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author avatar Written by Lesley Haught

I had been putting off writing this piece for a long time. I believed price is an important factor when choosing a website builder but definitely not the main one. But recently, I received the following email:

“Hi Lesley. My name is Mary and I’m your reader. I would like to know – what is the cheapest website builder you can recommend? I don’t have a big budget, but the possibilities of the free plan are not enough for me. Therefore, using an inexpensive but at the same time powerful website builder would be the best solution for me. Thanks for sharing.”

And I decided to not answer Mary personally, but with a comprehensive guide on my website. I’ve just sent the link to Mary.

Today, I’ll tell you about the best website builders and at the same time budget-friendly. And share some thrifty ways of saving money during website development. (Read on to know what things you should or shouldn’t economize on. And how to get extra discount for website builders.)

From this review you will find out:

How to find the cheapest website builders and compare their capacities for creating various types of websites.

How to find more accessible alternatives to popular website builders.

How to find out how website builders are the most financially accessible way to build a website.

Factors that you can economize on while using website builders. (Like payment methods, coupon codes, promotions, and so on.)

What’s the best course of action for website development? (My own observations and recommendations.)

Keep on reading. This article is definitely going to help you save money while developing a website.

Why not Free Website Builders?

When you’re interested in saving money, using free website builders is certainly the best way. It won’t cost you anything.

But then your website design and its features are most likely to be far from what you wanted.

Moreover, most website builders’ free plans contain banner ads. They also won’t allow you to use your own domain name.

That’s why if you want to get a low-cost but still contemporary and user-friendly website with your own domain, you’ll have to forget about free website creators.

Cheapest Website Builder Plans

As you probably already guessed, any basic plan will be better than a free plan. First, you won’t have ads for the builder’s website. Most likely won’t, as some cheap premium plans do advertise the platform on websites. But this is more the exception than the rule.

Secondly, you can use a custom domain name. This is especially important for business websites.

Of course, there may be limits on the number of pages, Bandwidth and Storage space, but the low price of the plan justifies these limits.

Here are the three tables comparing the cheapest website builders that allow custom domain names.

NOTE: Most website builders have different pricing policies for various regions. Depending on your location, prices will be shown in USD (if you’re from the USA), GBP (if you’re from the UK), and EUR (for European users). That’s why I thought that it’d be more convenient to analyze prices using not one but three tables.

For the United States:

Web BuilderBasic Plan NameMonthly Cost (USD)Cost for 1 Year (USD)More Discounts
WebnodeLimited$3.90$46.8up to 50% off for 2+ years
WordPress.comPersonal$7$48 (42% off)Check 50% Off Coupon
WeeblyPersonal$9$72 (33% off)
StrikinglyLimited$12$96 (33% off)41.6% off for 2 years
JimdoStart$9$108Check 40% Off Coupon
GoDaddyBasic$11.99$119.8830% off for the first year
SquarespaceBusiness$16$134.40 (30% off)Check 10% Off Coupon
WebflowBasic$15$144 (20% off)
WixCombo$16$192Check 10% Off Coupon
DudaBasic$19$168 (26% off)

For the United Kingdom:

Web BuilderBasic Plan NameMonthly Cost (GBP)Cost for 1 Year (GBP)More Discounts
WebnodeLimited£2.90£34.8up to 50% off for 2+ years
WordPress.comPersonal$7$48 (42% off)Check 50% Off Coupon
WixConnect Domain£4£48Check 10% Off Coupon
WeeblyConnect n/a£48
GoDaddyBasic£7.99£59.8837% off for first year
StrikinglyLimited$12$9612.5% off for 2 years
JimdoStart£9£108Check 40% Off Coupon
SquarespaceBusiness£12.98£120 (23% off)Check 10% Off Coupon
WebflowBasic$15$144 (20% off)
DudaBasic$19$168 (26% off)

* Price in USD means that a website builder doesn’t offer prices in GBP. At the time of purchase, recalculation will take place at the current exchange rate.

For the European Union:

Web BuilderBasic Plan NameMonthly Cost (EUR)Cost for 1 Year (EUR)More Discounts
WebnodeLimited€3€36up to 50% off for 2+ years
WordPress.comPersonal€7€48 (42% off)Check 50% Off Coupon
WixConnect Domain€5.50€66Check 10% Off Coupon
StrikinglyLimited$12$9612,5% off for 2 years
JimdoStart€9€108Check 40% Off Coupon
GoDaddyBasic$11.99$119.8816% off for the first year
SquarespaceBusiness€15€ 132 (30% off))Check 10% Off Coupon
WebflowBasic$15$144 (20% off)
DudaBasic$19$168 (26% off)

* Price in USD means that a website builder doesn’t offer prices in GBP. At the time of purchase, recalculation will take place at the current exchange rate.

As you can see, the cheapest tariff plans start from $30, £26.76, or €30.48 per year. It’s the lowest price that you need to pay for a premium website builder.

In fact, there aren’t too many website builders offering plans for less than $100 per year. Webnode,, Weebly, Strikingly, and Wix (for those who live in the UK or EU) are the only ones that do.


Actually, I’ve seen other website builders with even lower prices. But they were mere threepenny website builders. (There was almost no information about them). And I prefer web development using a software solution that’s in good standing and has been in existence for at least five years.

I am absolutely against using just any website builder based only on its rock-bottom price. Remember that you develop a website, not for just one year. The platform you choose should be reliable and worth your trust in the long run.

I don’t think you’ll be too pleased if your website creator suddenly ceased to exist. Or if your experience keeps going from bad to worse. Or if your website is down too often.

The website builders that I have selected are reliable and time-tested online tools. You can freely use any of them.

Comparison of the Most Affordable Website Builders

Now let’s compare the six cheapest website builders from these tables. And then we will find out what features they have and what’s included in their most affordable plans:

Cheapest Website Builders Comparison

Webnode logo logo
Weebly logo
Strikingly logo
Jimdo logo
Plan NameLimitedPersonalPersonalLimitedStart
Monthly Cost$3.90$7$9$12n/a
Annually Cost$46.8$48$72$96$108
Custom DomainYesYesYesYesYes
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYesYesYes
Free Domain NameNot includedYes (for 1 year)Not includedYes (Yearly)Yes (Yearly)
Remove builder ads?NoNoNoNoYes
SEO optionsYesNoYesYesYes
Bandwidth200 MBUnlimitedUnlimited50 GB10 GB
Space Storage1 GB6 GB500 MB1 GB per site5 GB
Number of PagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedSingle pageup 10 pages
Google analyticsYesNoYesYesYes
Backup and recoveryNoNoNoNoNo
Design Customization32523
Easy of Use54545
Embed HTML/CSS codeNoNoYesNoYes
Multilingual OptionsNoNoNoNoNo
Membership OptionsNoNoNoNoNo
Ecommerce OptionsNoNoNoYes (only 5 products)No

FAQ – Yes

Email – Yes

Chat – No

Telehone – No

FAQ – Yes

Email – Yes

Chat – No

Telehone – No

FAQ – Yes

Email – Yes

Chat – Yes

Telehone – No

FAQ – Yes

Email – Yes

Chat – Yes

Telehone – No

FAQ – Yes

Email – Yes

Chat – No

Telehone – No


Which of These Cheap Builders is the Best?

First of all, don’t expect too much. We are choosing from the cheapest platforms in the world here.

But, know that they aren’t too bad either. They are good enough for a small personal website or a website for a non-profit organization.

Webnode (Limited plan) – $46.8 per year

Webnode is a great all-in-one website builder with a basic plan and a very attractive price. It has been around since 2008. This website builder is perfect for Windows, for Mac and for any other platform.

Webnode premium plans

Webnode Premium Plans

Its extremely affordable plan – Limited – will cost you only $46.8. And for just that much money, you’ll get hosting with 1GB bandwidth and 100MB storage space. This will be enough for you to run a small site with moderate traffic.

Main Webnode advantages:

Simple and user-friendly drag and drop editor

Easy-to-use even for beginners

A large selection of quality responsive themes

SEO friendly

Ample of opportunities for creating multi-language websites.

Moreover, the Limited plan will allow you to use your own domain name.

Unfortunately, the domain name isn’t a freebie that you get with the plan. You’ll have to shell out $90 per year for that and go with the Mini plan.

NOTE: Webnode allows you to get an even lower price if you buy the subscription for 2, 5, or 10 years. The discount can go up to 50%. Sounds exciting and lucrative, right? But I would still advise you to test Webnode Limited plan thoroughly before deciding to buy it for the long term. Once you know that the Limited plan works fine for you, it is obvious that with the extra discount of up to 50%, Webnode will be the best and cheapest solution for you. (Personal plan) – $48 per year

Everyone has heard of WordPress. So it was all about another WordPress – CMS with open code ( Unlike the CMS of the same name, is a classic representative of online website builders with free of charge web hosting, domain and SSL certificate. And of course, with very affordable prices for all this.

Wordpress pricing pricing

The cheapest WordPress plan is Personal for $7 per month billed monthly and $4 per month yearly. There is no additional discount when paying for 2 years. But on the other hand, you will receive a free domain for 1 Year as a gift.

What does offer in the basic plan?

Easy-to-use even for beginners

Free SSL certificate

Free Domain Name for 1 year

Remove Ads

On the Personal plan, you will be limited to using only free themes – more advanced premium themes are available on the Premium plan and up. Advanced design customization will also not be available. This means that you will only be able to slightly edit your design using the basic options of the visual editor. Also, only Email Support will be available to you.

NOTE: Unfortunately, WP Personal plan doesn’t have SEO tools, doesn’t support Advanced Social Media and doesn’t allow Google Analytics integration. In my opinion, these are important options, especially when it comes to a business website.

Weebly (Personal plan) – $72 per year

Weebly is the oldest online builder with wide. You can create almost website – from simple personal blogs to multipage portals and large online stores. Few website builders even come close to Weebly in terms of functionality.

Weebly pricing

Weebly Pricing

The most affordable Weebly plan comes at $9 per month. That is if you pay $72 for a whole year at once. That’s a 33% saving on what you’d pay if you make monthly payments – that’s not something you’d have complaints with, right?

Though it is priced slightly higher than Webnode, Weebly makes up for it with its richer component parts.

What does Weebly offer in its cheapest plan?

Powerful and user-friendly drag and drop editor. (It is among the best ones in the market.)

Custom domain

Free SSL certificate

SEO options

Chat and Email Support

Plus, Weebly is simple to use. Not as intuitive as Wix, but simple enough even for beginner webmasters to handle. And as a bonus you will get some SEO options – it’s an offering seldom seen in basic plans.

Strikingly (Limited plan) – $96 per year

Strikingly is a website builder that takes a fresh look at website development. It positions itself as a website creator for single-page sites. And creating websites that consist of only one large page is a perfect solution for several situations. Small business websites, landing pages, online portfolios, personal websites, and one-page online stores.

Strikingly prices

Strikingly Prices

The cheapest Strikingly plan is Limited, which costs $12 a month. Or $96 yearly (which is 33% cheaper) if you pay upfront for the entire year.

Want to save even more? Get 41.6% off if you pay for two years straight. This makes Strikingly one of the best-priced website builders.

Moreover, the Strikingly Limited plan will allow you to get not one but two premium websites. And yes, you’ll get 1GB storage space for each one.

This plan also includes ecommerce options with the possibility of selling up to five products without any Strikingly commission. It’s not bad for less than $100 per year.

What is good about Strikingly?

Free domain if you buy the Limited plan for a year

Possibility to quickly change website templates for existing websites

Possibility to sell through the site

Responsive technical support in chat and email

However, Strikingly is clearly inferior to its competitors regarding template selection and the possibility of their customization. However, it’s not hard to use, has a user-friendly interface, and allows creating two one-page websites. This may sound irresistible to some users.

Wix (Connect Domain plan) – £36 for the UK and €54 for the EU

If you live in the UK or EU, pay attention to Wix’s low-cost Connect Domain plan. In fact, it’s the same Wix Free plan but with the possibility of connecting to a custom domain name.

Wix Premium Plans

Wix Premium Plans

There aren’t many great opportunities in this plan, but it’s really cheap – £36 or €54. That’s a very low price for such a powerful website builder like Wix. And I’d like to remind you that Wix is the best website builder (according to numerous media) and the world’s most popular online website builder.

What does Wix offer for this money?

Powerful and very user-friendly drag and drop editor (one of the best ones)

More than 800 free and premium themes to select

Connect custom domain

Free SSL certificate

Chat and Email Support

Storage Space (500MB) and Bandwidth (1GB) limitations do rain down a bit on Wix Connect Plan’s attractiveness. But if you decide to switch to more powerful Combo and Unlimited plans in the future, you’ll understand why 180 million users in the world prefer this very website builder.

Thus, buying the basic Wix plan will open fine opportunities in the future. When you are ready for more than just the basics – Wix will display all its advantages to the fullest.

Universality, simplicity of use, ample functional opportunities, incredibly user-friendly drag and drop editor, a great selection of themes compared to other online website builders – that’s summing up Wix without singing verses in its praise.

Jimdo (Start plan) – $108 per year

Jimdo is one of the cheapest website builders without ads. After releasing its AI Jimdo Dolphin platform, Jimdo became incredibly easy to use. Jimdo Dolphin uses artificial intelligence even for the simplest website building tasks. And it requires minimum human participation. In acse you would like to make someting more complicated, for example, to build a photography website – such help will surely come in handy.

Jimdo pricing

Jimdo Pricing

NOTE: If you’re interested in using AI for your website development, take a look at Wix ADI. It’s an excellent contemporary solution designed in order to make website development much easier. In fact, you just have to answer a few questions about your preferences (favorite colors, website style, theme, and so on), and AI is going to build your website independently and fill it with content. It will be a real catch for inexperienced users. Also be sure to check out more AI website builders for a smarter choice.

In addition to its simplicity of use, Jimdo also comes with a free domain name for one year. Plus, it gives access to SEO options, allows installing Google Analytics, and, most importantly, opens up the possibility to add HTML code to your website. With that, you’ll be able to install third-party widgets, additional scripts, buttons, and other graphical elements. While these options are commonly offered in more expensive premium plans, Jimdo doesn’t shy away from giving it all in the basic plan.

Now, if we talk about Jimdo’s cons, we have web design editing restrictions and a limit of 10 pages (for the Start plan).

So, Jimdo is a really good and thrifty solution, but only for some small websites that require no more than ten pages.

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