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Best Website Builders Empowering Small Business to Greater Success

Do you need website for your business but you’re not ready to spend significant amount of money for its developing? WebBuildersGuide.com will tell you how to get functional website for your business in short period of time and the most important free. Check the best business website builders – these are convenient online software which allow to quickly create site for any sort of business.

Website Builders for Small BusinessManaging small businesses is not the easiest of things; owners, proprietors and managers of such businesses are always concerned about making that leap to the next level. There is an abundance of examples of small businesses that have managed to scale up quickly by leveraging a well made business website. The wonders that a business website can bring for your business are immense, and many small retailers and service providers have already witnessed the marvelous exposure that a website can provide. In fact, a website is the most convenient, cost effective and dependable tool that can help small businesses achieve more success in lesser time than can be facilitated by any communication medium. Among the biggest catalysts that are making business websites a necessity for small businesses are facts such as the increased proliferation of smart devices, increased dependence of consumers upon Internet for information, and the customers’ expectations to see a professional looking website about the service provider they’re doing business with.

Ecommerce is the most obvious incentive that small business owners have in setting up a great website. Of course, they can catapult their revenues to greater heights because of the fact that ecommerce lets them offer their products and services to a wider population of customers. Undoubtedly, ecommerce is the biggest motivator for small businesses for setting up online presence. Along with web based selling, a website offers some scintillating business advantages for small sized firms, retailers and service providers, and we take a quick at all of these benefits here. Firstly, you can leverage your smartly built website to create an impression of creativity and quality in the minds of the prospective clients. Then, you could include the link of your website at the back of your visiting cards, and connect your prospects to a world of complete information about all your services and differentiating features of the way in which you deliver them. A website allows you to showcase visually rich content that provides a lot of confidence to prospective customers before they actually try your services out.

What’s required in a website for a small business?

You can safely expect yourself to end up in a state of utter excitement when you learn more about all the capabilities that contemporary business websites come equipped with. Apart from a world of ecommerce features such as attractive and visually rich product pages, complex rule based shipping and tax calculations and integrated payments, you also get marketing tools that can help you manage all sorts of promotional campaigns. Designing websites for your small business will not take much time, as there are some unbelievably special website builders ideally suited for the requirements of small business websites. These builders provide you different categories of plans to choose from; it’s ideal that you choose one that has just the right amount of the features you require.

A shopping cart – That’s the bare essential really. A shopping cart lets your visitors add different products into a virtual cart, which adds all the details of the selected products to prepare billing for a customer.

Check Out – This refers to the function of payment acceptance in selling, and is affected through integrated payment mechanisms for your ecommerce store. A small sized business can afford a simple check out without many frills, but the most popular payment methods must be included nevertheless.

Room for Customization – You just can’t afford to look similar to a competitor, and that’s only possible if your ecommerce website builder allows you play around with the design elements of the website.

Email functionality – To ensure that you are able to communicate details and documents like order confirmation, invoices, etc. to customers, and are also able to initiate dialogs with them.

Search option – Your visitors must be able to search for their desired products through your products database.

In addition to the above, you would expect your business’ web store version to have preliminary marketing tools, customer order management, reporting, shipping and tax calculation functions, and a bit of SEO readiness.

TOP website builders for small businesses

Wix Free Website Builder for Business

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Wix Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

A product focused selling store that focusses on winning the hearts of your clients with great product pages, lively images, a complementary blog, and a mobile ready website, Wix is a complete free website builder.

Add product galleries to make the store attractive – Product images have an integral role to play in making your products sellable online, and Wix’s product image gallery is just the power you need to be able to take care of this aspect.

Flexible product and inventory management – If you have extensive product catalog options for individual categories, you will love using Wix as it lets you add multiple options for products in terms of different sizes, colors etc. In addition to this, you can manage your inventory levels with just a few clicks, and don’t even need to go to the editor for that.

Marketing tools that let you sell well – In order to make most of your web store, you need to indulge in digital marketing, and coupons are a great way of doing that. With Wix, you can easily add discount coupons into the web store to make shopping more exciting for users. Also, the Facebook integration feature gives you the social media selling leverage.

All the customization you wanted – Colors, sizes, layouts – you can customize every design element to make the web store look precisely the way you want. Moreover, you get a mobile ready website created automatically from the desktop website version, which practically enhances your selling potential manifolds. As no like other website builder Wix offers a huge collection of professional website templates including business templates. For example:

Easy shipping and taxation features – Shipping and tax charges are two aspects that can make your web based selling tough to manage if the volumes begin to increase. In order to avoid such problems, Wix gives you easy to use tax and shipping charges calculator.

Blog and enhance your reputation – A blog is a powerful weapon that any web store can use to add credibility to its image in the minds of users. With an easily manageable blog, Wix lets you do just that.

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

Weebly Free Web Builder for Business

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Weebly Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

Weebly comes to you in a Pro and a Business package, both attuned for web based selling. However, the former doesn’t allow you to use your own domain name for your shopping cart, and is hence not an entirely recommended tool for even small businesses. We focus on the Business edition of the ecommerce website building service provided by Weebly.

Make your web store look different – Header slideshows, your very own favicons, customizable footers – all are pretty useful options that help you present your web store in a unique fashion. You can also use the in-built HD audio and video players to make your web store absolutely alluring in terms of content richness. In fact, differentiating the outlook of the store is something that Weebly excels at.

Sell services and digital goods, and also sell on the move with the mobile version – Weebly scores over several other ecommerce solutions courtesy its ability to allow sales of services and digital products easily.

Filtered product search and inventory management – If you have many products to sell, a filtered search option is a necessity for your web store, and Weebly has you covered as far as a filtered product search functionality is concerned. Also, you can use Weebly’s smart inventory management tools to update left stock easily.

Extensive shipping options – Right from free shipping to automatically calculating shipping rates depending upon the destination of the parcels, Weebly offers pretty much the most sophisticated shipping calculation system.

Add ons – SSL security certificate and Google Ads credit are the additional features you get with this plan from Weebly; both pretty good options for your web store.

Jimdo Free Website Builder for Business

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Jimdo Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

Looking for an ecommerce website builder that lets you get off the blocks quickly without posing you a steep learning curve to climb initially? Well, you might want to try out Jimdo, particularly its JimdoBusiness plan for small businesses looking to taste the flavors of online selling.

Unique templates that can make your web store attract attention and reduce bounce rate – A unique web design goes a long way in curbing the bounce rates of your website, and that’s what Jimdo nails through its colorful and customizable templates. Moreover, you can change header with a single click, can add high quality and multiple images per product, and can hence leverage content richness to motivate sales.

Smart statistics and inherent SEO readiness to make you sizzle without any delays – Your web store will be optimized for featuring in the top search result pages of Google and Bing, which is bound to bring in more traffic. Also, you can use the readily available detailed statistics about the performance of your website in order to fine tune it and fill the gaps, thus making it perfectly aligned to what attracts the users.

Limitless storage and bandwidth – Here’s something that might sound luxurious for a small business’ web store. With JimdoBusiness, you have limitless storage that lets you add as much content as you want (even video reviews of products) and unlimited bandwidth to ensure that users never find your website down.

Twitter and Facebook marketing – Social media marketing hardly requires any introduction. JimdoBusiness allows you to easily leverage your FaceBook and Twitter reach to expand business.

Here’s some more information about what Jimdo holds for you

  • 2 domains, 20 email addresses, and password protected access functions
  • Prompt support from a dedicated team of ecommerce wizards to sail you through any thick waters
  • Newsletters and discounts for marketing

SITE123 Free Web Builder for Business

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SITE123 Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

SITE123 is a website builder that suits the needs of budding businessmen and professional web developers alike. It is the perfect choice for people who need to launch a promo site or an e-commerce website online without any hassles of coding. The simple, sleek and clutter-free sidebar have all the customization elements neatly lined up and easily accessible. The free themes, templates, and extensive image library only add on to the aesthetics of the platforms. Read on to know more about the many marketing tools offered by SITE123 and reasons why you should choose it to build your next business website.

Getting Started with SITE123 – Almost anyone with an idea can build a website here in just three simple steps. From small-scale enterprises to big corporate companies, SITE123 caters to all kinds of business models. The drag and drop interface is intuitive, to say the least. Armed with a loaded dashboard and an in-house editor that is built on the WYSIWYG framework, the platform is stunning in its simplicity. The themes are all optimized to be responsive across screen sizes and compatible across Android, Windows and iOS.

User-friendly Features – You don’t even have to create an account here to get started as SITE123 allows users to log in via Google+ or Facebook accounts. Also, you can create as many websites and pages you want under one account. All you have to do is drag/drop the elements, customize them, preview it and then publish it on the server. You can create e-stores with catalogs, shopping carts, integrate various payment options, and add attractive CTA buttons, newsletter subscriptions and more in a few clicks. Furthermore, the SEO tools and Google Analytics support enable you to track the performance and reach of the website, collect visitor details and monitor the web traffic.

1&1 Website Builder for Business

1&1 Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

Creating a website is perhaps the easiest way to expand your business and earn more profits. There are loads of website builders out there that would help you create the perfect store. 1&1 MyWebsite is one such builder known for its premium designs and an expansive range of features. It is the perfect platform for budding entrepreneurs to establish a solid market presence. From simple websites to professional corporate stores, 1&1 supports all your endeavors.

Launched in 2008, 1&1 is a complete web development solution that takes care of all the technical aspects like web hosting and domain registration, giving you enough time to focus on the actual designing and management of the store.

Easy Customisation – 1&1 offers users a wide collection of templates, customizable themes, stunning image galleries, video and other graphic content. The in-house editor is user-friendly, robust and extremely intuitive.

Be Found on Any Platform – With 1&1 as your web developer, connecting with your customers is a lot easier. Your website is now visible on search engines like Google thanks to the high SEO ranking. You can also integrate the various social media networks like Facebook to the store. 1&1 also takes care of the after-sale promotional services like email marketing and newsletter subscriptions.

Know More About 1&1, the nitty-gritty of the website builder is listed below in a nutshell:

  • Loads of business widgets, plugins, and extensions
  • SEO and marketing tools for better e-commerce opportunities
  • Web hosting and domain support
  • Add different payment options, shopping carts, coupons and checkout options
  • Easy customization solutions
  • Can import a website from another domain without tampering its design

What’s more, the 1&1 builder is optimized to suit the different Android, IOS and Windows device screens. Try out the 30-day free trial version to test the features yourself before you subscribe.

GoDaddy Website Builder for Business

GoDaddy Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

Going purely on reputation, GoDaddy is indeed among the granddaddy ecommerce website builders, and continues to cling on to its hype for small business needs as well. In fact, the variety it offers in terms of plans for small and mid-sized businesses is appreciable. If your selling needs are really small (less than 20 products), the Economy version of the shopping cart is one of the most affordable bets for building your web store. Of course, there’s the option of going for the more spacious Deluxe package that allows you to add up to 100 products to your web store.

Get a store within minutes – The website builder from GoDaddy is deceptively quick, and lets you have a functional web store set and running within a very short time.

Whopping design and customization flexibility – With more than 1500 design and colors combos ready to impress you, along with the options of customizable logos and adding up to 5 product images (Deluxe Plan), GoDaddy is a fully loaded website builder.

Easy to bring in more business – GoDaddy’s Economy and Deluxe plans offer a lot to help small businesses chart treacherous waters quickly. Search friendly URLs, product review and rating functionalities, free Facebook, Google and Bing ad credits, and flexibility to add your products on Ebay, Facebook, along with letting visitors share pages on their social networks – all add a lot of effectiveness to GoDaddy as an ecommerce website builder for small businesses.

Flexible payments and shipping functions – You can accept payments through all major credit cards, apart from other merchants such as PayPal. Moreover, you can get live shipping rate quotes from leading shipping services, which can make pricing easier. Of course, shipping costs can also be fed from custom tables. Built in shipping and tax calculators also make administration of invoicing activities easier.

More ease of management – GoDaddy has more up its sleeve to make it easier for you to manage your web store:

  • Email notifications when new orders are placed
  • Quick views of new orders, inventory management and member activities
  • Printing labels and entering tracking data for shipments

Webs Website Builder for Business

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Webs Website Builder for Small Businesscreate a website

Looking for a differentiated web store that’s loaded with several interesting widgets that help you sell better? Webs might be a refreshing choice for you, courtesy its functionality rich web store interface. Right from an intuitive drag and drop website builder to social sharing buttons that let your products catch the attention of several social networks, there’s a lot in Webs to help small businesses leap into ecommerce.

Stunning templates that lend themselves to customization easily – You need a killer base upon which you can showcase your creativity and reach upon a captivating outlook for your web store. With several premium templates on offer from Webs, you will find it easy to achieve the differentiated web store outlook you always wanted. Moreover, you can also add and edit multimedia content such as images and videos directly while using the drag and drop editor.

Social sharing and mobile selling – You can use the social sharing buttons provided by the Webs builder to make it easy for visitors to share your product pages with their social networks. Also, you get a mobile ready website without having to do things over with Webs.

Elements like calendars, site memberships and contact forms make it easier for you to communicate with selected groups of members. Also, you can leverage the blog attached to your web store in order to strike engaging conversations with your users.

SEO Booster – With the on-built powerful SEO functionality, Webs fast tracks web stores built using the platform to feature right up there in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine result pages.
Email and Live Chat – If your first few days of online selling store management prove to be tough, you will have email and live chat support from Webs to sail you through.

Advanced statistics for you to feedback into your web marketing strategies – Webs offers you quick and detailed statistics about several aspects of your web store’s performance, which you can use to make your web marketing strategies more finely tailored.

Password protected areas – Webs allows you to create restricted access portions in your webs store, something that you might be able to devise a preferential marketing strategy for specific members

A $100 Google Ad Credit to get you started – You might not mind the additional bonus of $100 Google Ad credit that Webs gives you with its Pro ecommerce website builder for small businesses.

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Website Builders for Small Business

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  1. Roberto robles

    I have my website already it just doesnt look good on the phone what can I do to fix that?

    • Ivan

      Yeah – if your website looks bad on smartphones – then you loose a lot, since part of mobile traffic is the same as desktop, and in many niches it’s even bigger.
      You have three ways to solve this:
      1. To hire some freelancer to re-write the code of your website in HTML5 and make it responsive.
      2. To order mobile version separately – especially for your website.
      3. To change your site completely to responsive one. It also makes sense if your old site looks outdated.

  2. Mark

    Great article. I think that for business it’s better to use either special website builders or custom website developing. Once you chose website builder you should pay your attention to support – anyway you will have to contact support and it’s a common thing that support is a weak place for many big web hosting companies and website builders. I have a huge experience with such companies and the first thing I do while choosing website hoster – is to check how good their support. How fast they answer on my ticket/chat and how qualified are they. Believe me it’s not so important – will you have 10gb disk space or 20 gb. But support you can not contact with – it could be a big trouble. Good luck!