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Choosing the Best Easy Website Builder Software for Mac

Last update: August 15, 2019

Mac users know that ordinary website development soft for PC isn’t suitable for using it on Mac Systems. Official software from Mac isn’t convenient and not so perfect tool for website building, so many ask a question: what website builder is the best for Mac? In this article we will review the most effective offline Mac Software and the best website builders that are suitable well for both Mac and PC.

Website Builders for MacThe Mac versus PC battle is an ongoing debate. Notwithstanding the pros and cons of both categories of computing hardware and software, Mac users continue to love their cool machines. The number of Mac users is always on the rise. Some unique features indeed make a Mac addictive, with user experience taking the forefront, followed by a high end and visually appealing design along with security. Mac users have had interesting times in terms of tools that let them create stunning websites for all sorts of purposes. The iWeb story will always find intense discussions, and deserves a mention here. This template based WYSIWYG website builder from Apple Inc saw the light of the day in 2006, but had a bumpy ride before the news of Apple discontinuing development on the tool emerged in 2011. Several problems that website developers and enthusiastic website experimenters faced, including limited HTML editing facility, lack of features for non-MobileMe user websites, separate CSS files instead of single site wide stylesheet, remained uncorrected, and left a great void in terms of a dependable website building tool for Mac users. Thankfully, there are ample reliable and efficient website building options for Mac users today. What’s more, you can pick from a fair number of options in both offline and online categories of website developers. We tell you more about how website builders belonging to these categories differ from each other, and also introduce you so the most powerful and feature rich website builders for both categories.

Online website builders for Mac

We are barely half way in our journey for covering the most recommended options for building websites for Mac. Whereas we introduced you to some of the most amazing offline website builders for Mac in the previous section, we’ll dedicate this section to socialize you with the options that await you in terms of online website builders. There are many Mac users out there who would find an online website builder more convenient to use, and considering some of the inherent advantages associated with these options, they would be justified in believing so. Firstly, you get a one roof workstation for all your website creation activities in the form of the online website builder. Moreover, you will be able to make changes and add updated content from any location, as all you’d need is to log in to the online website builder’s interface! Then automatic upgrades to the interface will benefit you, and will save you from any inconsistency issues that might arise if you use an offline website builder and fail to keep it updated. Let’s advance this discussion to three of the most loved online website builders for Mac.

Wix Free Web Builder for Mac

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Wix Website Builder for Maccreate a website

Undoubtedly among the most highly regarded website builders, Wix is a one stop shop for all your website building requirements, whether you want to create a vibrant portfolio website that’s rich with graphics or a full-fledged web based selling store that integrated advanced selling tools. With arguably the simplest drag and drop styled website builder you can get to use, and templates that not only blow your mind at the very first sight but also easily lend themselves to customization for the discerning website builders, Wix is an ideal pick for all sorts of website building projects. Let’s explore the amazing features with more detail.

Hundreds of customizable templates and a drag and drop builder: the best of all worlds – You are bound to be dazzled with the number of themes that Wix offers. Then, you can go about customizing all these themes to the extent you want with the easy to use customization tools offered by the interface. To add to that, the drag and drop styled website building interface is easy to use and makes website building a breezy task.

Integrated ecommerce tools for you to scale up your business setups – Enjoy the blessings of ecommerce without investing hefty amount or days of time into creating your web store, as Wix brings to you the world of ecommerce with its simple integrated shopping cart and payment gateways, along with advanced selling tools such as shipping and tax rate calculators and marketing tools such as newsletters.

More visibility for your website via SEO and a mobile optimized website – Expect your Wix empowered websites to quickly register huge traffic, because of the SEO features that Wix packs into its online website building interface. Moreover, you get an automatically mobile optimized website along with the desktop version, thus ensuring that your audiences manage to connect with you at all times.

There’s more up Wix’s sleeve; here’s a quick look:

  • Explore the world of thousands of free images and several fonts to make your website visually delightful
  • Single page and other templates help you get on with the development work quickly, thus saving you time across the time duration of the project
  • Password protected web page access privileges to help you control as to who gets to see what content on your website

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

WebNode Free Website Creator for Mac

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WebNode Website Builder for Maccreate a website

Whether you want to nail a killer design for your portfolio website or want to present your literary works and opinions in a stunning format that nobody manages to ignore, WebNode is the online website builder that will help you in your sojourn. A whopping 15,000,000 website have depended upon WebNode and that’s enough to establish the credibility of this website builder. If you are looking for a wholesome website builder to create a website for Mac, look no further than WebNode, and here are all the reasons that can convince you about such a choice:

The quickest route to a great website – With WebNode’s drag and drop website editor, all you need to create content rich pages is to drag the desired content element to the area you want your content to appear at and drop it there, post which you can populate your text, video or image content. Moreover, you get various widgets that make your website look much lively, along with making it functionally richer.

Unlimited bandwidth and round the clock support for your complete peace of mind – As you begin to register more traffic, your concerns about the website remaining up and running 24×7 heighten. With unlimited bandwidth feature, such concerns will be mitigated. Moreover, you will find ready and responsive support from the customer care team so that you don’t get stuck anywhere while creating the website.

Templates spread over dozens of categories – You will find the category coverage of readymade templates from WebNode to be groundbreaking. Moreover, these templates look absolutely dazzling and can be a great boost to the aesthetic appeal of the website you’ve planned.

Here are a few more catchy benefits rolled out by WebNode:

  • A mobile optimized website that allows your audiences to connect with you even while they are on the move
  • SEO features that empower your website to reach the higher ranks in Google and Yahoo search engine result pages
  • Ecommerce features that help you transform your website into a web store, with features such as integrated payment gateways, attractive product pages, and a smart checkout process

Jimdo Free Website Maker for Mac

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Jimdo Website Builder for Maccreate a website

If there are two keywords that can succinctly describe this online website builder for Mac, they have to be ‘easy’ and ‘impressive’. You will find tasks getting completed speedily once you get the hang of the amazing drag and drop website editor interface of Jimdo. Then, there are all the enhancement features such as ecommerce and blogging to help you enjoy the maximum capabilities out of your website for Mac. Let’s quickly run through the most prominent features offered by Jimdo.

Innovative elements for spicier web pages – Adding interesting elements such as guestbooks, flash content, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, blog, store catalog, and RSS feed widgets is just a matter of clicks. With so many widgets to choose from, you can depend on Jimdo to help you with a content rich website. Moreover, you can also plug in multimedia content widgets such as photo galleries, YouTube videos and audio players.

Wholesome support system – With FAQs, forum, video tutorials and detailed guides, Jimdo had a massive library of helpful content that you can turn to whenever you get stuck using any of the features offered by Jimdo. Moreover, depending upon the plan you choose, you will have priority support so that your website for Mac doesn’t fall behind the timelines you planned for it.

Wholesome support system – With FAQs, forum, video tutorials and detailed guides, Jimdo had a massive library of helpful content that you can turn to whenever you get stuck using any of the features offered by Jimdo. Moreover, depending upon the plan you choose, you will have priority support so that your website for Mac doesn’t fall behind the timelines you planned for it.

These additional features also deserve a quick mention:

  • Automatically mobile optimized website is created for you as you go about working on your desktop website
  • You can use Jimdo to integrate a shopping cart into your website with the addition of product pages, thus enabling yourself to engage in ecommerce with minimum hassle and investment
  • Social sharing tools that help you increase the chances of benefitting from the coveted multiplier effect, along with integrated blogging feature

Offline website builders for Mac

Hang on, how do I decide whether to go for an offline website builder or one of the online ones? Well, it’s been a tough one to answer, and continues to be so. The best approach is to understand the prime differences between the two modes, and just pick the ones that are most important for you in terms of your website designing experience. Offline website builders are software packages that can be purchased or downloaded on to the hard drive, and then installed on the Mac. So, you don’t need an internet connection to create your website. These packages make website development easy with their advanced interfaces that don’t require you to know HTML or CSS to be able to create content rich and visually appealing pages. If you love being in control, it’s an easy pick for you; offline website builders have always appealed to those who like having things entirely their way. If you intend to use the website to create an infallible reputation for your design services, or wish to unleash a blog that has a personality as strong as yours, you would love the limitless website building experience put together by offline builders. Mac users find it easy to get addicted to the user experience offered by their computers and laptops, and might not want to be dictated by a web based user interface that online website builders throw at them. If you are one such Mac addict, go for an offline editor for a fulfilling website creation experience. You will be benefited by knowing more about three of the most relied upon offline website builders for Mac; here they are:


RapidWeaver Website Builder for Maccreate a website

With a completely code free website building interface, readymade page types that help you come up with finished pages much sooner than otherwise, and stunning themes to base your websites on, all these are just the beginning of what’s arguably the most popular all purpose offline website building software for Mac. RapidWeaver packs all kinds of amazing website building functions into a neat and intuitive website that’s as easy to navigate as it is effective. There’s a lot more to RapidWeaver than what meets the eye at first, and we explore some of the most integral features of this great offline website builder.

Customizable themes to let you express yourself – With dozens of great themes to pick from, you will have a dazzling look for your website already waiting for you. The best part is that RapidWeaver allows you complete freedom of customization with ample number of options, right from changing the color tones to fonts.

An interface aligned and optimized for quick results – The Project Window provides you quick and convenient access to all recently opened projects, and Bookmarks Manager lets you minimize rework and effort repetition by allowing you to quickly re utilize publishing details. Moreover, there are 11 inbuilt page types that help you publish in a more organized and guided manner.

Integrate site resources like never before – Whether you want to bring in PDFs into your web pages, or any other content element for that matter, all you need to do is to drag the resource into the RapidWeaver sidebar. Then, there’s Theme Consolidation feature that compresses multiple style-sheets in order to ensure fast loading time for your design heavy website.

You might also want to quickly scan through some more features:

  • SEO stats to provide you actionable inputs for fine tuning your website’s content to attract more traffic
  • Easy addition of custom code into pages for the more discerning website stylists
  • Add-ons that enhance the functionality and capability of your website
  • Automatic navigation menu creation reduces the work load on you and also ensures that there are no embarrassing broken links in even the most complex navigation menus
  • Automatic XML sitemap generation to make your website easily searchable for updates by search engines


EverWeb Website Builder for Maccreate a website

Rage Software product catalog offers you a whopping collection of downloadable tools that help you build a killer website on your Mac, and then lend you advanced functionalities to make it a rage! Right from the offline website builder called EverWeb to the SEO tools like SERank and Domainer, along with newsletter tools like MailShoot, the Rage Software collection is a fully loaded artillery for your website creation needs on your Mac.

Satisfaction for code-o-phobes as well as code maniacs – You will find EverWeb to be a perfect and convenient drag and drop styled website builders that doesn’t even require you to know the first alphabet of coding. However, code lovers don’t have to get disappointed, as EverWeb lets them unleash their coding expertise for creating truly customized websites.

All your SEO needs duly catered to – Unless you’re an SEO expert, you would be at a complete loss of ideas to rely on for making your website visible on search engine result pages. Thankfully, you get the complete catalog of SEO tools, performing tasks right from the submission of your website via automatic XML sitemap creation and submission to smart and layered SEO.

Websites that are accessible everywhere – EverWeb helps you with an automatically mobile optimized website, that can be accessed from all sorts of mobile devices without the layout getting messed up. This saves you a lot of time and makes your website more easily and widely reachable.

EverWeb lets you enjoy your Mac’s user experience along with offering you some more fabulous features such as:

  • Asset management, using which you can organize your website assets such as documents, images and videos in structured folders
  • Master pages to help you affect mass changes to your website’s pages, and powerful hyper-linking to ensure that you are able to knit your web pages as well as external content into a great and coherent unit
  • Readymade themes to help you quick-start your ride to a stunning website
  • Dozens of image frames, Google Fonts, and shapes for the easy creation as well as visual enhancement of your web pages


Sandvox Website Builder for Maccreate a website

How about creating your first website in less than half an hour? If you think that’s beyond the realms of possibility, you need to check out Sandvox, a smart, light and intuitive offline website builder that helps you create an up and running website with 5-7 pages in merely 30 minutes. Select a theme, populate it with pre-made content, and publish your website – that’s the simple 3 step route to a website when you are using Sandvox website builder. With a super quick drag and drop website builder that you can manage without touching a line of code and advanced features such as social media integration into your website, Sandvox is a winner all the way. Here’s more on it:

Customizable photo galleries – If you are looking to create a visually delightful website, try out the amazing photo gallery options put together by Sandvox. Lightbox effects, slideshows, and a lot more – all these amazing presentation options await you in the form of the drag and drop styled website building interface provided by Sandvox.

Raw HTML objects for widget integration – Don’t be perturbed; it’s nothing that requires coding knowledge. You can use the HTML content element, drag it to where you want the HTML widget to appear, and then paste the code of the widget. In this manner, you can integrate buttons such as PayPal’s Buy Now and Google Maps right into your web pages.

Ample flexibility for HTML, jQuery, and CSS enthusiasts – This offline website builder doesn’t hold you back in any way, and you can use the Code Injection functionality to tweak your web pages or even the entire website to the way you want it to look.

Want to know more about Sandvox? Here goes:

  • Extensive support to help you make the move to Sandvox from any other website building tool, along with detailed guides that help you sail past sticky issues
  • Integrated blogging to help you engage your visitors in content exchange through interactive blog posts and comments
  • Easy video addition, just by dragging the video content element at the position where you want the video to appear on the page
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Mac Website Builders

15 Responses to Mac Website Builders
  1. I have been using Sandvox since 2014. I migrated from iWeb. It does not have an exciting bunch of templates, but for what I do, it is satisfactory. That is until recently. I want to do a clean instal of Mojave and wrote to Sandvox to ask if I need to be careful of anything. I seem to have misplaced my key, so I wanted to get that as well.
    I’ve written to them twice with their on-site email service. They say they will return with advice within business day. I wrote on Dec. 1, 2017 and now it is Dec. 7, 2017. I don’t dare do my clean instal until I hear from them for fear that I’ll lose the application and won’t be able to update my website. Something I do every week.
    I’ve seen a few similar comments by others in their forum pages.
    The Karilia website (Karilia is the software company that developed Sandvox) looks like it is a live product with lots of support. However, I’m now nervous that they’re not there anymore or in serious trouble (money or resources). I’ve never used RapidWeaver, but when I looked at their tutorials I have to agree with what I’ve seen written here and in other places. That is to say, OK when you’re done, but a tremendous pain to get there.

    I’m stymied. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll keep bugging Karilia for a bit longer and, if no response, I’ll have to move to any application. This is a whole bunch of man-hours that I really didn’t want to have to do right now.

  2. Danilow

    EverWeb is a proprietary application that CANNOT open existing web pages (Import) created by any other application or code. You must literally rebuild your entire website using their program. You cannot then open their pages with other apps. VOTE NO! Now I am trying to get a refund.

  3. Eddie

    There are a few new ones that I haven’t heard mentioned.
    I downloaded like a dozen trials while trying to revamp my website from the 90s, lol. My favorites are these three:

  4. Ronnie

    Someone should mention Sparkle.. without doubt the best, fastest and most satisfying way to build a new website on a mac. I started years ago with Adobe GoLive, then onto Rapidweaver but got bored of the hours it took to make a site that looked about the same as everyone else. Sparkle lets you build ground up with little fuss. It’s not without restrictions.. but the compromises over design esthetic is well worth the bother. If they make it just a bit better with the next updates I’m sure it could be the must have killer app.

  5. Kaybeebee

    Most of these are free if you use the company for hosting. BOO. The Sandvox is expensive for their simple templates that you don’t have much control over. Disappointed in the whole thing…should have stayed with !&!.

  6. Adam

    Rapid waver took 660 inode two make 1 website so 150 websites from 100,000 inode and my 200GB host would be maxed out at 4GB of disk space used. Weebly site builder takes 137 inode making the exact same site copied and pasted just different template could make 735 sites or 150 with rapid weaver. I node move up with every site made seen refreshing C panel. I can’t figure out migrating a built in site builder site two a new host i guess you open it up in Site a public html path and move it two site B saving the files is difficult in default folder and in Transmit panic. Rapid Weaver double charge me never apologize i had two Close my credit card and Rapid weaver no longer will be sold at apple store they sell from Santa Barbara the Crookedest town I’ve ever visited the Moon walk ended there and can rapid weaver bring it back?

  7. Steve

    I have used a lot of the web page builders including; iWeb, RapidWeaver, Sandvox, EverWeb and Quick’n Easy web site builder.

    The problem with the online ones such as wix or SquareSpace is you’re locked into their services and you don’t have a lot of flexibility in how you design your website and where you place your images and text. It is like a rigid design and most of the web pages built with these tools look exactly the same.

    RapidWeaver requires a lot of addons to do anything really functional and the costs really add up. You end up spending a few hundred dollars and have all these different addons from different vendors. Then an update to RapidWeaver is released and you have to make sure they are compatible with this update or your website breaks.

    EverWeb for me has been the best one so far. I can actually design an entire web page without conforming to a template structure. I have complete freedom in how I want to design my web site. I was able to create a complete web site in only a few hours in one evening. Customer support is excellent as well!

  8. Steve BB

    I’ve own Mac for many years, so many that I forgot how to work on usual PC. And yes, as many webmasters using Mac I started to develop websites on iWeb – and I was disappointed. I’ve tried to do this on Rapidweaver and it wasn’t what I’ve expected from ideal website builder. Also it’s a paid soft. Now I’m using Wix – free version, the whole process of developing and customization is online so there is no difference between Mac or usual PC. Also Wix is simple and pretty functional and has many cool web templates – and this is very important.

  9. Karim Jayswal

    I’ve chosen Rapidweaver a few years ago and I’m fully satisfied. after buggy iweb I’ve tried lost of different software for developing websites for MAC – Rapidweaver is the best as for me..

    • Felix

      If it would be free one and you don’t have to download it and install it on Mac – I would be agree with you. That’s why I wouldn’t hurry up to say that Rapidweaver is the best web development soft for Mac… Moreover I think that the future is in cloud solutions – at the moment most website builders allow to develop website online and you have to admit – really good looking websites. Also it’s always pleasant when basic options are available for free, it’s always better than trial versions for limited time.

      • Felix's Older & Wiser Brother

        Felix – only a moron would trust their website design to a ‘cloud’ service. Understand ‘cloud’ simply means someone else has my data on their hardware and I will be held hostage to their inefficiencies and downtime. This push to ‘cloud’ is simply playing on the ignorance of end-users with a pretty word when, in reality, the end-user is the loser. this ‘review’ site is a biased joke.

        • Andrew Charnley

          Whilst you wrote this three years ago – you could not be more correct! I was an IBM agent and sold and installed major software in the London financial institutions and nobody would place their information in the hands of a third party. Why would you ever consider doing that or running all your applications like Microsoft Office online!

          As you stated, Cloud based services are only a pretty marketing name for taking your watch, reading out the time to you and then sending you an invoice for that service – The world really is extraordinary and gullible…

    • Jack

      Rapidweaver is an E-NOR-MOUS waste of time! Was I able to create a website that looks nice and works well? Yes, but not without many hours navigating endless quirks, bugs, help pages, pulling of hair, etc.. Then (and heres the kicker), with each “upgrade,” the program erases any record of any/all plug-ins (YourHead for example), so you have to go back and reauthorize every single one before you can touch your site. Can’t find your receipt or serial numbers? Your are out of luck -because they will lose your records- you must now re-buy the programs, reinstall, reauthorize,… just to edit a single photo/paragraph…. it’s astoundingly poorly thought out. Save yourself the time and headache, do anything else.

      • Ronnie

        I’m totally agree. I also built my first website on Rapidweaver and can tell you that it wasn’t so easy. And considering that it’s not a free soft – it was even more annoying. Then by the advice of my friend I moved to WIX. In fact, I built this website from scratch on Wix – from previous website I had only a domain. I don’t want to advertise Wix here – but this website builder surprised me a lot. After complicated Rapidweaver, I mastered Wix for one evening without any manuals and video tutorials – everything is simple and intuitive. Now I think – why you have to find some special Mac soft for website development if there are such great platforms as Wix?

      • Richard

        Hey, Jack, I can’t verify your experience with RapidWeaver, but I can verify my own. I have been a RapidWeaver user since version 5 right up to the current version 8. Personally, while there have been quirks and bugs, I have not had the nightmare you describe in losing the record of the plugins (including YourHead). I did not have to reauthorize those plugins. I have found that double clicking to install often does not work (even after it says it installed), but dragging the plugin icon onto the RW icon installs them without a problem. The latest version lets you update all the plugins at one time, which has worked for me. Sure, this program will occasionally crash, and anomalies do happen, but overall, I have created stunning websites. Rapidweaver offers a lot of customizations that satisfy creative types. Your experience does not represent all users, or Realmac would be bleeding money and business growth, but they appear to be doing fine.