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It has not been much time since social media began to take the shape of an ocean that has today swamped the virtual world. Whereas it was predicted that blogging would die a natural death because of the unabated growth of social media, things have panned out rather differently. In fact, social media has proved to be a shot in the arm for bloggers and author who can now broadcast their content to thousands of people with just a single click! Blogging continues to be alive, and the preferred form of expression of several Internet users.

The impetus enjoyed by web based authoring and blogging can also be attributed to the number of free to use and power packed platforms and website builders that help people create visually amazing and functionally rich websites within very little time. Ranging from the minimalist designs to the more catchy ones, having features such as one click social media sharing to advanced comment management, and with SEO features built into the platform – the world of choices in terms of blogging and author website platforms is massive.

Not only do these platforms allow users to create ready to publish websites within minutes, but also let them connect with the audiences in a much better fashion than was ever possible. Some of these best platform for a blog come in the form of the top website builders, whereas some require the users to create an account and participate in a community environment. In this guide, we take you through the best blog platforms that have helped thousands of bloggers and authors already, and can prove to be a great launching pad for you too. While we’re talking about free blog platforms, you can also check the list of the cheapest builders.

Weebly Website Builder for Blog

best website builder for blog

With millions of up and running websites to establish credibility of the platform, a surprisingly simple drag and drop styled builder, and contemporary themes that give just the right amount of visual impetus to your author website, Weebly is an option not many can turn down. At the moment it’s one of the best free blog platform. You will love creating your blog styled website using Weebly primarily because the ease with which you can do so, courtesy the content block elements that you can simply pick from the editor side bar and drag on to the screen to position the kind of content right where you want it to appear.

Full Site Search – You can offer the convenience of a full site search to your viewers using Weebly. Finding just the kind of posts, documents and comments they want to read is facilitated easily because of this feature.

SEO for greater visibility – Despite the high worth of the content you’re putting on the website, you’ll not get the corresponding traffic unless there’s strong SEO foundation. That’s what an author website needs the most, and that’s what Weebly provides with its SEO features that make your website a favorite with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Site Analytics – A blog and author website is an eternal learning curve for the owner, as he tries to find out the kind of content the audiences love the most. This is made easier and more effective by the built-in site analytics features that Weebly offers.

You would also love to know more about these features that make Weebly a much loved blogging platform:

A mobile ready website that makes your content accessible to your audiences even on mobile devices

Contact forms and protected pages to help you interact with the audiences in the way you want

24 x 7 support so that you never miss a content update

Contributions from audiences so that your website becomes richer with content

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Wix Free Blog Website Builder

best website builder for bloggers

Wix has always excelled as a versatile website building tool that is easy to understand, and yet functionally rich to be able to cater to all sorts of website building needs. For authors and bloggers, Wix has some unique features that land in the list of top website builders and platforms for authors. Among the relevant features are an intuitive drag and drop website builder that gives you all the flexibility you want, along with visually delightful templates that can make your content look all the more impressive.

Ample customization flexibility – If you are serious about having an author website that is rife with attributes of your personality as a writer, then Wix has enough to please you. You can customize its templates in the way you want, in terms of text, images, backgrounds, videos and much more.

A mobile optimized website – As an author, you would want to target the audiences that prefer reading while travelling, on mobile devices. With the automatic mobile optimized that Wix creates for you, you have this audience well served.

SEO to give your popularity a boost – You will find it easier to capture organic traffic because of the SEO features that come in-built with Wix. You will not have to move a muscle to make your website optimized for making it to the top of Goggle’s search result pages.

24×7 support to keep you covered – Whether it’s a design element that you are trying to perfectly adjust according to your tastes, or a content update that’s giving you trouble, the 24×7 support from Wix will have you sailing smoothly in no time.

There’s more to Wix than what you got to know about till now, and here’s a quick run through that:

With the one page templates that Wix offers, you can be online, and up and running within a few minutes

Thousands of free images let you enhance the visual appeal of your website, which is helpful in capturing more visitors

You can use page protection feature to manage as to who’s able to access certain posts

Beautiful fonts make your content beautiful along with creative

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

WordPress Free Blogging Platform

blogger website builder is arguably the most well established and popular free blog platform that first time experimenters prefer sticking to. The thousands of blogs that are up and running, empowered by WordPress lend ample credibility to the platform. With free and premium themes, the flexibility of an open source platform, and added plugins that enhance the functionality manifolds, WordPress is both a convenient and a powerful blogging platform, thus covering the entire spectrum of needs from authors and bloggers.

NOTE: I would recommend you to check out these 20 Great Blog Examples created on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Webflow and other blogging platforms. With more live examples in front of your eyes, you can better understand what kind of blog you would like to have.

A WYSIWYG editor that makes blogging a breeze – With WordPress, you get what you see, and that’s a pretty convenient way of creating your blog. With several free themes, you will have a visually ready website within no time using WordPress.

Plugins that let you expand – Right from enabling you to post comments and posts from your Facebook account to creating impressive About The Author pages, WordPress plugins let you do pretty much anything that you’d want your blogging website to do.

Inherent Search engine optimization – WordPress creates pages that are optimized to feature in the top search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. This de-stresses you of the responsibility of managing your blog’s SEO.

Inherent Search engine optimization – WordPress creates pages that are optimized to feature in the top search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. This de-stresses you of the responsibility of managing your blog’s SEO.

This is not the end; there are more useful features that offers to authors and bloggers:

You can choose to create your web pages in any language from a list of more than 70 languages

Schedule your publications to plan your content management before the 11th hour

You can easily scale up to a photo-blog (with advanced options for photographers) or a business website without making a platform shift because of WordPress’ massive scope of features and functions.

WordPress is a vibrant and well populated community; so you will always have interesting discussions to participate in

LiveJournal Free Online Platform for Blogging

best websites to build a blog

Integrating the power of networking and interaction into the content publishing scheme of things, LiveJournal is increasingly becoming a preferred platform of choice for blogging and authoring needs. Unlike free website builders LiveJournal is a platform that lets you create visually appealing posts that can then be make public for the LiveJournal network to view. In this manner, you have a ready population set to target in order to increase your credibility as a content provider. Here are some interesting features that authors can make use of.

Security levels to manage visibility of your posts – LiveJournal offers you a very useful benefit of getting to restrict the visibility of your posts to friends, only yourself, as well as public viewing.

Choose the way your journal looks – You can easily change the look of your journal using different themes, which can also be customized further. So, you have complete control over how your journal looks to viewers.

Here’s more on how you can use LiveJournal to enjoy blogging with a difference:

Express your feelings, moods and interests visually through a userpic

Access entries by Friends quickly through your Friends page

Leave comments on posts by other users, and quickly strike up conversations which are a great way to divert traffic towards your own posts

If you’re working on a project involving other authors, you can use the Project Logs and Discussion Boards feature to do work more efficiently

Broadcast public updates to your journals for maximum visibility

Share links to your posts on social media networks

Blogger Free Website Builder for Writers

best platform for a blog

Google is a word that inspires confidence, and knowing that Blogger is owned by Google shall be enough reason for several enthusiastic bloggers out there to take the leap of faith. With arguably the simplest set up, easy to understand settings, and convenient design switching, Blogger indeed appeals to those authors and bloggers who’re looking to get over and done with the technical part of the join in the minimum possible time.

Free templates – Blogger is a completely free to use service, and that also includes all the templates that come along. What’s great is that you can switch between the different templates as and when you please. Different layouts allow you to customize these templates, which adds in more flexibility into the scheme of things.

Zero coding knowledge required – Bloggers would love to know that they can have a blog up and running with’s zero coding requirements set up. The account management toolbox is simple to understand and you can get through the learning curve in not more than 15-20 minutes.

Gadgets that let you enjoy and deliver more – Among the most cherished features by authors and others who choose Blogger for their websites is the availability of several cool and useful widgets such as currency convertors, slideshows, videos, search boxes, weather reports and news gadgets. You can easily change the positioning of these widgets on your pages, and can hence enjoy a pretty content rich blog without spending even a single penny.

This is not more, Blogger has more up its sleeve, and here’s a quick look at it:

AdSense integration – AdSense is also owned by Google, and can be easily added into your blog. This makes it easy to monetize your blog by accepting ads and using your blog to earn you a decent stream of monthly income

Own domain allowed – Blogger allows you connect your own domain to the blog, so that it looks like rather than You don’t even have to bother about the hosting cost

The HTML editor allows you to add content in a “What You See Is What You Get” style, which makes your web page development an enjoyable and convenient experience


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