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The virtual world of Internet has been enticing enthusiasts from all markets to take leaps of faith and invest in web leveraged ventures, some of which could be entirely web based. Their craze for the World Wide Web and the argument that success online comes without boundaries are all justified. Nevertheless, it shall serve you well to take a more long term and practical look at how web based projects, which primarily are websites, web stores and blogs, trace their journey to success.

It is a common experience for amateur website owners to learn their lessons the hard way, and at times when corrective measures cost them time and money. With knowledge of the issues, concerns and hassles that webpreneurs are bound to face in the short as well as the long term, they can be well equipped to make intelligent decisions with far reaching impact, ensuring that their learning curves are less steep and easier to scale.

Creating a website is pretty much like planning building a brick and mortar store. Every decision has long term implications, and hence demands due diligence and consideration. Among one such integral decision is the one regarding the SEO readiness of your website. As a website manager, you’d want the maximum share of your traffic to come organically, that’s without any self driven traffic dragging.

Over a considerable period of time, your website needs to be visible in search engine result pages for there to be ample organic traffic to sustain its success. That’s possible when your website is SEO ready right from the first brick you lay down, so that there are no messy mid course corrections to deal with.

For all those of you who are contemplating creating their very first websites, and even for those who are up and running to initiate their second attempts afresh, the choice of the superior website builder becomes a tough nut to crack because of the issue discussed above – SEO! Here’s more to guide you and enlighten you.

A SEO website builder can give wings to your website with its features. Of course, it can also stonewall your website, sometimes to its undoing, because of lack of features. So, rather than being blown away by candies that you can live without, it is important that you evaluate and assess a website builder in terms of features and functions that are absolutely indispensible for you, and SEO is right up there in the list of such desirable functions.

If that leaves you uncertain, let’s give you reasons to cheer up, as we introduce you to website builders that realize the importance of packing up on the essential features, and hence offer tremendous SEO leverage that can keep on serving your websites for several years at a stretch. Here goes.


best seo website builder

You can’t keep Wix out of any discussion about website builders, even if it is centered on a specific feature. It turns out that Wix has the fire power to survive even a molecular level evaluation in terms of its abilities as the best SEO website builder.

Being a versatile website editor relevant for all sorts of websites and web stores, Wix comes across as a supremely powerful when one considers the amazing range of SEO tools it pack in for users. Here’s a detailed look at all the magic that can happen to your website because of the SEO widgets and tools provided to you by Wix.

Actionable inputs, automatic submissions, and more – Depend on the innovative SEO Wizard that Wix boasts of. The wizard gives you several practical recommendations to help you fine tune the content on your website in the interests of SEO. The analysis results go a long way in enabling your website towards wider online visibility. Moreover, Wix generates a site map for your website and automatically submits it to search engines, letting you control the definition of which pages remain visible and which don’t. Your content on the Wix empowered pages are automatically processed by Google for the few words of text that are supposed to come under the title and link in the search result pages put forth by Google. This saves your time and ensures that you present the best foot forward on the search result pages.

Let the virtual societies take notice – Social media can be a huge boost to traffic for your website, and also has a massive say in defining the SEO readiness of your website. With Wix, you can easily establish connections with Google, Bing and other search engines. All Wix pages are created in close adherence to guidelines laid down by search engines like Google and Bing. This increases the affinity between search engines and your website. Apart from this, Wix helps you with Facebook Open Graph support, which means that you are able to integrate site details with Facebook, this helping the cause of growth of traffic.

Control your tags and all other attributes – With Wix’s search engine features, you will be able to prepare your website for the SERP battles in an easily manageable, organized and simple manner. Meta tags and descriptions are a vital part of the SEO machinery of your website, and Wix makes the addition of these tags quick and easy for you. Also, the robot.txt file is generated for you, helping search engines leave out restricted content. The noindex tags also work towards the same cause and help you execute together control on the visibility of content.

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GoDaddy Website Builder

best website builder for seo

You go to GoDaddy with the question – ‘how do I do the seemingly onerous task of getting traffic grow naturally through SEO?’, and you come out with the answer to it. Right from helping you identify the right keywords to build your content around to making you breathe easy in terms of submission of your website to Google and other search engines, GoDaddy is an auto-pilot enabled SEO vehicle for you. Here are more reasons for you to fall in love with GoDaddySEO-friendly website builder.

A mirror to look at your site with – Understand your own website better than ever, from an SEO standpoint, with the aid of GoDaddy’s site analytics feed. For starters, you get to understand the SEO readiness of your website with this analytics reports, and then, you can learn quickly about the terms people are hooked to when they search for content online. With these inputs, you can dramatically improve the SEO appeal of your web pages. Moreover, GoDaddy creates a sitemap that helps search engines showcase pages from your website to your users.

Agile and hassle free submissions of your website and web pages – Worry no more about submitting your content to search engines, as GoDaddy makes it an affair of a few clicks. Get ready for quicker indexing because GoDaddy submits your websites to the top search engines with top speed, and follows it up with submission of web pages to more than a hundred search engines. You can also control the geographical relevance by opting between global and regional submission as per the target audience.

Spread the fragrance to attract swarms of website visitors – SEO is as much about smartness as it is about being knowledgeable about the attributes that make websites lovable for search engines. In the form of GoDaddy, you have a double dose of sorts. Simply stated, you are fed with all the keywords that can take your content to the top of search engines, and are helped to spread the keywords smartly across your content, including your meta descriptions and page titles. What’s more, the inputs regarding keywords are available in 40 languages.

Lots of reports to keep you on the mark – GoDaddy ensures that you take a continual improvement stance for your website, and helps you do what you intend by aiding you with actionable reports that track the search engine rankings of your website as well as those of competitors. Moreover, you are given expert recommendations to help you gain competitive edge over others. All these, along with reports like inbound links, page ranks, submissions, listing statuses, SEO checklists, make your SEO journey enjoyable as well as fulfilling.


seo website builder

Weebly can never be out of reckoning when it comes to website builders with oomph. Offering you the simplest drag and drop styled website building interface puts Weebly right up there with some of the most differentiated builders. Thankfully, it doesn’t leave you wanting in terms of SEO either, which makes it a horse for the long course for you.

Weebly websites are automatically optimized for search engines using tools like sitemaps, precise HTML formatting, meta descriptions and automatic pinging of newly added content. Advanced SEO options are also packed in the service bouquet for you, including alt tags for images and page descriptions. Let’s have a deeper look at what Weebly has up its sleeve in terms of SEO for you.

Detailed SEO configuration options – The Settings tab in Weebly’s interface is where a lot of SEO action awaits you. Setting sire descriptions, meta keywords, header and footer code, and 301 redirects is easily done from this tab. By getting all these SEO aspects right, you can ensure that your website’s information is attractive and looks professional to the visitors, and more importantly, to search engines. Right from optimizing click through rates because of proper site info to preventing bounce rate because of bad links through 301 redirects, you can do a lot using Weebly’s settings.

Page level SEO for complete control of your website – There’s a lot in Weebly’s SEO service package than just broad site level changes. You can show your love to every page, modifying page titles, which also act as H1 tag; page descriptions that make your web pages look good when they come up in search results; meta keywords, that can be used just like tags; and codes for header and footer, where you can add third party services like analytics tools. With the presence of these detailed options, your website’s overall SEO quotient zooms up. This is all the more necessary for websites that cater to several niches.

Websites that search engines just love – In order to feature high on search engine result pages, your website needs to do those things right that the search engines consider important, and loading quickly is a part of what search engines consider. Weebly sizes your images, helping your web pages to load quickly even if they are rich in terms of images and other multimedia content. Also, Weebly’s image editing tools help you work more effectively. Images can also be endowed with image descriptions and tags, which makes your pages more SEO friendly.

Blog your way to SEO success – Blogging is a sure shot way to enhance your SEO prowess, and Weebly helps you all the way in this direction. With a simple drag and drop styled interface, creating posts is a breezy affair, and you can add tags and media to make them attractive for search engines as well as users. Social sharing and RSS features also make your life easier as getting traffic for your blog posts becomes more manageable because of them.

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seo friendly website builder

WordPress has been battling it out in the war among website builders and CMS platforms from a long time now. Whereas the old war horse has its ups and lows when compared to the best in the website builder business, its SEO features continue to charm users and make WordPress an irresistible option for their content driven websites.

Empowered with several SEO plugins in built-in SEO friendly options, WordPress is easily among the best website builder for SEO. Here’s everything that can help you make up your mind regarding WordPress as the SEO friendly website making solution.

Handle all tagging needs effortlessly – Setting meta descriptions and titles for SEO leverage is easy with WordPress, and you can even show a focus keyword in the results of search engines. The snippet preview helps you optimize post tiles and descriptions in minimum time. In this manner, you have a flawless tag setting mechanism with WordPress that makes your SEO activities tightly structured and effective.

Minimal code, easy exports, and more – The time taken by your website to load is a vital factor influencing the attention that search engines give you. WordPress presents inherent advantages in this regard, as the code used by WordPress is not unnecessarily bloated, which is unlike several other website builders. Also, WordPress helps you import and export settings for blogs, which helps you to quickly replicate SEO oriented settings across all your blogs, thus saving you ample time. Apart from these, there’s the BreadCrumbs feature that makes your website more organized for users as well as search engines, thus serving you dual benefits of a tremendous user navigation experience and SEO friendliness.

Advanced XML sitemaps for you – With the most advanced XML sitemap creation functionality at your disposal, you can walk past competitor websites as WordPress will automatically submit the sitemap to search engines for quick and lag free indexing. You can also use Meta robot settings to govern as to which pages are shown by search engines, and which are not. In this manner, the entire control is in your hand, apart from the advantage of automatic site submission.

SEO friendly URLs, social integration, and other desirable stuff – Creating SEO friendly URLs for your web pages becomes a breezy affair as WordPress lets you choose among multiple formats of URL creation. Moreover, you can leverage the social integration features of WordPress, such as Facebook and Twitter integration, etc. In addition, WordPress organizes your SEO tasks in a structured manner with tools such as robot.txt and .htcaccess file editor, API docs, canonical elements, etc.


best seo website builder

Jimdo might not be an alien name for all of you who’ve tried to research a little on finding good website builders. Whether it is about the availability of professional looking website templates and wide range of content elements, or about ecommerce functionality, Jimdo brings all desirable attributes of website building together to give you a fulfilling experience with your website building.

Thankfully, all these features are ably backed with a strong SEO tool library, and that’s what we intend to surface out for you here.

On-Page optimization for top class SEO – Jimdo makes it unimaginably easy for you to add all sorts of tags and descriptions to your web pages. All you need is to add the keywords and phrases wherever asked for, and you will have a SEO ready website. You can even make pages contribute towards developing search engine affinity, courtesy the option of alt tags for images. The best part – premium Jimdo services allow you to make SEO related changes to all pages, without limiting you to site-wide changes.

Seamless blogging built right into your website – Integrated blogging is a terrific way of taking your SEO endeavors for your website to the next level. Creating gripping and media rich blog posts is easy with Jimdo, as you can conveniently add all sorts of content elements in your pages. Moreover, you can specify categories for the posts, which makes the blog more navigable for visitors. Apart from all this, you can integrate social networks from Twitter and Facebook into your blog posts, which enhances the possibility of some traffic developing for the same.

A quick loading website without any content compromises – Jimdo’s data centers are spread across the lengths and breadths of the world. This is not just meaningless marketing messaging, but something of prime importance for your website. A fast loading website is imperative for your website’s SEO readiness, as search engines are particular about not rating websites with high bounce rates well. With a fast loading website, you will mitigate the bounce rate and will hence prove your case to search engines. Of course, Jimdo is not the only website builder boasting of a quick loading; however, it does that without asking you to let go of the media on your page.

Do every SEO related tasks without any prior SEO knowledge – What more can you want from your website builder? You will just need to click and type your way through the SEO preparedness activities of your website’s creation, all thanks to the Jimdo SEO tools, menus and options. You will always find readily available statistics with Jimdo, which can help you identify the sections attracting the most traffic, which can further help you design content better so that maximum traffic is attracted.


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