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Last update: November 16, 2020

A Detailed Review of BoldGrid and How To Use It


In the traditional website building world, there are usually just two factors stopping a developer from creating good website quickly; time and complexity. In fact, the tedious task of creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing websites is what instigated the worldwide growth of dedicated website builders that allow users to throw together different design elements and create beautiful websites within a couple of hours. But no matter from which part of the world newer website builders come from, WordPress still remains the most popular choice for website developers.

WordPress + BoldGrid – The Perfect Combo

The internet loves WordPress, and why shouldn’t they, it’s free (most of it), easy to use and requires almost no technical knowledge. To add on to the massive appeal of WordPress, BoldGrid has emerged as the premier add-on that acts as an advanced WordPress drag-and-drop builder. We already know that website builders are made for beginners, or extremely lazy developers, and can be used to create sophisticated websites without requiring in-depth coding knowledge. Irrespective, the convenience of an in-built drag & drop website builder within WordPress is bound to be a recipe for success.

What Makes BoldGrid Worth Your Attention?

  • First of all, BoldGrid isn’t your typical full-scale website builder- it’s a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that doesn’t require even the slightest knowledge of coding technologies like CSS or HTML.
  • That being said, tech-savvy users will have the added advantage of being able to customize and fine tune their websites to the minutest details.
  • In essence, BoldGrid was specifically designed by webmasters, for DIY webmaster.
  • The highlight of BoldGrid is that it fully-automates a number of redundant tasks that would have otherwise require expenditure of precious time, which is probably why it has become a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike.

As a web-designing platform, BoldGrid was developed by an experienced team of developers who are the brains behind thousands of hand built business websites. The software was developed with speed and efficiency in mind, and features some of the best designs and functionalities that one could possibly expect from a website builder. And despite being overloaded with numerous features, BoldGrid has managed to win the hearts of rookie designers by giving them a simplistic and effortless website design tool.

A few of BoldGrid’s unique features include:

  • WordPress Compatibility – BoldGrid is a website builder that not only allows you to create websites on WordPress, but is powered by it. And knowing that WordPress is the easiest platform to get along with, it can only mean using BoldGrid will amount to mere Childs play.
  • Complete Customization – BoldGrid gives you complete control over customization and design.
  • User-Friendly – Just like WordPress, BoldGrid allows users to set up and launch their website and a developer, with total ease.
  • Readymade Content – BoldGrid features a number of spectacular templates as well as premade content that you can simply drag and drop in to place, while customizing them to your needs.

How To Create A Website Using BoldGrid

As software, BoldGrid isn’t available within WordPress’s repository, so its installation process is a big different. But just how east is it to create your own website using BoldGrid? Here’s a step by step guide on how to register, download and install BoldGrid on your computer:

The first thing you do in order to get BoldGrid is to visit their Website’s homepage.


Once you’ve submitted your personal details, the next step is to choose domain name and web hosting plan for your upcoming website. Choose from BoldGrid’s three powerful plans, which will be delivered to you instantly, without any site transfer downtime.

BoldGrid plans

Once InMotion, BoldGrid’s parent company, has installed BoldGrid into your WordPress, your default website will look pretty much like this:

BoldGrid theme

It’s important to remember that the amount of time your account takes to set up depends entirely on how long to take to decide on your company’s a domain name. Once the account has been set up and your log on to your WordPress dashboard, you will be greeted by two videos; one for newbies and the other for experienced users.

BoldGrid dashboard

You will be privy to a video that introduces BoldGrid to the users, followed by a 3-step guided procedure that will help get you started.

Creating a website on BoldGrid involves two crucial stages; Inspirations and Customizations. You will have to install your website via Inspirations, which is a decisive step that involves choosing your website’s theme, category, as well as the number of recommended pages for your category.

On the left side menu of your WordPress dashboard, you can find the Inspirations tab. Click on the Inspirations tab if you want to design your website using BoldGrid. This is also the step where you choose to either create an Active site, or a staged one. We’ll discuss those later.

Inspirations tab

Within the Inspirations tab, you can choose all the design options like basic overall theme & layouts, and any other design elements that you want for your site.

Inspirations tab

All of BoldGrid’s themes are copyrighted, and will feature the brand’s watermark. You’ll have to buy the images via copyright coins, if you want to use them without the watermarks. That being said, you don’t have to use BoldGrid’s images, and it is recommended that you use your own proprietary images.

Page Set – Once you’ve uploaded all the necessary design elements, you’ll move on to the page set, a feature that allows you to decide the kind of website you’re going to create. You can choose between 5 options, which include a basic standard page set, 5-page setup, “home repair”, property, and the

Kitchen Sink – a page set that contains all the bells and whistles you could possible need. Remember that you can customize or change your settings irrespective of the Page Set you initially choose. The Page Set also offers a helpful “site preview” option that shows you how your site will actually look like on a PC or tablet.

Boldgrid review

Once you’ve installed the desired Page Set into your theme, all you need to do is click the install option, and your site will become active.

active site

Customization is the last and final phase in the creation of a BoldGrid site. Click on the “Customize” option on your dashboard to get access to the numerous customization options, including content modification, addition/removal of webpages, and so on. BoldGrid give users the unique ability to view their changes as they make them, saving hours of switching back and forth between windows. You can also use the customizer to change colors, fonts, theme elements, and so on. The winning feature of the customizer is its drag & drop editor, which provides for effortless page creation.

customization screen

Staging – BoldGrid’s staging feature is probably one of the software’s most useful features, allowing users to setup a staging website that can be used to develop and test the new content and changes. WordPress users might find this option similar to WordPress’s managed hosting plans, but they’re somewhat different. Currently BoldGrid only allows users to copy unpublished pages onto a staging site, and not on blog posts. This won’t be a problem for most professional websites, but it’s useful to remember that you can’t copy blog posts to the staging area. However, we hope that the next BoldGrid release will feature blog post staging functionalities.

Building Multiple Sites with BoldGrid – Another great feature of BoldGrid is you can install it on to an unlimited number of WordPress sites, once you’ve gotten access to your InMotion hosting account. BoldGrid has no restrictions regarding the number of sites you can install it on, simply install the plugin, activate it by applying a personalized API Connect key, and start designing the layouts of your choice.

Comparison Of Plans

BoldGrid can be downloaded for free with any shared web-hosting plan from its parent company, InMotionHosting. And the theme that you chose during setup is the basis for your design, content and functionality. All of BoldGrid’s themes feature meaningful marketing content that is free to use and modify. BoldGrid offers three core plans; each specifically designed to cater to the specific shared webhosting needs. All themes across all plans feature fully responsive designs that allow you to preview your website before it goes live. The main difference between the various plans that BoldGrid offers pertains mainly to the number of websites they allow you to host. The Launch (basic) Plan is most suited for 2 websites or less, the Power Plan allows you to host 6 websites, and the Pro Plan allows you to host an unlimited number of websites.

BoldGrid plans
Check actual prices on

All website building plans come bundled with a free domain, unlimited cloud storage, and a number of free advertising credits. Another point of difference between the plans is in the number of Copyright Coins that that are provided. These coins are useful in case you want to purchase any of BoldGrid’s copyright images. All plans also offer a whole 90-day money-back guarantee, in case you’re unsatisfied with your experience.

The Power plan is the most popular of the three, giving you an amazing website building tool, without burning a hole in your pocket. And if you’re looking for a distinguished website building experience that offers you flexibility and economy, look no further than BoldGrid’s Power plan. This plan brings together the best of multiple site hosting, amazing customer support, and free advertising. BoldGrid’s detailed customizer allows you to create websites exactly according to the way you want them, which means you won’t have to settle for whatever is offered.


BoldGrid also offers a number of support packages, depending on the kind of plan you choose, or the type of key connect. Official InHost subscribers enjoy 24×7 technical support & installation over the phone, while the premium key customers (hosted on 3rd parties) are offered 24×7 support for setup ad installation support. Those that opt for a free key are entitled to all of BoldGrid’s functionalities, but aren’t eligible for personal support, and would have to depend on community forms for troubleshooting.


Bold Grid might be one of the newer players in the market, but it’s already giving established website builders like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace a serious run for their money. In fact, BoldGrid offers some unique features that aren’t available with other builders. Overall, BoldGrid is the perfect website builder for anyone looking to create a quick WordPress website. Alternately, it’s also the ideal option for those of you that are struggling with theme design and custom layout creation. This site building tool allows you to effortlessly create spectacular websites that feature interactive elements and engaging page layouts. The cherry on the icing is the fact that BoldGrid is backed up by WordPress, the world’s most competent website building to have ever been created.

BoldGrid is essentially WordPress, if it was a website builder, and was designed with the specific purpose of giving developers a tool that offers top-notch functionality, on an industry-leading platform. And although it’s basically just glorified overlay software, BoldGrid offers one of the most comprehensive website building tools on a childishly easy to use interface. And since the tool is making such huge waves at a level of relative infancy, you can only expect BoldGrid to get better with each new release. BoldGrid is the perfect tool for customers who want a crisp website building experience, while still being the owner of their own website, and not being restricted to any proprietary website builder. This freedom of web hosting allows users to shift to a web host of their choice whenever they feel like, giving them massive flexibility in terms of choices. This is another big plus since all other site-builders, paid or free, tie you down to the same web host, whether they’re a suitable match for your requirements or not.

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BoldGrid Review

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  1. To date I have not read an analysis of cost between BOld Grid and the others which is odd. From doing many hours of web research it appears as Wix, Squarespace etc. cost 8-15.00 per month for each website needed. In our case we need 4 which means about 400.00 per year at lowest rate. By using the Bold Grid power plan it appears as if we pay 8.00 per month to In Motion for hosting up to 6 sites and the total cost for our 4 sites is about 100.00. Please advise if this is correct or not.