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As lifestyles accept the pace of modern living and human bodies adjust to the wear and tear brought upon them because of the lifestyle choices that are unavoidable in these times, health standards are fast dipping. However, in the past few years, health consciousness has kicked in, and one can see dozens of men and women from one’s own social circle opting for health services such as fitness studios, personal training, cross-fit training, and routine gym.

No wonders, these health services have picked up steam, and that’s helping several fitness experts set up profitable businesses in the form of neighborhood gyms, city wide gym networks, fitness studios, personal health coaching, and so on.

Apart from being associated with human health improvement at the core, what’s common to these health based service businesses is the need to attract people, evoking the feeling of trust, and bringing in professional management and marketing communication management to the business for maximizing revenues. Of course, this makes a business website, or at least a sophisticated informative website created with the help of business website builders, a necessity for fitness based services. Here are a few very powerful business purposes that can be solved by a website for your fitness center:

Unified channel to explain and promote your fitness solutions – Your website acts as a multimedia rich and sophisticated introduction to your health services, wherein you can provide ample information about your qualifications as a trainer, the team of health professionals working with you, health equipment and infrastructure, batch details, pricing, and health philosophy.

A 24×7 support center that manages several tasks – Beyond communication, a fitness niche website has a lot of functional benefits to offer. With bookings managers and schedulers, you can convert your fitness website into an online sale channel. With subscription lists, configurable pop ups, newsletters, and niche marketing communications features, a fitness website can be instrumental in creating more prospects for your service.

Trust builder – With so many fitness services available, it’s important to differentiate yourself, and your gym and fitness website can help here. Complement the informative health based content on your website with functional additions such as testimonials from members, extensive image galleries showcasing high intensity workout sessions in action, and broadcasting information about upcoming events and special classes.

Sell products along with services – With an ecommerce ready website, you can easily include relevant fitness products along with payment processing for your fitness services. This truly transforms your website into in integral business enabler rather than a medium of communication.

Modern sports club website builders come with the dual benefit of offering beautiful fitness niche templates upon which you can base your web design, along with several important features that can be leveraged to make your website and your fitness service successful. Let’s discuss the most popular free website builders, followed by a quick discussion about how WordPress can also be a perfect website building solution for your gyms, fitness centers, and personal training services.

Wix Free Website Builder for Fitness

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For any fitness studio, the template of the website has a lot to contribute to the impact, and that’s where Wix makes you win. With modern styling, state of the art design concepts, rich colors and impressive color schemes, and high quality images, Wix’s fitness theme templates are drool-worthy indeed. Wix itself is among the most coveted and simple to use sports team website builder. Throw into the mix Wix’s competence in terms of creating mobile ready websites, and the free hosting benefit, and you have everything in place to create a successful, stylish, and functionally empowered website for your gyms and health salons.

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Let’s know a little more about Wix’s most relevant features for your fitness center:

A socially integrated and blog-ready website is pretty much all you need to create a bond of trust with your viewers, and Wix gives you all this with its social media integration buttons, powerful blogging module, and feed management options.

With appointment managers to facilitate planning and delivery of personal training sessions, event displays and notifications to create hype about upcoming events, and contact forms for powerful prospecting, Wix is a business ready website builder for your fitness service.

Selling additional products, apart from accepting online payments from your gym’s members, is as easy as 1-2-3 with Wix. Also, smartly use features such as opinion polls, live chat and targeted advertising campaigns, and analytics to make you website deliver an impressive user experience.

Google apps integration means that you get your personalized Google Mailbox with the website; Wix also makes business management of your fitness center manageable with tools for contacts management, toll free numbers and invoice generators.

Webs Free Website Maker for Fitness

best sports website builder

Webs offers some really appealing health and fitness themed website templates to users, and blends the perfect degree of customization with simplicity to facilitate an unmatched website creation experience that both newbies and professional website creators will enjoy. Webs automatically creates a mobile version of your website, and changes in the desktop version are reflected in the mobile website on real time basis. Also, you can edit the fonts, headers, backgrounds, color schemes, and all prominent design elements with a few clicks using the WYSIWYG styled website builder. With theme customizations as well as some functionally empowering features, Webs is sports website builder of choice for several personal trainers already; let’s understand why:

Smart little tools help you develop a really stylish and powerful website; for instance, you have an appointment scheduler, Google Maps to explain directions to your location, site memberships with customizable settings, and the provision of offering files for download.

Webs has always ranked high in terms of offering end to end customer support, which makes it a good bet for first time website makers. Phone, chat, email – Webs covers all three convenient and effective customer support media.

With custom domain name, custom email address, and cloud hosting, Webs is the new age website builder for those who want everything under one roof.

Create astoundingly beautiful video and image galleries using the in-built gallery manager, create an e-store out of your website, enjoy the best of analytics results to fine tune the content of your website, and attract traffic with blogging built right into your website – all this and more with Webs.

Using WordPress themes for fitness websites

The grand-daddy of website building, the content management system that is stably helping more than 50% of the total number of websites to remain accessible through WWW, is also fully loaded to help you create a great website for your fitness studios and gyms. Alongside with website builders for sports team WordPress offers you a very simple yet powerful visual website creation interface, but more importantly, it comes loaded with so many breathtakingly beautiful themes that you will find it hard to choose any website builder over it.

Before delving deeper into the features of WordPress themes for fitness websites, let’s understand that you will need to purchase a domain name and web hosting service to be able to launch your WordPress website on the World Wide Web. However, once you can undertake these two tasks, you have the best CMS to create a superb website that’s totally ready to bring in more business and enhance your service’s brand image.

WordPress comes with these special features:

Inherent SEO capabilities to help you set your website up for a search engine friendly experience on the web.

Awesome plugins to bring in all the functionality you want, right from dedicated social sharing buttons to event schedulers and appointment managers.

WordPress themes come with complete customization flexibility, hence allowing you to fine tune the design the way you want.

Setting up a web store with WordPress is also simply manageable.

Here are some of the most renowned themes for fitness websites:

Fitness Sport Gym Responsive Theme – download

sports league website builder

FitnessGYM WordPress Theme – download

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Fitness – Premium Gym WordPress Theme – download

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