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5 Best Website Builder Apps for Android (including free) in 2021

Last update: January 25, 2021

Obviously, websites with the apps have some advantages over regular responsive sites. Some website builders allow you to create your own modern website with an app for Android (or another mobile operating system). At the same time, some of these builder websites are completely free.

5 Best Website Builder Apps for Android - 2021 According to Stone Temple, 67% of all global Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. No wonder mobile users want mobile-friendly websites sized and coded for smooth interaction on digital devices, such as tablets and smartphones. These mobile-optimized versions of you site re-arrange the content and compress the layout into a tall, narrow information strip that visitors can easily scroll up and down on their gadgets. In fact, many web users consider leaving a website if they don’t find the content they are searching for on their Android mobile browsers.

To improve user experience, pick a website builder that provides an enhanced surfing experience for visitors. The thing is, several website builders are available, making it difficult to figure out what works. But one thing’s for certain – Android dominates the mobile OS market with a whopping 68.50 percent share. So, you can narrow down your options considerably by focusing on the best website builder apps for this particular platform:

Wix – Сreate Website


One of the reasons why Wix is the go-to option for Android app developers is it automatically provides a mobile-optimized version of the template being used. This means you don’t have to optimize the site for mobile. Unlike other web builders that simply take the website and compress it, Wix allows you to edit the mobile version of your site, like changing the background and colors.

Wix transfers the content directly to the mobile version, but allows you to hide specific content. So, you’re in charge of what to display and what not to display on your mobile website. This level of freedom and flexibility is why Wix tops the list with more than 100 million users.

What separates Wix from the rest of the pack is that the developers understand how valuable time is for the users. Nobody wants to browse through the whole site searching for the correct information in a hurry. Only the key information is required – and Wix allows you to provide that in the most efficient way possible.

One more feature that can be considered a standout in the Wix builder app is the tap-to-call option. All a visitor needs to do is tap the number and it automatically connects them to you, which is a godsend for businesses. No other Android website builder app offers such functionality.

The Wix mobile editor is created in a way that it automatically detects whether a user is logging in from a smartphone or a desktop computer. This enables Wix to redirect the visitor to the condensed Android-compatible version of your website or the full desktop version.

Advantages of Using Wix Builder App:

  • Highly intuitive website-building interface
  • Lots of website gadgets
  • Multiple templates for businesses and other uses
  • Rich web store features
  • Powerful mobile website building tools

Weebly – Сreate Website


Weebly’s free Android editor is fairly new and it represents a direct initiative on the part of the company to appeal to a broader user base. But the developers have done a bang-up job of creating this Android website builder app, which not only allows you to preview the mobile website, but automatically creates a mobile-optimized site on your behalf.

Unlike the Wix builder, you are not required to form a separate website. While mobile user experiences cannot be entirely customized on the Weebly platform, it does enable you to drag and drop elements into the mobile editor. The Weebly builder lets you select from several color schemes and templates. Plus, you can add in social icons on your Android-compatible site.

The tool is extremely easy to use and navigate and simple enough to be understood without any hassle. Plus, the uncluttered look makes it seem extremely professional.

Now, you have the option of adding your phone number with Weebly. But unlike Wix, visitors cannot tap on it directly to contact you. So, overall, the tools available on the Weebly platform get the job done despite some limitations in flexibility.

Advantages of Weebly Builder App:

  • Option for free account
  • Intuitive interface
  • Eye-catching design themes
  • Pre-designed layouts
  • Full commerce option
  • Allows for custom mobile sites
  • Statistics included
  • Site code downloadable as standard HTML/CSS
  • Auto-saves website edits
  • iPad site-editing app

Jimdo – Сreate Website


The design templates available on the Jimdo platform are all mobile-responsive. What this means is, a few minimal edits will make your website look great on smartphones. Earlier, the platform had a separate mobile editor and provided a wide selection of templates. But they have since streamlined their approach, and now offer fewer but more exclusive templates. Note that each of these templates is completely mobile responsive, so you do not have to concern yourself with how the site appears on mobile gadgets.

The developer team for Jimdo has ensured that none of the systems are too complicated, keeping in line with the company’s “ease of use in every way” mantra. So, even the addition of new features doesn’t automatically indicate higher level of complexity, which is good for newbie website developers.

The site menu of the Jimdo platform is an amazing visual tool for site-wide changes, including colors or sizes. This not only saves a lot of time, but makes it easier to edit different website content.

Great SEO capabilities means that the user can easily optimize the site for search engines. The backend provides complete control over page elements, including URL, description, and page title. Plus, SSL-encryption is used, which helps the pages climb higher on the search rankings.

This website builder is really good-looking, but it lacks a few features found in competitors. Although you will still be able to find many of the features that modern site creators require on this platform, it still falls short when it comes to upload management and ecommerce. Flexibility and user-friendliness are average.

Advantages of Jimdo Builder App:

  • WYSIWYG website building
  • Social media integrations
  • Easy website customizations
  • Strong mobile support
  • Premium membership costs less than similar website builders

Webnode – Сreate Website


Many people express surprise upon hearing that Webnode has over 30 million registered users. Although it’s not what you’d call a household name, Webnode has a lot of things going for it. For instance, the platform allows you to build an Android-compatible site in over 20 languages. Multilingual websites are also supported. What’s more, Webnode provides users with a professional email address for their domain name in the Mini plan itself.

The interface is extremely familiar and reminds users of MS office. You can find everything you search for easily and adding content onto the website is quick. Webnode helps users create a mobile version of your site automatically while forming a desktop version.

Webnode is fast and easy, enabling you to form your own site within a few minutes. Once you launch the site, you need to enter the information needed to create your own mobile site. The comprehensive features are great for building a fully-functioning site with quick setup capabilities and a simplistic interface.

The templates provided by Webnode make it difficult to obtain a fully customized website without any coding. For any person who’s just beginning to build a site for the Android platform, Webnode offers a great starting point.

Advantages of Webnode Builder App:

  • No page limits
  • SEO settings
  • Perfect for multilingual websites
  • Clean and efficient interface
  • Helps create no-fuss websites

Squarespace – Сreate Website


The first thing to know – Squarespace lacks a mobile editor. But the website builder more than makes up for it with stylish and fully responsive themes. This means that every one of themes available on the platform is created to automatically react and adjust to whatever screen size is required. The content is optimized to accommodate Android phones automatically and you are not required to do any complex coding.

Moreover, the themes are extremely well done and look professional even on the small mobile screens. Thus, Squarespace is unparalleled when it comes to providing polished and stylish designs. No other website builder can match up to it for themes. Also, Squarespace supports Google’s open source AMP for blog posts. This gives users a chance to strip down all the additional items present in the blog posts so that it loads up extremely fast. This will help your blog to load at lightning fast speeds, thereby improving user experience.

A lot of people might be turned off by the idea of not having a dedicated mobile editor for the Android platform. But think of it this way – you will not have to spend a lot of time creating a dedicated mobile website.

Advantages of Squarespace Builder App:

  • Quality responsive designs
  • Fits any mobile screen
  • Various powerful web building tools
  • Deep selling capabilities
  • Helpful tools and analytics

What Is The Best Website Builder For Android

So, there you have it – the above mentioned five tools are the best website builder apps available for the Android platforms. Each has its share of advantages, which means that users might have to spend a while understanding their requirements and figuring out which one meets their needs the best. Mobile website browsing is only going to increase; it’s time you transformed your websites into their Android friendly versions.

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