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Software development is not only a difficult task, but it is an impossibility without the right kind of software development tool. From managing and analyzing business processes to document the software development process, you will need the right tool for optimizing each and every process. In the following list we’ve collected thr most popular free website builder software tools which software developments experts, like Softarex, use in their everyday work.

CodeCharge Studio 5.1

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This is one of the leading software development tools which will enable you to visually create a database driven Web application with minimal coding hassle. This is a wonderful tool for beginners who do not like to tangle with too many codes.

A complete web development solution, CodeCharge Studio 5.1 can generate bug-free websites in ASP, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, ASP.NET. You can even make use of the HTML editors available to modify the core designs of your website generated using CodeCharge Studio.

You will be delighted by its visual IDE and Code Generators which enable you to generate online stores, employee directories, online portals and forums and live bug trackers. A few of the new features that can take your breath away, include but not limited to Web Reporting, AJAX, Menu Builder, Online Calendar Builders, Gallery Builders, Menu Builders and Flash Charts.


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Atom is a next-gen hackable text editor for Windows, Linux and OSx platforms. Atom is modern and hackable to the core. It is a desktop application built on a HTML. JavaScript, Node.js and CSS integration that runs on Electron.

This framework enables app building for multiple platforms using more than one web technologies. Best thing about Atom, you can edit productively without touching a single config file.

Atom comes with its own built-in package manager which installs new packages you may need for software development purposes. It also comes with multiple panes for code comparison and file editing. And smart auto-completion for faster code writing and editing. You can even actively search and replace texts as you type across all your open projects. Atom also comes pre-installed with four UI and eight syntax themes.

Cloud9 IDE

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Cloud9 IDE is a 100 percent online editor which combines online editing with a Docker UBUNTU workspace. The modified Language Tools can handle over 40 languages including Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go and PHP.

With Cloud9 IDE you can create and test you WordPress, Meteor, HTML5 and Django websites on over 300 browser combinations. Compile SASS, check server output and Run the apps you are working on with the Terminals and Runners built-in for your convenience. Forget the days when you code only copy and paste codes, you can now clone your entire IDE (environment) using Cloud9 IDE.

You can even share your IDE, preview and workspace according to your wish, control what you share, replay edits and see your codes any time you wish with this complete online software development tool. The debugger enables the users to set breakpoints and inspect variables of any JS/Node.js app. You may as well use the app to jump right to the Immediate Window to execute code during a debugging session.

CodeLobster (Win) (Free)

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CodeLobster is a free and portable PHP IDE which is supported by Drupal, WordPress, JQuery, Joomla, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Twig and Smarty. This amazing free IDE comes with an active HTML/CSS code inspector, CSS code auto-complete, JavaScript Auto-complete and PHP Advanced Auto-complete as well.

The PHP debugger is a package tool that comes with the CodeLobster which allows users to debug the programs during coding and before running.

Users can enjoy browser previews and file explorer facilities with CodeLobster. The same has a Lite version which supports all FTP/SFTP in file explorer and project publishing. A HTML, PHP, and CSS code validator is also included in the lite version of CodeLobster. SVN and Git are the main support for the version control system of the CodeLobster Lite.

Crimson Editor

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More than simple code editing tools, this is one of the best software development tools for Windows. Crimson Editor is the current, professional source code editing tool which can easily replace any version of Notepad as well as offers amazing features like editing a score of programming languages including HTML, Java, C/C++ and Perl.

Most common and needed features include syntax highlighting for HTML, Java, C/C++, MetLab and LaTeX, multi-level undo/redo options, macros, spell checker, user tools and more. For a better understanding of this simplistic yet smart development tool you need to check out the efficient project management features applicable for clusters of related files and remote files. Crimson can also find and replace specified texts one by one and has multiple column mode editing versions.

Delphi XE3

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Delphi is a free Object Pascal IDE for all kinds of cross-platform Native App development. Delphi XE3 is a single source software development tool with multi-device application development features powered by Firemonkey cross-platform user interface framework.

This entails a myriad of exclusive features including flexible Cloud Services and IoT connectivity. It provides wonderful VCL controls and also enables FMX development for windows, Mac and iOS platforms.

Delphi is 5X faster in creating Hyper Connected Apps with FireUI Preview on all kinds of integrated platforms including multiple desktops, mobiles and database platforms (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

The FireUI feature allows all users to code just once and deploy to multiple OSx. The apps thus created can access platform APIs and device sensors and deliver the best performance possible with the native CPU config.

Dreamweaver CS6

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This is a much lauded IDE from the Adobe family which is more than ideal for Windows and Linux devices. The new version of Dreamweaver allows you to build the most exclusive, responsive websites using a complete set of development toolset necessary for creating them. The front-end developer lets you code and manage websites for multiple OSx and browsers.

CS6 has a ready preview option which lets you preview your designed website on any device, both Windows and iOS. It draws support from multiple artboards and is one of the few free software development tools which allow real-time code checking supported by auto-completion of simple HTML and CSS code snippets with Emmet support and Lint support.

Eclipse PHP Developer Tools

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Eclipse is one of the most sought after open source PHP development IDE. It supports much more than the simple PHP editing and syntax highlighting. PHP code completion and auto-formatting is not at all farfetched with the new generation software development tool.

It comes with complete support for the local and remote debugging support for Zend debugger and XDebug. Enjoy remarkable content assist features, auto-complete features, code formatter, refactoring, code navigation, syntax validation and PHP debugging. Eclipse is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems and Linux.

The PHP Developer Suite is a complete solution for all your software developing needs. It includes fully optimized PHP stack, application code protection techniques, license management tools, easy to reach wizards, complete development facilitating IDE and a unique serving of debugging tools for the users.

DS-5 Development Studio for ARM

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DS-5 Development Studio is a complete solution from ARM Developers for C/C++ based programmers. A complete tool suite is difficult to come by and DS-5 is a glaring exception of the same. It features an easy to access and use editor, compilers, debugger and a system profiler.

This also features a system auto-detection to simplify the JTAG debug and trace via the CoreSight using an exclusive DSTREAM debug probe. It offers streamlining options for a visual approach to system optimization and performance analysis.

The ARMv7 and ARMv8 are fixed virtual platforms that come with DS-5 for wide-angle software development with a set hardware target. The Ultimate Edition of the same supports the latest ARM Processors and technology including the ARMv8 facilities. The Community Edition of DS-5 is free and enables it to access limited features of both Streamline and Debugger.


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This is a ubiquitous toolkit that should be present in every Java workman’s tool case. While Gradle may not be the most popular toolset available for Java based software development purposes, this is one of the simplest.

Pivoting on its simplicity, Gradle is quickly gaining popularity and has definitely become the default building tool for all Android versions. Currently, almost 64 percent of Java developers prefer Gradle since it carefully bypasses the XML Syntax used by Maven and Ant.

It heavily relies on Groovy programming language which is quite simple and easier to pick up. Gradle can be used to generate a Gradle build file, a directory free for all project files and bundle a portable Gradle wrapper with the current project with just one command. ($ gradle init –type java-library).

All versions of Gradle include additional plug-ins for inclusion of new languages, creation of project files for IDEs, checking for updated dependencies and building native binaries.


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Linx is a low code development tool to create rich business and process-focused applications. Designed to reduce development time and costs, IT professionals use Linx for rapid integration and backend automation of business solutions, systems and databases. By removing the need for writing code on the server-side, Linx help developers focus more on the process logic and the client-side of the applications.

Linx consists of a desktop designer – a visual IDE that allows you to design complex processes without writing a single line of code – and a server, a windows service application which can fire events based on a trigger or host the web services defined in your solution. Linx is the perfect fit for developers wishing to create applications without the hassle of designing, building, and maintaining a custom backend technology stack.

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