plan brings in the coveted Ratings and Reviews feature to your product pages, thus making more powerful sales pitches to your visitors. With abandoned cart reports, you can ensure more conversion rates, and can also identify causes leading to shoppers abandoning their purchases. Data exporting and importing is another important feature added to the Plus plan. With the flexibility of adding up to 1,000 products, and 3 GB bandwidth to go with the same, the Plus plan is enough to satiate even demanding web sellers.

Pro plan is the most popular service pack from Volusion, and considering that it comes with really advanced selling features that can help businessmen set up and manage really massive digital selling empires, the popularity is understandable. With Priority Support at your door, you can expect Volusion to be a bump-free ride to the pinnacle of web selling success. Moreover, you can integrate your web store with Amazon and eBay, thus ensuring successful management of a coherent web commerce strategy. You can even deploy tech resources to make the most of API access and fine tune your web commerce platform to what you need. More than all this, the Pro plan is coveted because of the terrific CRM features it comes packed with. With 10,000 products hosting capabilities and 10 GB bandwidth allocated, there’s nothing amiss with this plan.

Premium plan is all about blowing the roof away, and is best suited for really huge web networks of stores. With unlimited products allowed to be added to your store, this is where you want to be for the most unconstrained web selling platform. Also, you get your very own account manager when you opt for the Premium plan, which means that you can actually live your dream of things moving on auto-pilot. All you will need to worry about is the strategizing bit, as routine affairs of the website and consultations for taking things to the next level of effectiveness will involve your account manager to a great extent.


Volusion intends to provide really empowered web-based selling platforms to businessmen with its ecommerce website builder, and simultaneously also wishes to be relevant for smaller and medium sized entrepreneurial ventures that are based on ecommerce. Thankfully, its large scope doesn’t cause it to lose balance, and that’s precisely what Volusion brings to the table as a unique trait. Right from catalyzing quick online presence based on the professionally designed and extremely attractive website templates to the marketing tools that are more relevant for businessmen on a mission – Volusion offers a lot of power to users. The ease with which the HTML and CSS editors can be used to build templates, the effortlessness of adding and activating products with all their attributes, the availability of marketing oriented tools, the simplicity of usage associated with important features such as social connections and mobile website setups, and the commendable support mechanisms put in place – all these flavours blend amazingly well together to produce an unforgettable and addictive taste of ecommerce for newbies as well as experience web retailers.

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Volusion Review

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  1. Ktb

    SCAM ALERT – Stay away from Volusion, it is a bait-and-switch company that’s riddled with hidden fees! Basically everything on the Volusion website and everything the sales people tell you is inaccurate and intentionally misleading. Absolutely do NOT sign up for their Merchant Account – it looks like a feature of their monthly plan on their website, but it isn’t! You’re actually secretly signing up for a 3-YEAR contract that’s at least $33.50 per month, with a $99 cancellation fee! The term length is not in the contract anywhere, it’s on a separate page on their website that you will never find until you get the contract, which has a tiny link to the web page. Don’t pay them for a website that looks like garbage to start with, and definitely stay away from any contracts with them, even if they make it sound like it’s a feature included in your monthly service. They will intentionally mislead you and you will pay much more than you had expected. The sales reps know how to avoid giving direct answers, and their website is just as vague if not completely false.