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Best Website Builders for Wedding

Last update: October 9, 2018

Which website builders are ideal for wedding websites? What should be able to do wedding website builder? How to save on wedding website and at the same time not to compromise? For your attention – five the best website builders for wedding and our recommendations on how to get wedding website without deplorable consequences for your wallet and even get pleasure from what is happening.

Weddings are tough to manage, and even the couple that’s supposed to be at the center of the love and affection that swamps a wedding day has loads of stresses to digest. Nevertheless, weddings are fun, and Internet has made it all the more enjoyable just like it has done with so many other things. Couples will find it hard to resist the temptation of having a lovely wedding website that they can use to share their thoughts, emotions and vital information with family and friends. Hang on; why would a busy couple about to get married, or even any friend or family member, would want to spend so much time into a wedding website?

Well, for starters, with so many wedding website builders available, you will not need more than a few minutes to have a whopping wedding up and running. Secondly, you can enjoy a wedding in so many ways if you have a website for the grand day. Right from sharing images and videos from the courtship days of the couple to using the website for planning purposes such as collating RSVPs and managing guest lists, there’s a lot that a wedding website can be used for. Here are out top 5 picks from the world of website builders for wedding theme websites.

WIX Free Website Builder for Wedding

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With templates that can make you keep staring at the landing page for several minutes at a stretch, industry famed website builder that just requires you to drag and drop content elements where you want them to appear on the page, and customization flexibility that lets you create your wedding website just the way you want in every respect, Wix makes its presence felt for all those looking to create functionally rich and beautiful websites built around the wedding theme. Wix is the ideal choice for all those couples who are looking to create a wedding website to make the countdown to their big day all the more memorable and enjoyable.

One pagers, well populated templates, and black templates: you get the entire range – Whether you have a couple of months to create the most memorable wedding website, or the idea visits you just a week prior to the big day, you will have a solution ready from the stables of Wix’s templates. Dozens of wedding websites are enough to steal your heart at the first sight! For the adventurous bride and the groom, there are massive customization options ranging across fonts, backgrounds, colors, layouts, and what not.

Tons of free fonts and images – You will never be too far from a font that captures the essence of the content, or the image that expresses more than thousands of words, all courtesy the collection of free fonts and images hosted by Wix.

Single URL website for desktops and mobiles – Wix automatically creates a mobile optimized website for you, so that your updates are visible to all your family members, friends and guests even when they are on the move.

Connect a blog with the website for more engaging conversations – Your blog can be a storehouse of memorable comments and posts from all your loved ones, with the subject being your wedding. Wix lets you easily connect a powerful and content rich blog right into your website.

Wix offers more for wedding websites, and here are the best features from the Wix artillery, relevant for wedding websites:

  • Let friends and family members share the posts and images they like on their Facebook profiles with a single click using Wix integrated Facebook Like Button
  • Event calendars and schedulers let you broadcast information about impromptu cocktail parties and dinner events before and after your wedding
  • Video and image based posts that clinch attention right away
  • A powerful list builder to help you create your wish lists, updates, etc
  • Easily create a site duplicate to make your adorable wedding website safe from accidental formatting

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

Appy Couple Wedding Website Builder

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Here is a website builder dedicated to the creation of amazing websites oriented towards weddings. Also available as a mobile application, this particular website builder is useful, not requiring users to download anything, instead allowing them to work online. This includes a number of functions, such as RSVPs, sharing of images, traveling, create customized URLs, etc. Irresistibly attractive features that make AppyCouple every couple’s heartthrob:

A huge number of design templates are available. With over five hundred graceful designs to choose from, this builder will satisfy most user’s aesthetic sense when it comes to designing tasteful wedding websites. There are two choices when it comes to deciding upon the site’s layout. One is the display with many pages, like an editorial. The other is the more conventional singular page display. They both possess their pros and cons and users may shift from one design to the other with great ease.

The web builder interface uses Cloud software so that users may work online, with their changes to the site being stored in cloud based databases, thus removing the need to download anything. The builder has an amazing gallery for showing off wedding photos. It is synchronized with the app, allowing visitors to use their mobile devices to take pictures and display it in the gallery. The photos may be customized fully. Integration with social networking sites enables full sharing of content. There is a messaging service that may be utilized to communicate easily, by the site creator and visitors alike.

Some more benefits of using AppyCouple:

Since the builder is dedicated to wedding sites, users specifically planning such sites will find what they need, a much better alternative to generic, all-purpose website builders. Technical know-how is not important as even those not well-versed in coding or HTML may use the site to create great wedding sites. There are a huge number of built-in functions that users can use to enhance the wedding site and ensure that weddings arranged through the site go off smoothly. The builder also has a mobile application that may be downloaded for extended utility and reach.

eWedding Free Website Maker for Wedding

Here’s a free website builder that proves to be a one stop solution for anybody looking to have a great wedding website up and running in practically just a few minutes. You can showcase images, spread information about events, create mailing lists, and of course, use some of the killer themes that get your guests excited right from the first sight to kick start the wedding website. Along with this, you can add a background music to the website, and also have unlimited support to sail you through any website building troubles.

RSVP Management like you’d never seen before – Nothing beats the effectiveness of a swanky wedding website for collecting and collating RSVPs from guests. You can even have the share meal preferences and any other details that might help you make better arrangements.

Photo Albums that show the story – eWedding allows you to create unlimited photo albums wherein you can upload practically thousands of images. This makes your website a living and vibrant memory of your wedding even years after the big day.

Polls and Quizes – Here’s a unique benefit of creating your wedding website with eWedding. You can post unlimited polls and quizzes which are pretty nice methods of engaging guests into light hearted interactions on the website.

Media files to tell the tale in a more expressive manner – You can share videos of the best moments of your pre-wedding life, and then add to the collection by uploading the best videos from the wedding day to make the website a popular meeting spot for guests and friends even after the wedding event.

Being a website builder dedicated for wedding theme websites, eWedding has several relevant features to flaunt, some of them being:

  • You can allow your visitors to download content in different formats, be it a map of the venue of wedding, or an e-card of the invite
  • Password protection feature ensures that you retain full control of who gets to see what content on your website
  • You can create your own mailing list using eWedding which makes spreading information and updates easier
  • Event calendar lets you post event details right on the website, which is a cool new way to spread the word about any urgent change in plan

The Knot Free Wedding Website Builder

Purely on a range of templates basis, The Knot is in a different league from its competitors. You will find more than a 100 killer wedding website templates that can fast track you towards your memorable wedding website. Apart from this, The Knot brings in features like easy image sharing wherein even guests can contribute to the image pool, organization tools such as to-do lists, budgeter tools, guest list managers, and backs everything with a wholesome wedding ‘feel’ because of the several other resources it has to serve to users.

Live your wedding through images, yours as well as those posted by guests – Here’s an innovative feature put together by The Knot. You can connect your website album to your website through the Capsule album feature. What’s special is that guests can also add their photos to the album, and they can even do so directly from their iPhones, Android phones, and Instagram. The online album can be a beautiful visual journey through the biggest day of your lives as a couple.

A unique and personal URL – The Knot excels at providing you some really heart-winning benefits, and among the best of the spices it has to offer is the Personal Domain tool that lets users find the perfect URL for their wedding website without even an iota of technical knowledge required. You can find a name based on your most cherished secrets as a couple, or even a joke that’s eternally connected to you!

Mobile ready websites that are easily accessible by guests – The Knot gives you an automatically mobile optimized website for the wedding website you create using this builder. This mobile version comes with neat menus and self adjusting layout for crisp content delivery.

The Knot also seasons its website builder with other features, some of them being:

  • A virtual guest book using which your guests can leave in their warm wishes for you before meeting you on the wedding day
  • Online RSVPs that make it more convenient for your guests to confirm their availability for the big day
  • Limit member access to certain pages, to take control of who sees what on your wedding website

WeddingWindow Free Website Creator for Wedding

Blending the best of all worlds to help you create a visually delightful website that is also rich in terms of how well it lets you plan out your wedding related tasks, WeddingWindow is right up there in the lists of top website builders for wedding websites. Its features are spread far and wide, and encompass some gripping templates along with planning tools like personal journals and guest lists. Moreover, you can enjoy the functionalities of the several apps that you can add on to the website.

Customizable themes enabling you to nail the perfect look for your websites – Not only does WeddingWindow allow free themes that look straight out of the stables of a premium theme store, but also allows you customize these themes as per your tastes so that the outcome is exactly like you always wanted your wedding website to look like.

Unlimited resources with additional apps – Unlimited is the keyword to remember when you’re working with WeddingWindow. You can add an unlimited amount of images into the website, and can leverage several web apps to enhance the functionality of the website. Social sharing is also just a click away because of these apps.

Fort Knox site security for your peace of mind – You will be never have to worry even one bit about the security of the content you share on your website. You will have layered password protection to safeguard your content.

Planning Tools to ensure that you remain ahead of the situation – With tools such as a budget tracker and free RSVP management, you will find it easier to manage the daily tasks associated with a wedding planning easier to perform.

More from the world of WeddingWindow to impress you:

  • A flash intro that makes the first impression of your website more impactful
  • Site counter to keep a track of how well your efforts are doing
  • Social networking plug-ins that effortlessly connect you and your social networks
  • Media and image galleries that make your website look livelier

MyEvent Website Builder for Wedding

Despite not focusing on the wedding website requirement exclusively, MyEvent has proved to be a decent pick for users looking to get off the blocks quickly with a platform that has simplicity at its core. Design customizations come naturally to MyEvent website builder, and you can use these features to differentiate your website. Social media sharing is another strong feature that MyEvent flaunts, and considering how effectively you are able to share your content on social media using websites built with MyEvent, these features really are integral parts of the complete pot you’re getting.

Event based image albums are fun to browse through once you use the easy to understand interface of the MyEvent website builder to create them. Creating themes albums is really a breezy job when you are doing it using MyEvent. You can also supplement the image files with audio and video uploads, which make the website all the more content rich.

Unlimited customer support – For first time movers in the world of website development, this proves to be a lifeline of sorts, as users have the peace of mind of there always being a dedicated team willing to solve all the content management problems faced by them.

Site in CD – Here’s a wonderful benefit of using MyEvent. You can have your website transferred on to a CD and mailed to you, which lets you have a keepsake of the dearest website you’d ever create.

If you wish to know more about MyEvent and are considering it to build your wedding website with, here are some important features:

  • You can distribute passwords to members to allow them to access the website
  • A countdown feature builds up excitement as you and your family approach the big day
  • Custom forms to collect information of any sort from the guests
  • A guestbook where you can approve all the guest committing to make it to the event
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  1. Babs Coveney

    Good article! We used a website called OurBigDayInfo Wedding Sites. One of their features which we really loved was their ‘RSVP Reports’. Each week you receive (via email) a spreadsheet of all RSVPs submitted. It was a useful for getting a bird’s eye view of who is going, what their contact number/email is etc. Their customer service is also super and they great at helping get your RSVP form setup with your own questions (we collected our guest’s wedding meals on our RSVP). Their setup was pretty simple too. Take care Babs xo

  2. Rochelle

    Getting married this summer, and I shopped around quite a bit (tried several free trials). With Joy was the easiest by far to set up, cleanest design and FREE. Highly recommend.

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    Hi , Which websites alloe you to upload videos and to display google map locations?

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