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Website Builders List

“This must be the most comprehensive list of website builders in the web!”  © Sherlock Holmes

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Website Builders List

4 Responses to Website Builders List
  1. Kumar

    Shopify isn’t general builder but eCommerce. It means that it allows to create any websites but ecommerce is its main purpose.

    • Corrected. Thanks for notice – Shopify is a really ecommerce website builder.

  2. Velly Angelova

    Thank you for mentioning Puzl on the list. Just few points to clarify: Puzl.com is a business website builder, not a general one. Also the sites built on the platform are ads-free and boast no limitations.

  3. Matt R.

    Missing from your list are Crevado and Brushd. Crevado is a great online portfolio building website. They offer free and paid plans and a wide variety of layouts and features. Brushd is another portfolio builder not as feature rich as Crevado but pretty good all the same!