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The urge to travel can never extinguish. Finding a human being who’s averse to travel is a task next to impossible in the civilized parts of the globe. Whereas travel has always been considered as a fulfilling and refreshing experience from centuries, the increasing hold of Internet over our lives has certainly been the single most important catalyst that has made travel such a loved niche these days.

Airlines companies are moving online; you can literally experience your destination before venturing out of your house for the journey; hotel and flight bookings are always just a few clicks away; credible reviews and suggestions from people who’re as adventurous as you – all these are routine observations, although these would have been hard to imagine for somebody who’s used to the toil behind travel.

The real impact of Internet towards giving impetus to the quality of travel for all those insatiable adventurers out there has been facilitated by cutting edge travel websites that not only motivate a viewer to travel to the lengths and breadths of the country, but also offer a lot of utility with travel centric features. As an entrepreneur associated with the massive travel market, it’s imperative that you leverage the trust that your target audiences place in the World Wide Web for everything related to their travelling – right from choosing the destination based upon reviews to booking flights and hotel rooms. With top website builders tailored to create the perfect travel websites, having your own web presence for the progress of your travel agency or any related business is as easy as 1-2-3.

Before spilling the beans on 4 best website builders for creating contemporary travel websites, let’s answer as to why you’d want to have such a website.

Be where your target audiences want you – If studies are to be believed, more than 80% of prospects depend on online research to decide upon vacation destinations, based upon reviews and information about the place. To be relevant for the bulk for of your target audience, it’s imperative that you offer them content through the channel they most prefer, and that’s the Internet.

Offer your travel market service portfolio through the most profitable channel – Why stick to just your town’s market when you can offer cheap travel bookings to the whole nation? Rise above capital barriers by opting for an inexpensive travel website building option that helps you offer flight, hotel and rental vehicle bookings, apart from your collections of souvenirs and utility travel products.

Build a valuable population of traffic – If you can offer good travel content, chances are that you’ll be able to develop a handsome base of regular viewers. With travel websites also using marketing tools such as email campaigns and newsletters to build their traffic pools, your travel website gives you the firepower to attract and sustain users.

In the following sections, we’ll scrutinize some top website builders for travel websites.

WIX Free Website Builder for Travel

travel agency website builder

Wix’s relevance for travel agency website builder stems from the fact that it encompasses the widest library of website creation, management and enhancement features. Not only are the template designs offered by Wix truly top class, but also the range of customization options you get with image galleries, slideshows and web page creation is mindboggling. The Wix app market is another differentiating feature, along with the strong customer support mechanism put in place by Wix. Here’s more on how Wix can make your travel websites win.

The design edge to make your travel website speak – Visual appeal is at the core of a travel website, and Wix understand this. Use the swashbuckling templates that it offers to give a massive boost to your travel website building project. The fluidic drag and drop styled builder lets you dedicate more time to developing killer travel content rather than struggling with the web page designing. Wix’s templates are responsive, so your travel website will be accessible to all those adventurous users who like to check your content to plan their outings, even when they’re on the move! Preset color palettes, single page designs, free fonts and images – all are enhancements to the core design prowess offered to you by Wix.

easiest website builder for travel agentstravel agent website builderfree travel agent website builder

Transform your travel blog into an e-store – Why not sell your enviable collection of travel souvenirs, maps, books, and even standard products that can appeal to a travel enthusiast, right from your popular travel website? With the most alluring and easily manageable web store empowered by Wix, you can monetize your expertise in the travel niche. Integrated payment methods to accept all sorts of payments, product attributes features to help you populate the website with amazing deals, and coupons to catalyze sales – all these features make your Wix store a real success sin the travel market.

Build comprehensive and coherent success strategies with amazing tools – Wix is all about long term success, and this is amply reflected in the amazing range of functionalities it facilitates. Blogs have a unique appeal, and Wix allows you to add your blog to your website, with features such as blog styling, comments management, tagging, etc. Moreover, you can leverage your social networks to popularize posts, pages and campaigns, with tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ integration widgets. The visibility that all these features endow upon your content is really commendable.

A host of powerful features for inline success – Wix’s popularity in the website builder market can be well attributed to the fact that it boasts of some of the most attractive and powerful features for website administrators. Showcase your content to the world with the help of the superb SEO tools for adding meta keywords and descriptions, creating sitemaps, submitting content to search engines, and generating reports to help you enhance the website’s content in sync with SEO. Other powerful tools include contact manager, list builders, toll free number integration, easy content reuse, personalized mailbox, financial planning tools and Google Analytics integration.

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

VacationLabs Travel Website Maker

website builder for travel agency

Travel agents can literally transform the way they do their business by using Vacation Labs, a fantastic CMS and management tool for travel agencies. Automating your business, letting you customize aspects such as storefront designs and booing forms, and letting payments flow in seamlessly, Vacation Labs is all that a travel business can hope for. Here’s more about this website builder for travel agency:

Showcase your tour packages with style – Travel agencies can use this CMS to market their offerings innovatively and effectively. Uploading images, detailing itineraries, including maps, presenting information about pick up and drop points, and scheduling tour packages in all sorts of combinations – all these tasks can be performed almost effortlessly with Vacation Labs. Moreover, you can offer special booking forms on your storefront with customizable fields for automating your business.

Weave the marketing magic upon your website – Branding and marketing can be the difference between being online and ruling the online markets! With Vacation Labs, you have all the marketing artillery that you can want. Publish your website on your own sub-domain, edit the look of your storefront in terms of header, footer, backgrounds, etc., and use marketing tools such as booking forms and availability schedulers to affect smart and coherent marketing campaigns. Also, expose your offerings for the travel market in the multiple marketplaces that Vacation Labs has partnered with. To top it all, MailChimp integration with Vacation Labs is as simple as 1-2-3.

For all travel agencies and agents looking to revamp their online business models, Vacation Labs comes with the most useful payment processing functionalities that are at the core of doing business with your travel website. Use more than 7 different payment gateways to offer the full range of payment options to your customers. Also, you can plan and offer your vacation packages in 34 currencies, which means that your Vacation Labs website will be a globally relevant one. Leverage the strong relationships that Vacation Labs has with payment gateways and ensure that you have a website that can begin earning in as little as a few hours, bypassing the lengthy and time consuming efforts that you’d otherwise need to undertake.

Unmatched administration efficiency – You’ll need to surf far and wide to come across an online travel booking management tool as awesome as Vacation Labs. It brings together bookings made from all sorts of channels such as emails, phone and walk-ins at one place, lets you tweak rates, add special and preferential discounts, edit email content for individual bookings, and send out payment requests before issuing and confirming booking. Also, Vacation Labs lets you create multiple user accounts so that employees at your agency can perform distinct functions.

IONOS by 1&1 Website Creator for Travel Sites

travel website builder

1and1 is not just any other business website builder. The fact that it has some superb features that are relevant for travel markets, and the awesome design templates that it allows you to use for free account for the popularity that 1and1 enjoys as a free travel website builder. Let’s take you on a quick ride through the most exciting features that 1and1 offers for anybody looking to create a travel website.

All the design artillery you need for your travel website – With dozens of top class website templates that can act as a frame for your travel website, 1and1 gives you a head start over hundreds of competitors in terms of website design. Moreover, editing and customizing your website’s design as a breezy affair with 1and1’s website building interface. Make your travel website a visual delight for users with easy image editing features along with quick integration of videos and other multimedia content to your web sites.

Rise above the ordinary with 1and1’s marketing features – Enjoy unmatched visibility with 1and1 SEO spotlight to make your travel website’s content popular. Web apps from the 1and1library help you sell your travel market products in eBay, Amazon and Trulia, apart from facilitating other important integration features for you. Then, you can make your travel agency more popular in your locality by leveraging 1and1 to quickly add your listings to local search services.

End to end ecommerce services brought under one roof – 1and1 is all you’ll need to transform your website into a fully-fledged ecommerce site, selling all travel related products you have to offer. Choose a great domain name with the help of 1and1 domains, pick up one the many mesmerizing storefront templates that 1and1 has to offer, and use the remarkable e-selling features such as product addition, payment integration, marketing tools, etc., to speed track your online success in the travel market.

Enhance your travel website with the amazing 1and1 tools – Sending newsletter to customers and prospects, integrating with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, adding feed from the world of latest travel news – all these are possible without much effort, courtesy the marketing related features that are built right into the 1and1 interface. You can even depend on the reports generated by 1and1 to work upon a content plan that’s in sync with what your customers and viewers want.

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