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World Wide Web has not left any sphere of life unaffected, right from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Whether it’s about giving the common man a channel to express himself to the world, or about helping change makers enhance the quality of human life – Internet has been the single most important enabler for everything that’s digitally delivered in the present day.

Whereas considering Internet as an enabler for health and medicine might have been dismissed as a preposterous thought a few years ago, there are dozens of really special websites that are referred to by ailing patients everyday for quick resolutions to their medical problems.

Delivering medical consultancy, retailing medical products and medical knowledge through a website can be amazingly effective in delivering value to viewers, and hence building up success factors for the website. The following section shall drive home the benefits of having a website for anybody delivering related services and products.

Profitable service delivery – Whereas medicine has always been regarded as one of the more profitable, it can be really tough for anybody to set up a clinic and offer consultations because of the massive costs involved. Also, renting out space for opening a pharmacy can be a huge expense that can take the fizz out of the margins. For all such people, using a website to offer medical consultancy and medical products can be the most financially viable option.

Effortless scheduling for maximum coverage – With smart scheduling features and quick communication, your online medical clinic can quickly become profitable for you because of the superb scheduling features. With an online medicine website, you can effortlessly send out SMS and email alerts to your patients’ mobile phones and smart gadgets.

Manage your staff without investing in IT infrastructure – Right from tracking employee hours to generating payroll reports, everything related to personnel management can be effortlessly accomplished with medical website builders. You can even post job opportunities on your website, and can even create schedules for employees to ensure that your medical service remains accessible all day and night long to those who need it.

Deliver more and earn more – With your medicine website, you can ship across hundreds of medicines and health products without having to worry about stocking them at physical premises. Also, monetizing your information much medicine blog can be a huge impetus to the money you make using your expertise of the medical field.

We’ve barely touched upon the real essences of having an online medical website; an introduction to the most popular and effective medical website builders and themes can help you learn more about the same. Consider these options before you finalize upon the best website builder for your medical services.

WordPress CMS for Medical Sites

medical website builder

WordPress is a one stop shop for all your website and blogging needs. Whereas some might find it surprising, WordPress is never out of the reckoning in terms of website builders for creating website supposed to function as medical content repositories, research blogs, pharmacy e-stores, or any web project relevant to the health and medicine domain.

Encompassing the simplest WYSIWYG editor, smart SEO plugins, and the ease of customization, WordPress hardly leaves any wish unfulfilled, especially with its range of awe inspiringly beautiful themes and dazzlingly affective plugins.

The most convenient website building experience – First time adventurers can find it tough to manage the vastness of website building; WordPress helps them with a well guided website creation experience based upon a simple website editor that’s as easy to use as MS Word! Also, scheduling content posts with WordPress is easily manageable. Of course, there are some absolutely special themes to give your website a quick start.

Dedicated medicine and health related themes – Specialized premium themes for medicine related websites are available for WordPress, which makes it a truly special platform for building your website. A few of the most renowned medical themes are:

Medicenter WordPress Theme – download

best medical website builder

Helping you create a website fitting for a multi-specialty healthcare service, this responsive theme comprises 60+ page builder components and dummy content, along with predefined skins.

Dictate WordPress Theme – download

best website builders for clinics

A clean and contemporary outlook, visual composer integration, extensive theme customization options, multi language support and layer slider plugin, this theme is a one stop shop for all medicine and health related website theme requirements.

SoulMedic WordPress Theme – download

best website builder for doctors and clinics

Bringing the best of the most relevant healthcare website features to you, SoulMedic is a top pick for website creation for doctors and healthcare professionals. Among its most useful features are event calendar plugin, WooCommerce support, mega menus, responsive design, MailChimp newsletter plugin and five custom widgets.

If you need more themes we recommend you to visit Medical WordPress themes category on ThemeForest.

Plugins for medicine related websites – Whether you want to build an informative medical website or want to promote your medical consultancy services in your city, WordPress has you covered with some terrific plugins. PubMed posts helps you create posts right from articles on PubMed, along with adding a search widget to your website. On similar lines, Patient Education HINI and Treato WordPress Plugin establish your website’s connections with well kept repositories of medical literature. In addition to these, you could use any of the several scheduling plugins that make WordPress the winner that it.

Wix Free Website Builder for Medical

medical website builder for doctors

Wix is never out of contention for domain specific website creation, although it’s not a niche website builder. Whereas retailers, bloggers, and photographers are literally blown over with the powers of Wix, men and women of medicine too have lots to gain from the services of this all season website builder.

Absolutely differentiating website templates, amazing interfacing with social media and blogging, effortless content creation and page designing, dependable service support and empowering ecommerce features – all make Wix a terrific pick for creating an informational medicine and healthcare website, an online pharmacy store, or a service promotion tool for practicing doctors.

The best from the design world – With some seriously swanky templates spread over 70 categories, you can be certain that there will be something truly relevant for the kind of medical business or service you wish to promote through your website. Among the other prominent design relevant features are several one page templates, the full range of customization features, a truly drag and drop styled editor that makes it effortlessly easy for you to create web pages, and thousands of free images and fonts for the discerning website adventurers.

top medical website creatorsmedical website builderbest medical website builder
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top medical website creatorsmedical website builderbest medical website builder

Sell medicine and healthcare products like never before – Whereas you might find some niche website builders severely lacking in terms of ecommerce features, Wix doesn’t leave any stone unturned in helping you explore the full Internet potential. Right from strong inventory management features to integrated payment gateways, the ecommerce artillery of Wix is enough to impress you. Use shipping and taxation calculators to price your products precisely and depend on the marketing tools such as social media integration and email newsletters to give your e-store the impetus it needs to set the revenue registers ringing.

Make your medical service well known with social media tools – Adding and maintaining a blog with your e-store is easily enabled with Wix. Creating blog posts is as engaging and easy as possible, courtesy the intuitive editor. Moreover, the social media tools such as Facebook Like and Share buttons help you popularize your content posts. Wix provides a strong categorizing framework that helps your blog look populated and easily navigable.

Other noteworthy features that define Wix – The Wix library of website creation features is whopping. Whereas the SEO tools are powerful enough to help first time website creators become visible on search engines, the Wix app market ensures that discerning and more adventurous users have all the widgets and plugins they want. Among the useful and smart business tools are site analytics, toll free numbers, personalized mailbox, financial planning and accounting tools, contact manager and traffic generation tools.

Dr. Leonardo Medical Website Creator

best website builders for clinics

Exclusively developed to serve the web project management requirements of healthcare and medicine professionals, DrLeonardo is the end to your search for a new age, fully loaded, design centric and one of the best medical website builders.

Enabling you to create a wonderful and credible looking medicare website within just a few minutes, DrLeonardo also showcases some advanced features that are enough to take your online success in the medicine industry to the next level.

A swashbuckling design to begin with – The right design is the right start for your healthcare website, and is integral in winning over visitors. Offering you dozens of contemporary styles that are catchy enough to make eyeballs stay fixed and somber enough to be relevant for the healthcare genre, DrLeonardo gives you just the design leverage you’d desperately want. Whereas the high resolution imagery would not solicit much modification, you do get the flexibility of customizing the look and feel of your website. JQuery animations bring your web pages to life and make them look absolutely special on mobile devices.

A massive content repository enabled for your patients – Providing comprehensive content for medical issues is among the prime focuses of medicare websites, and DrLeonardo has you covered in this aspect with its whopping collection of content covering hundreds of medicine and health issues. When patients find worthwhile content on your website, credibility quotient of the website goes up, and this helps you showcase your medicine consultancy service in great light.

Safe and secure hosting with integrated patient portal – You’re legally bound to provide HIPAA compliant security for the safeguarding of patient records and interactions on your website. DrLeonardo websites are hosted with ClearData, the most renowned info-security and cloud hosting solution provider for the medicine industry. Also, DrLeonardo helps you integrate your Patient Portal with your service website effortlessly; you can seamlessly access patient records, schedule appointments, manage payments, and do more. It’s as simple as adding the Patient Portal page to the website and selecting the EHR service provider from the list.

A heart-winning ensemble of features – You’ll find intuitive reporting features packed into the DrLeonardo interface, which allow you to make sense of traffic profiles, page hit and traffic source data, and more. Communicating with patients securely is enabled by Secure Forms, a feature that uses SSL encryption for the safekeeping of the messages sent by patients to you. Also, the self adjusting web design of any DrLeonardo website makes it well suited for mobile device viewing.

OxoDocs Medical Website Builder

best website builder for doctors and clinics

The choice of the best website builders for clinics can have a massive impact on your business, and if you have a long term service or business plan well entrenched in your mind, it’s best that you pick the most dependable and equally well entrenched website builder for taking your project online.

OxoDocs offers dedicated features for everyone looking to blend expertise in medical profession with the powers of Internet. Right from SEO features to breezy content management – everything’s served on a platter with OxoDocs. The feature set with OxoDocs extends right through powerful website management, employee management, scheduling to web security and email services.

The local marketing advantage – Expanding your medical service’s reputation can prove to be tough initially; however, when you set the dice rolling, the momentum comes naturally. Oxodocs gives you a pretty impressive collection of tools to help you make the most of the local market. SEO and SEM campaign management become easy with dedicated tools for the same, a constantly evolving SEO strategy from the developers of Oxodocs ensures that remain in sync with what Google and Yahoo want, and detailed analytics reports ensure that you remain well aware of the demographics of the traffic along with the channels that divert them to you.

Flaunt your service – Oxodocs is undoubtedly among the more established and suitable platforms for doctors looking to showcase their service through a website. Adding content to the website is a breezy affair and you can post articles and blogs without spending much time. Customizing doctor schedules, defining insurances and specialties, connecting with your social networks and those of your visitors – everything makes your website’s content more appealing. Then, there’s the built-in medical encyclopedia to offer quick help to your website’s viewers.

Perfect for large hospitals and clinics – Finding a scalable website builder for a large organization can be tough. However, Oxodocs lets you manage massive content plants easily, and packs in several other features relevant for large medical set ups. Managing employee rotations, tracking employee hours, creating job codes and titles, updating employee profiles, and safeguarding employee data – all these are effortlessly managed with Oxodocs. You can even use these features for payroll and leave management for employees.

Effortless scheduling for maximum coverage – With smart scheduling features and quick communication, your online medical clinic can quickly become profitable for you because of the superb scheduling features. Not only can your patients make online appointments, but also you can trigger SMS and email alerts right from your PC. Scheduling and communication becomes all the more effortless with OxoDocsAlerter application installed on your workstation.


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