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Free Website Builders Without Ads

Last update: June 7, 2019

How to remove ads on your site?

Free website builder without adsAt last you have a newly designed website that you have created using one of the free website builders. However, there are many extra links in the footer and banners in the header of your website that name the platform used to create this particular website. How it is possible to avoid them? How the h*** to remove this advertisement of the website builder?

Before answering this question let us investigate this situation in more detail. So, you have found a suitable website creator that allows developing a free website, including a free 3rd level domain name, a free share hosting and free technical support. It is not surprising that such free services are extremely popular all over the world. Even WIX has more than 46 million of users who created their free websites using this platform! The company offers those free services mentioned above to all its users. This is a huge work and tremendous generosity from the position of the website builder companies. But does WIX and other free website creators are considered as the charity organizations? Are their activities not aimed at making a profit? What is the secret? Exactly – in free advertising. As a user you receive an absolutely free website and the companies can advertise their services for free using your particular website.

So, this is fair enough. However, it is not only about the advertisement – every user has the ability to remain with the initial capacity of the website or enhance it with the help of premium plans.

Premium plans greatly increase the possibilities of your free website. Therefore, by buying it you do not just delete the advertisement of the website builder. Everything is simple – in case you pay for the additional features, you receive a much better website, more disk space, premium technical support, any domain name and absolutely no advertising on your website. However, if you do not pay – you advertise a particular website builder. In case you wish to remove the advertisement from your website – you should pay for the premium plan.

Another way to remove the advertisement from your website is that you initially use a website builder that does not place any advertisement. At this moment, there is only one such a free website builder – sitejam.com. Previously, there were more free website builders but over time they started using sponsored links.

How to remove ads on your site?

Currently, even free website platforms use advertising in the footer. These are not the conventional website builders but they allow having free blogs in their subdomains. The biggest website builders that have advertising in their footer include blogspot.com, livejournal.com, and wordpress.org.

Therefore, we recommend you to consider everything and answer the question: does any subtle advertising link in the footer interfere with your website? In case you continue to have a negative answer, you should definitely pay attention to the premium plans.

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  1. Anthony Bergmeier

    This website builder is no longer free! It costs USD $8.00/month minimum. They do offer a 14 day free trial period but I hardly call $8/month free.