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The Top 10 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2021

Last update: January 25, 2021

Which website builders are ideal for wedding websites? What should be able to do wedding website builder? How to save on wedding website and at the same time not to compromise? For your attention – five the best website builders for wedding and our recommendations on how to get wedding website without deplorable consequences for your wallet and even get pleasure from what is happening.

The Top 10 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2021A wedding website is specially curated to suit the needs of newlyweds or engaged couples who wish to organise their big day and send out mass invites in a time-efficient and hassle-free way. It is probably the smartest ways to bring all your guests in one virtual space. Send out invites, broadcast updates, build your wedding registry, share images and videos, go live, and do a lot more, with a sterling wedding website, built using one of the new age wedding website builders. Read on to know more about wedding websites and the top platforms that will help you build one.

How Should Look a Modern Wedding Website?

People no longer have to send out invitations personally, you can spread the word via a website. With this, you can share the logistics regarding the ceremonies, manage guest lists and do a lot more from a single platform. Your wedding website becomes the one place where you can post all the latest updates, schedules, ceremonies, share pictures and basically involve your near and dear ones in the ceremony. A standard wedding website should have a solid registry page, a good photo editor, some wedding-themed layouts, a calendar, an efficient RSVP system among other things.

Why Choose A Wedding Website Builder?

Well, for starters, they’re easy and hassle free to use. Then, they’d invariable be inexpensive as compared to the traditional method of hiring a specialized developer for your website. It’s obvious; if you’re getting married, you won’t have the time to build a website via HTML5 and CSS3 codes. This is where wedding website builders come to the fore, with their highly empowering functionalities, and awe inspiringly beautiful website templates.

There are tons of website builders out there that allow you to develop stunning wedding websites. The website builders discussed below enable you to add all these features to your website and more.

Best Wedding Website Builders

Here is a list of the best wedding website buildertools of the year that you can check out.

1. The Knot – Create a Website

The Knot

The Knot wedding website is free, fun and super easy to work with. Armed with a drag and drop interface and full of customizable features, this platform caters to amateurs and professional developers alike. Here, you get access to a vast collection of premium quality templates, images, and other graphics as well for quick and effective web designing.

The dashboard also offers the best offer discounts in hotels, venues, and restaurants. The Knot can be set up in a matter of minutes and is compatible with all devices. In fact, the Knot App is an all-in-one platform where people can create, preview, publish and expand their content easily. You can message the guests straight from the app and also share your page on social media networks.

The Knot Newlywed Fund is space where you can manage your budget, track cash vouchers, and display all the return gifts and complimentary perks on one page. The platform also enables you to monitor RSVPs using the Knot App, it sends out instant push notifications for quick updates. Other perks include personalizedURLs, customizable privacy controls, SEO optimized tools, and CMS solutions.

Create a Website

2. Wix Wedding Website Builder – Create a Website

Wix Wedding Website Builder

Wix is one of the most popular free web development platforms in the market that has charmed bloggers, entrepreneurs, photographers and amateur developers alike. You can use free version with many useful features or decide to upgrade to a paid plan which includes a custom domain, cloud services, and additional e-commerce support. Moving on to the web designing features, you can either opt for the drag and drop interface that allows you a live preview and an editor to make real-time changes to your page.

The second and more advanced ADI (artificial design intelligence) framework, covers all the development chores, based on your preferences. Users can access the extensive archives full of free templates, themes and readymade layouts and images for free. You can also personalize the URLs, edit meta tags if you have proper knowledges. Here, users can create groups, schedule events, make announcements, send personalized messages to guests and track RSVPs. Furthermore, you can protect the website or specific pages via passwords or expand visibility using SEO optimization tools.

Create a Website

3. Joy – Create a Website


Joy is a free wedding website builder that, as its name suggests, is an absolute Joy to work with. the sleek and responsive interface is replete with the most advanced tools and functionalities. The platform supports multi admins, i.e. more than one person can control the content posted on the website. This adds flexibility to the framework, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of the wedding. You can access over a hundred premium-quality templates and a hoard of other graphics without any additional charge. These layouts are not just aesthetically attractive but also optimized for mobile devices.

The home page with its scroll navigation gives you the space to display the wedding registry, flight and hotel details, and even a short description of your love story – all in one place. At Joy you can also create digital RSVPs, the Global Guestlist tool allows you to manage and monitor the guests better. Here you can even create live slideshows of pictures and videos taken during the ceremonies.

Create a Website

4. Wedding Wire – Create a Website

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a no-frills platform that only offers the bare essential features required to build a website. And what the builder lacks in features, it more than makes up for in its simplicity and aesthetic appeal. The interface is intuitive, interactive and very easy to customize.

Users can choose from a collection of 400 themes and layouts, each custom-made for mobile devices. There’s also a background photo template, that is standardized to suit your requirements. Wedding Wire allows for easy integration with the local venue options and hotels. You can make reservations, book tickets, arrange for travel plans and more in a quick and hassle-free fashion.

The RSVP system is efficient, easy and very effective. You can monitor invites, send out personalized notes, schedule events and notify your guests- all in real-time. Furthermore, Wedding Wire is very secure, here you can protect your page and content using passwords. You can also restrict specific sections of the page to private viewings and hide it from search engines for extra privacy.

Create a Website

5. Zola – Create a Website


Zola is a platform tailor-made for trendy millennial couples who want a refreshing yet cost-effective way of announcing the happy day to their loved ones. It is among the best free wedding website builder toolsthat offers pretty much every tool under the sun.

Here, you can design a web page, add pictures, integrate with the wedding registry, manage RSVPs and plan everything else to make your wedding as perfect as possible. The dashboard is loaded with tools for collecting email addresses, sending out personalized messages, format the invites with personalized messages and more. You can book venues, make travel plans, arrange for hotel reservations- all in a matter of minutes.

Zola also allows users to make instant and real-time changes to the wedding schedules, you can reorder the pages, integrate your plans with a calendar which will give you timely notifications, collaborate with local stores and even exchange pictures on cloud later. Furthermore, don’t fret over the security issues- you can protect your content via passwords and hide the website from search engines.

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6. Apply Couple – Create a Website

Apply Couple

Appy Couple is the ideal website building platform for the modern couple who instead of dealing with the hassles of sending out invites personally, would prefer the rather tech-savvy alternative. The Appy Couple app allows you to send messages, connect to guests via live chat, video calls, schedule meetings, make reservations, monitor RSVPs, and upload a complete itinerary of the big day systematically.

The builder is flexible, versatile and very responsive armed with a drag and drop interface and a selection of wonderful customization tools. You can also access the collection of templates and layout, all designed to suit the wedding theme and optimized for mobile devices- free of cost.

On the downside though, the website builder lacks global appeal. For while you can send out invites via email or SMS to local guests, the database doesn’t offer the option of adding international phone numbers. Also, you cannot add music to your web page due to issues with copyright and royalties. You can integrate YouTube and iTunes playlists instead if you want music.

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7. Getting Married – Create a Website

Getting Married

Getting Married is an easy website builder that allows you to build wedding websites for both desktops and mobile phones. The interface is responsive and adaptable for both these platforms. In fact, the builder creates a mobile-friendly version of the web page as soon as you upload it online. Here, you can choose from a selection of the most stunning wedding site design and templates, absolutely free of charge. There are also a number of images and graphics that you can incorporate into your wedding website for that extra spark.

The RSVP system allows you to organize the guest list, send out personalized notes and invites, distribute return gifts without any hassles. Here you can also display hotel recommendations and flight ticket options and menu suggestions. Plus, all your photographs and other content will be password protected and hence away from the reach of the regular browsers, only those whom you authenticate can access the website.

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8. Riley & Grey – Create a Website

Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey is a platform suited for couples who want to spread the good news of their holy matrimony in style. The stunning interface is clean-cut, minimalistic and very well organized. Gone are the cheesy and cliché layouts, Riley & Grey brings to your professionally styled, practical themes and templates that can be customized and are mobile-friendly.

You can create a website in a few simple clicks, without having to write a line of code. Plus, the platform caters to an international audience. The multilingual builder lets you accommodate travels plans, make reservations for venues and hotels and track arrivals quickly.

The RSVP system is great for monitoring messages to guests, create personalized notes and signatures to add that extra oomph to your wedding invite. The vast archives offer an extensive collection of templates that can be edited on-the-go, images that are retina-ready, and a selection of other plug-ins for uploading pictures and scheduling events.

Create a Website

9. My Wedding – Create a Website

My Wedding

My Wedding is the ultimate hub for couples who want to plan their big day and involve their loved ones in the happy occasion. The platform comes with a website builder and a side blog with interesting articles on the latest wedding trends, discounts and offers available in the market.

Here, almost anyone can build a web page, all you have to do is pick a theme, add your content and post it online. the drag and drop interface is user-friendly, time-efficient and doesn’t require line of code. The dashboard is loaded with tools for easy customization. You can create slideshows, add events, manage your schedules, send out personalized notes, track RSVPs, make reservations in hotels and book flight tickets- all in record time.

The free version of the builder offers free web hosting and domain services, a series of free templates and readymade layouts, a vast collection of images and other third-party plugins. And upon paying a nominal subscription amount, you can upgrade to the premium package and access the more advanced services like password security, special social media integration, cloud services etc.

Create a Website

10. eWedding – Create a Website


Last but not least, eWedding is a wedding website builder ideal for organizing, planning, tracking all the intricate details pertaining to your big day. The platform offers a choice of both a free and a premium version. The free version gives you access to all the standard features and functionalities of the builder. It consists of free themes, 10 text notification layouts, and an Instagram integration. You will have to upgrade to a paid plan in order to use the more advanced services like getting a custom domain, high-tech RSVP system, ad-free framework and access to unlimited photos.

The intuitive interface is easy to work with, comes with a live in-house editor and a dashboard full of customizable tools. The homepage allows to insert your wedding registry details, create an “Our Story” section, add a scheduler, integrate slideshows, make reservations for hotels, book flights and perform a host of other activities. You can even have a small blog and contact form on the side and protect it with a password to limit its visibility to a select few.

Create a Website

Which Wedding Website Would You Choose?

Finding a good website builder is no easy task. It can be quite overwhelming to decide upon the right platform that caters to all your needs. Lucky for you, we have shortlisted the top wedding website builders in the market, complete with their pros and cons to help you out. We recommend Wix for first-time users, however, Knot (in our humble opinion) would be a more versatile and flexible platform for couples who want to perfect their big day.

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    Good article! We used a website called OurBigDayInfo Wedding Sites. One of their features which we really loved was their ‘RSVP Reports’. Each week you receive (via email) a spreadsheet of all RSVPs submitted. It was a useful for getting a bird’s eye view of who is going, what their contact number/email is etc. Their customer service is also super and they great at helping get your RSVP form setup with your own questions (we collected our guest’s wedding meals on our RSVP). Their setup was pretty simple too. Take care Babs xo

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    Getting married this summer, and I shopped around quite a bit (tried several free trials). With Joy was the easiest by far to set up, cleanest design and FREE. Highly recommend.

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