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Best Website Builders For Real Estate

Last update: June 7, 2019

Are you real estate agent or owner of real estate agency? Then this information will surely come in handy. You will know what opportunities opens  contemporary real estate website to real estate business. How to get such a website? Which real estate website builder will suit best? On what you should pay attention while creation of a website for real estate business and much more.

Website Builders for Real EstateThere’s absolutely nothing that’s not being bought or sold online. Even if one talks about high dollar value transactions such as those observed in the real estate markets, it is common knowledge that searches that eventually lead to the culmination of such deals begin and proper through real estate websites. Whether it’s the sale of a commercial or residential property or a brokerage service that depends on connecting buyers and sellers, real estate website have been opening up great opportunities of business success for real estate agents. Here’s a quick look at how a real estate website can be a powerful lead generation and prospect conversion tool for any real estate business.

  • With a content rich and visually well-endowed website, you have an opportunity of impressing prospects before they even visit the property, and can also build a strong reputation of quality and professionalism
  • You can submit your real estate website to real estate directories and give yourselves massive chances of attracting people looking for properties in your areas
  • With marketing tools such as newsletters and contact forms, you can easily build a database of leads that your representatives can track and target
  • Event management tools help you broadcast information about important events such as auctions easily

This is a meager percentage of all the massive benefits that you can enjoy with the help of a good real estate website. You can only realize the complete potential of a real estate website once you have one up and running. Thankfully, you will not have to invest several hours or heaps of money to have your very own real estate website that you can use to do everything mentioned above and more. With drag and drop styled and menu based website builders offering you designer real estate templates and dedicated features, you are just a few minutes away from your website once you make a choice of the builder you want to work with. We introduce you to 4 top rated website builders for real estate websites, each of which is potent enough to help you increase the efficiency and revenues of your real estate business.

WIX Free Web Creator for Real Estate

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WIX Free Website Builder for Real Estatecreate free website

For anybody who’s not new to the world of website building through easy to use builders, Wix is a household name, primarily because of the whopping spread of its themes and the customization flexibility that accompanies it. In addition to this, Wix pulls together some amazing features that are enough to transform a website into a complete platform that can help real estate services do more in less time. Among the several power packed features are in-built SEO features, newsletter and contact forms, integrated blogging and automatic mobile optimization for websites.

Everything you need to weave a customized website – Dazzling templates complemented with ample customization features – it hardly gets any better than that, and Wix gives you this mind-blowing website building experience with its super cool drag and drop styled website editor. Along with the multiple real estate website templates that you can choose among several color schemes and fonts, apart from experimenting to your heart’s delight with pictures, backgrounds and text elements. To make your life easier, Wix offers you thousands of free images along with several fonts that help you create visually stunning websites for your real estate business.

The best real estate website templates by Wix:

Everything you need to weave a customized website – Dazzling templates complemented with ample customization features – it hardly gets any better than that, and Wix gives you this mind-blowing website building experience with its super cool drag and drop styled website editor. Along with the multiple real estate website templates that you can choose among several color schemes and fonts, apart from experimenting to your heart’s delight with pictures, backgrounds and text elements. To make your life easier, Wix offers you thousands of free images along with several fonts that help you create visually stunning websites for your real estate business.

Integrated blogging for wholesome benefits – Wix doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing you tools that you can leverage for success through your real estate website. With integrated blogging, you can connect with the audiences in a better manner by providing them great content and enabling Facebook comments that act as social media bridges. Moreover, you also get Google+ and Facebook Like buttons. Also, efficient categorization of content through tags makes your blog a great SEO tool. Moreover, content elements such as featured post galleries, tag clouds, ticker and featured lists help you present your blog in a professional and credible manner.

If that’s not enough to impress you, consider the following features offered by Wix:

  • A one stop social media bar on your web pages that has all the connections to your social networks
  • Contact forms that your visitors can sue to register their queries and suggestions with you
  • Event management that helps you broadcast information about upcoming auctions and other events conveniently and quickly
  • Advanced email newsletter campaign management tools such as a sign up button, emailing lists, and email effectiveness measurement
  • Live chat feature that helps you interact quickly as well as clearly with your important leads so that you can quickly take them through to the sale

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

AgentBizzUp Real Estate Website Builder

AgentBizzUp Website Builder for Real Estatecreate website

Capturing space in a competitive real estate market necessitates a website that is not only visually detailed and content rich, but also one that provides a dedicated platform for site admins to perform all sorts of marketing and lead generation functions that are integral to real estate markets. With an easy and agile website builder that’s made all the more powerful with auto populating content, along with smart widgets and marketing tools such as featured listings, search buttons, social media integration and newsletter campaigns, AgentBizzUp is all this and more.

Real time web page creation – Among the most innovative and intuitive features offered by AgentBizzUp is the real time web page creation display that lets you have a look at the web page as it would appear upon being published right when you are doing all your editing on it. So, you are able to make smart choices first up, which avoids adjustments and reworks and hence lands you with a website that gets completed much quicker than otherwise. With the default preset template and the other options that you can switch over to, you also get several color schemes along with custom colors options, which means that you have the entire canvas and color palate in front of you to create a stunning website.

Automatically populated content so that you have a content rich and functionally awesome website right away – You are in for the surprise of your life when you work with AgentBizzUp. Once you are done with the website creation, you can have your website populated with some awesome functionality and content that’s instrumental in elevating your lead generation. Content that offers tips to sellers and buyers, request forms that your visitors can use to request market estimates of their property, mortgage calculator that displays monthly payment that would be required for a specific loan amount and period of repayment, and a loan quote application form.

Modules that make your website a superb real estate tool for your visitors – The Page Modules feature offered by AgentBizzzUp is easily among the most differentiating elements of this real estate website builder. Modules arenothing but smart widgets that you can embed into your pages and enhance the browsing experienceof your visitors. There are several widgets to pick from, right from the Featured Listings widget that lets you present featured properties’ details in a visually attractive manner to the Listings Search module that can help visitors search for the kinds of properties they are looking for from any page on your website.

For all those of you who’re looking to leverage a power packed real estate website for success in the market, here are some other unique features offered by AgentBizzUp:

  • An Event Manager tools that helps you showcase information about events such as seminars, conferences and auctions, and also lets you perform tasks such as including RSVP forms in the event pages
  • Adding your own content and pages is a breeze, as the HTML text editor that AgentBizzUp comes with has all the modern word processing software styled buttons and options
  • Marketing tools such as newsletters, promotional deals, and automatic social media posts that can be executed just with a few clicks right from your admin panel
  • From search friendly URLs to meat tags that let you control the SEO for your website, the SEO tools provided by AgentBizzUp are impressiv

RealEstateSites Website Maker for Real Estate

RealEstateSites Website Builder for Real Estatecreate website

A real estate website can’t be content with just a good design and visually gripping content. It has to be equipped with cool tools that can be easily used to generate leads for the real estate business. With RealEstateSites, you have the perfect balance of design richness and feature richness. Be it the easily customizable website creation experience or the plethora of marketing tools such as automatic listings submissions, social media integration, newsletter campaigning, QR code generator, printable sticker sheets and lot more – RealEstateSites is a fully loaded package that you can’t take lightly.

An end to end customized website – Whereas you might foster the misconception of RealEstateSites being a humble website editor in terms of the design customizations and presets it provides, the truth is far from it. The modular approach of the editor makes it easy for you to tweak and experiment till you are satisfied with the look of the website. Not only can you upload your own graphics easily, but can also pick from the dozens of real estate related images that the website builder offers. With hundreds of design combinations, there will be a stunning and ideally suitable design output around the corner for you. Moreover, you can even be choosy about the layout and the header of the pages.

Win the hearts of your visitors with lively image slideshows – Images are integral to a real estate website’s success, and the RealEstateSites builder pays ample heed to this fact. With the fully loaded image slideshow feature, you can showcase your images in full screen mode and that too at full resolution. The dynamic resizer makes your job easier by keeping the sizes of the images uniform and optimal. Images will fit all kinds of screen sizes, and will hence make your website a dependable showcase of the kinds of properties you are looking to sell through your real estate website. You can also use the Photo Caption feature to make the images more expressive and detailed.

Powerful marketing tools that can speed track you on the road to success – QR code generator that lets audiences innovatively get connected to property pages, listing syndications services that connect your website with all major search engines and also submit your website to leading real estate directories such as iPropetySearch and Trulia, easy to use HTML snippet of your website that can be added on to Craiglist, Ebay or Bakcpage, and Virtuets that lets you create dazzling videos that can help you increase the conversion rate of your website to a great extent – these are just a few of the several whopping marketing tools that RealEstateSites offers you.

There’s more up the sleeve of RealEstateSites; we give you a quick look:

  • A free, automatically created and mobile optimized website that is perfectly visible on all sorts of mobile devices with various screen sizes
  • A Facebook app that lets you easily update the contents of your Business page through a few clicks, whether it’s the addition of a new post or the deletion of an existing one
  • Social sharing buttons that let you integrate with all sorts of social media networks
  • Email Blast feature that lets you spread thousands of email newsletters to agents in a specific area, without needing anything other than the prepared listing, not even the mailing list

GoDaddy Real Estate Website Creator

GoDaddy Website Builder for Real Estatecreate website

For all those of you who are looking to go all out for capturing a decent share of the local real estate market through a swanky website and wish to deploy the best resources in the process, GoDaddy has many laurels up its sleeve. Whether it’s the strong advertising presence or the fact that it has a dedicated 24 x 7 customer support active all round the year, GoDaddy is a tough competitor for any website builder. GoDaddy, one of the most advanced paid website builders, specifically for real estate websites can confidently put forth many features that are bound to benefit users. The website builder itself is an intuitive little tool that can come up with a ready-to-publish website within merely 10 minutes. The backup and restore features are bound to please experimenters thoroughly. Also, you get a mobile optimized website along with your desktop version, without any hassles or extra efforts.

Quick and easy, certainly recommended for first time experimenters – If too many frills and options clog your mind, it’s best that you choose the simple yet powerful GoDaddy website builder and create a sophisticated real estate website out of it. With dozens of colorful real estate website with readymade content, you will not lose a moment in getting your website out for publishing in the least possible time. The website builder is drag and drop styled, so there’s not even a single line of coding that you need to know in order to be comfortable with it. Moreover, changing the layout and adding different content elements such as text, audio, video and images is easy as dragging a button and then placing it where you want the corresponding content to appear on the web page.

Basic as well as advanced SEO features – GoDaddy is a coherent and complete platform for all your real estate website needs. Once you are done with the design experimentations and have a ready website, you can use the basic SEO features such as descriptions and tags to make the website more visible. Also, premium SEO plans can let you enjoy advanced SEO features such as one click submission of the website to more than 100 search engines and a topic suggestion tool. Both the basic and advanced SEO features help you save a lot of time that would otherwise go into learning SEO tricks and then acting upon them.

Easy to use content elements – Making your website powerful as well as stylish is something that GoDaddy does for you without much trouble. By adding content elements such as Google Maps and YouTube videos, you can make the location and the architecture of any property clearer to the audiences. Moreover, you can add in audio content if you wish to, along with all sorts of social media sharing buttons that can help you spread the word about upcoming events and great deals.

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are some more that might catch your attention:

  • A mobile optimized website get automatically created for you once you specify the elements you want to hide in the mobile display
  • Form builder widget lets you create powerful forms that can in turn help you generate more leads
  • Round the clock customer support will ensure that you will never remain stuck with any design element or feature while using GoDaddy
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Real Estate Website Builders

9 Responses to Real Estate Website Builders
  1. Stella

    I had started to build an awesome website with Wix for an estate agent business. It was super easy and it looked amazing but discovered that they don’t have a property search app where you type in the area, nrs of bedrooms, max price etc, shame.

    • Jesus Salazar

      Hi! I am interested on building an estate agent webpage with the search funcionality… Did you find any other platform that offers it? Thanks!

      • Ratnesh

        Switch to wordpress, pick a real estate theme from themeforest and theme support will give you everything and guide you with tutorial and instructions to create a full features real estate site with no boundaries..

        • Petal


          Are these templates for Developers or can anyone utilize to create a website (plug and play method)?

      • Nikola Chongarov

        As an alternative, you can also check VEVS Real Estate Website builder. It contains the mentioned by Stella things and more.

        Really worth checking out since it is easier to set up than Wix and offers more when it comes to Real Estate websites.

    • Frank P

      I have experience building realtor/broker websites using Websitebox. It is easy and very quick to get a customized website functional. It also has all the built-in ingetration technology to support your local realtor board; what Stella was looking for.
      Contact me at the email below if you are interested in having me build your website. In addition to the Websitebox fees: $99.00 onetime plus the cost of your annual domain name, I will charge $385.00 to build the site to your specifications and provide ongoing support changes/support for $12.00 monthly.

      • Jill E

        I’d be interested in visiting with you about this. Please contact me.

      • Tripp Montgomery

        can you integrate IDX too?

      • Carrie McCormick

        What is your contact info?