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Last update: June 7, 2019

The Knot – a blissfully simple wedding website builder and digital wedding planner

The Knot

The countdown to your wedding is the most beautiful time you can experience, with the expectancy of being a few days away from marrying your partner for life sweeping over you. Whereas the idea of having a wedding website might not hit your mind on its own, you’d love it once you are introduced to it. So, before we tell you everything about having a lovely wedding website, let’s quickly see why you might want to have such a website in the first place.

Let your joy spread like fragrance, far and wide – When your wedding day is drawing near, your wedding website will help you enhance the joy and take it to the next level, by communicating with your family members and friends through the Internet, in the form of a top class website that lets them know about the big events of your days, right from the wedding ring buying to the honeymoon destination planning! Create posts, add videos, bring in social media – your wedding website can make you feel nothing less than a celebrity.

Put your website to some serious use for planning – As much as you’d be excited about the wedding, you’d also be equally concerned about the planning for the same. Sending invitations, communicating news to dozens of friends, ensuring that people are planning to come to the event, and even publishing your wish list to that the guests can plan their wedding presents – all these tasks become enjoyable experiences when you have a feature rich wedding website loaded with widgets that help you do more in less time.

Showcase all the glittery moments – It can be awesome fun to have slideshows studded with the photographs of you and your beloved, playing out with a breezy love ballad playing in the background. You can even easily edit images before posting them on the website, and can also use the website to share photographs from your honeymoon destination after the wedding in order to share your happiness with all those who love you.

Scale up the website to a repository of all the special memories of your life – The cheers and music of the wedding day will only last a few days, but your website can continue to be a vibrant expression of the importance of the phase of your life well after that, and can also be the living witnesses and testimonies of important events like your first baby, your second honeymoon, and even your child’s first attempts at putting up a post on the same website!

If you’re all excited about having your very own wedding website now, don’t let the thoughts of it being a stressful and costly affair ruin your excitement. You might be in the middle of the busiest phase of your life as you draw closer to your wedding, you can still have a top class wedding website by using The, a wholesome destination for every planning you wish to do for your wedding. The Knot offers you the simplest website building solution with its editor, and enhances your experience by offering you all the inputs you can need about your wedding, right from the latest wedding dresses to special offers for travel. Without any delay, let’s take you through to The Knot.

The Knot Free Wedding Website Builder

The first sights you get of The Knot, you’re bound to feel an urge to lose track of the task at hand and take a dip in the world of informational resources offered by the website, as regards planning for wedding. However, you can let the bliss of checking out swanky wedding dressing and planning ideas wait a little and get on with the website building. The free registration link is located on the center of the screen.


Before you lay the first bricks of the website, it is imperative that you decide upon a classy outlook for the website, along with color tones and core theme. The Knot is right at the top of the list of best wedding website builders in this regard. That’s because it offers you hundreds of top notch templates that can give a shape and face to your website with a single click. The templates’ catalogue offered by The Knot is special in more ways than one, firstly because of its richness, and secondly because of the quality of the templates. What’s more, you can help yourself in finding the perfect template using filters. These templates come to you with different design philosophies, such as Modern, Beach, Classic and more. Also, if you have a specific color shade in mind, you can filter out templates accordingly and choose the one that wins your heart.

choose theme

The next step is to complete your info such as your name, your partner’s name, and the date of your wedding and wedding location. Click in the Save and Continue button.


After you’ve selected the social template for your website, it’s time to get yourself a special URL that you’ll love telling your friends! Whereas you are given some irresistible choices of free URLs based on the name of the bride and the groom, you can take things a step further and look for premium URL based on your secret names, dates, and places. Moreover, you can look for URLs with .us, .com and other extensions. The best part – your personal URL is enabled for you without you having to invest any technical knowledge to find it. The URL you choose is activated in just a few minutes after the purchase.

domain name

Now that you’ve selected the theme and the URL, you’re taken to the editor screen where all the action takes place.


Before we talk about the specific options listed under the Website Pages, we’ll quickly take you through the content elements present on the page. At the top is the Cover Photo option. Here you can choose image of the bride and groom, or any other dear photograph which they wish to use. You can browse through the images saved on your disc and upload it easily.

cover photo

The next option is Theme – Use this option to select any other template for your website, that’s in case you are not satisfied with the outcome of your current selection. Practically, you can have a sparkling new design with the content you’ve already added on the discarded design, all in a few clicks, which saves you time and leaves you free to experiment.

At the left sidebar you can see Website Pages option. You can see all the pages of your website and can select or deselect the Visible On Site check box to define whether the pages are visible on the website or not. You can also change the order of the pages.

website pages

The next option is RSVP – The Knot allows you to have guests using your website for RSVP, and this is where the updates will appear. Also, you get email for every RSVP update from a friend or family member.

The next option is Settings where you can shoose website url ( we explained earlier how you could go up and over the free URLs and look for more premium options; this is where you get all the assistance for the same ), website visbility and set guest pin.


Why use The Knot website builder?

We hinted in our introduction towards the fact that The Knot is a lot more than just a website builder, and is in fact a full-fledged wedding planner for you. In this section, we explore all the website relevant and planning relevant features of The Knot.

Brilliant looking and responsive websites for easy mobile viewing – You ideally want your wedding website to be viewable from mobile devices, so that your family members and friends can confidently head over to the website right from their smart devices when they receive your updates about having put up a new video or image online. That’s where The Knot helps you out without even making it obvious. When you select one from the hundreds of templates offered, you can also be happy about having got a template that would make your website look as structured and presentable as it is on desktops.

Capsule photo album – Here’s the USP of The Knot, the Capsule photo album feature. Using this feature, you can upload practically unlimited photographs, hence making your website a repository of all the digital artifacts for your life’s happy and memorable moments. The best part – your friends can conveniently upload their own collection of images from your wedding to the capsule, making it a pleasure for you to view the album, seeing your own wedding’s sights from the perspective of your friends! What’s more, your friends can also leave comments on their favorite images, making your wedding website a compact social networking website in its own rights!

My Budgeter – Planning for your wedding can be a real stressful phase, as there are so many unanticipated expenses that greet you every day. It is because of this that budgeting and tracking becomes an important aspect of planning. This is where The Knot helps you out with its My Budget feature. You can key in a tentative budget for the wedding along with the number of guests, and then track your expenses against the ideal distribution of the budget towards the various categories of expenses such as venue rentals, catering, etc. This goes a long way in keeping you mentally alert about the areas where you need to exercise tighter control and the areas where you can afford to breathe easier.

My Checklist – It’s amazing how we remember to do out tasks, but only when there’s somebody pestering us about them all the time. The Knot takes upon itself the responsibility of being your monitor, and that’s with the help of the checklist feature. Here, you can create detailed lists of tasks that you need to complete before a certain date, and can see the summary of the same right at the top of the checklist page, which is a motivation for you to stay on your heels and do the tasks in time. Categorizing the different tasks is also possible in the checklist.

My Guest List – How about a quick and convenient way of organizing your guest list, from end to end? Effectively, you can use this feature to organize a complete list of guests, send invites to them and then track their acceptance. This can help you plan your budget better, especially for expenses related to making food and beverages’ arrangements. Importing guests from excel sheets is easy, and you can go ahead and devise a seating plan for them if you like.

My Vendors – Your wedding’s planning will become much easier when you have dependable and informative guides relevant for issues such as finding DJs, florists, caterers, and all such vendors that are indispensible for a wedding event. The Knot gives you several leads for finding top class vendors under different categories and based upon your location. In this manner, you can save several hours of time that would have gone in referring to yellow pages and classifieds.


A wedding is an experience, and not just an event. It is quite befitting that The Knot offers a complete bunch of services centered on the wedding website you crazily want to create and make a success. Not only does it help you quickly create a terrific website without any sort of heavy time or money investment, but also doubles up as an amazing and super efficient wedding planner by offering several services such as a budgeting, guest book management and so on. Enjoy creating a terrific wedding website and effortlessly sailing through the phase of planning and getting things right for your wedding, all courtesy the blessings of The Knot.

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