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Best Website Builders for Photographers

Modern photographer has to run his own website. Earlier photographers showcased their photo albums, brochures and business cards. Now websites-galleries for photographers do all this and do it successfully. Website builder for photographers is a special online tool which allows to get convenient and functional site-portfolio and greatly simplifies the work of the photographer. We’ve gathered five of such the most advanced website builders and described their advantages.

Website Builders for PhotographersFor all those who have traveled the hard miles to get that perfect shot, have woken at the hour when party animals sleep to get the perfect shade of natural light falling on the dew clad tulips of their gardens, and have skipped weekend hangouts in order to save for just that one extra lens to add to their photography artillery, a dedicated portfolio website that showcases the best outputs of their cameras is just the leverage they need to become popular. Thankfully, there are at least a few website builders that have enough spices to make photographers drool. These website builders make website creation as easy as a walk in the park, and also keep the interests of photographers in mind.

Here’s a quick look at some features that you’d not want to miss out on when you select a website builder for creating your portfolio website.

Ability to deliver visually rich content – Images are the life and blood of your portfolio website, and you can work wonders with a website builder that’s inherently supportive for high quality content and multiple image formats.

Contemporary and catchy templates – There are two direct benefits to be had from such templates. Firstly, they give the much needed attention seeking X factor to your website upfront. Secondly, these templates make it much easier for you to create your website, and save you a lot of time.

Digital goods selling store – Integrated web store templates and shopping carts, with helpful features to enable the sale of digital products such as collections of images help you translate your hobby and passion into a source of income.

We now take a look at five of the most renowned website builders for photography websites.

Wix Free Creator for Photographers

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Wix Website Builder for Photographerscreate a website

Wix excels at offering you a wholesome bunch of features that let you create and scale up a fully functional online setup. The massive catalog of interesting features also has some gems up its sleeve that make Wix a good option for photographers and people with similar interests. Beginning with contemporary designs, continuing through enhanced ecommerce features, and sealing it with apps availability and powerful social media tools, Wix is definitely a power packed photography portfolio website builder.

Easily customizable website – Your photography portfolio has to be unique, and the platform you use to build it must allow ample customization for that to happen. With Wix, you can change texts, pictures, layouts, backgrounds, and a whole lot more to make your website look just the way you want it to.

Dozens of HTML5 templates for photography websites – Creating the first impression well is imperative for any photography website, and that’s guaranteed with the contemporary styled templates on offer at Wix. Moreover, all these are HTML5 empowered and responsive to ensure that your visitors get the same browsing experience on mobile devices.

Integrated online selling store to help you monetize your hobby and skill – With advanced web store features adding to the customizable web store templates, you have a complete monetizing solution with Wix. Also, multiple payment methods and flexible product catalog maintenance features make your selling an enjoyable and hassle free experience.

Other benefits of going with Wix:

  • Reliable free hosting with CDN cloud technology from the stables of Wix
  • Automatically mobile optimized version of your website
  • Google focused website for better search result page ranking
  • A dedicated support team that sails you through tricky situations easily

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Weebly Free Builder for Photographers

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Weebly Website Builder for Photographerscreate a free website

Built around the central themes of simplicity and intuitiveness, the Weebly website builder is a renowned name in the market. It is a decent pick in terms of features relevant for photography websites. Creating a website with Weebly is a matter of minutes, courtesy the drag and drop builder. First time experimenters will particularly like the Weebly interface as they set out to create their portfolio websites. Here’s a more detailed analysis.

High quality slideshows and filters – You can be certain that your photos will stand out as you use Weebly’s top notch slideshow settings and filters. Also, you can add videos and enjoy playback in crystal clear HD format with Weebly’s editor. These features allow you to make websites rich in visually delightful content.

Templates to help you jumpstart – You will find a decent collection of templates that will help you create your photography portfolio website quickly. However, you might want to consider purchasing a premium template, considering that the templates offered by Weebly for free are rather bland in comparison to the free offerings doled out by its competitors.

Other delightful features:

  • Social media is thoroughly leverages to increase the popularity of your website, with Google+, Twitter and Facebook links apart from a lot mor
  • You can integrate a blog right into the website in order to strike engaging conversations with your audiences
  • Let the full site search option help your visitors find the content they want easily
  • With in-built SEO options, your website will be right up there at the top of search result page rankings
  • Built in site analytics will help you find the kind of content attracting the most attention from visitors so that you know where to focus

PhotoShelter Builder for Photographers

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PhotoShelter Website Builder for Photographerscreate a website

Broadcasting your works of art to the world is now a breeze, with PhotoShelter’s portfolio website builder. Slideshows, galleries, blogs, social network shares – all these are just a few of the several means and methods provided by Photoshelter for you to connect with your audiences. Industry best SEO features mark out PhotoShelter empowered websites from the rest. Here’s a deeper analysis of what all this great website builder has in store for photographers and creative artists.

Beam, a dedicated photography website platform – With the beta version of Beam out, you get the best of all worlds, as PhotoShelter’s industry benchmark tools get perfectly blended with the killer features of a new age photography website building platform. Whether you are a hobbyist who is particularly interested in having a best-in-class and functionally rich photography portfolio, or a professional looking to offer photographs as digital products, there’s a lot to like for everyone.

Seamless delivery after client proofing – You can create unlimited image galleries with PhotoShelter, and let your clients have a massive catalog to pick from. Once visitors choose the ones they like, the delivery can take place through digital downloads or FTP.

Cloud Connectivity – Almost all digital image file formats are supported for upload, including TIF, RAW and PSD formats. Also, all your uploaded files get backed up. You can access these files any time of year from the cloud storage.

A selling tool dedicated for photography business – Sales tools and integrated shopping cart lets you sell your clicks right from your portfolio website. Moreover, you can even integrate a print lab into the service, selecting from the best labs in the industry to having your own offer the printing service.

Other features that make PhotoShelter irresistible for photographers:

  • SEO and Social Media tools are integrated to facilitate more powerful portfolio websites
  • Lightbox enables easier client interaction
  • Password protection, quick zipping, and QuickSend features for image files
  • Responsive support available over email, phone and live chat
  • Unlimited file size and site traffic

ZenFolio Photography Web Builder

ZenFolio Website Builder for Photographerscreate a website

ZenFolio lays maximum emphasis on helping you quickly create photo blogs and websites that exude elegance. Not only can you easily upload unlimited photos and videos, but also you can conveniently sell your digital content through the functionally strong shopping cart and print labs’ integration.

A visual pleasure for your clients – Being a photography focused website builder ZenFolio creates visually stunning pages. Your photos always remain the center of attention, and the dim-the-lights feature is something that you would like to try out. The pages are responsive, which means that the content and images get adjusted automatically for high visual impact.

Automatically optimized for mobile viewing – All your web pages created using ZenFolio get automatically optimized for viewing on mobile phones.

Secure storage – All uploaded data are stored in geo distributed data centers, and you have round the clock available back up for the data. Videos, however, are converted into the H.264 format for back up. Moreover, you have watermark feature that can be used to add another layer of protection for your images.

Breezy management of content – Features like virtual galleries wherein you can specify links of your images rather than making copied of the actual data, searchable descriptions that make searching for files easier, batch level changes that save you a lot of time in doing your administrative duties, and a lot more – the effectiveness of the image and video files management features provided by the ZenFolio website builder is unsurpassed.

Other terrific features offered by ZenFolio:

  • Customizable URLs that let you link your content effectively for reference through emails and other media
  • Embed codes allow you to embed your photographs and video content into other websites including Facebook
  • No storage or traffic limits to weigh you down
  • Create unlimited galleries using your uploaded images
  • All image and video file formats supported
  • Slideshow features that allow you use features like hide/show, looping, speed, transitions, background music, and a lot more

IM Creator for Photographers

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IM Creator Website Builder for Photographerscreate a website

Crisp templates, intuitive drag and drop styles editor, and a pool of 4 million up and running websites to ensure your peace of mind as you begin your website creation journey with IM Creator; there’s a lot to like about this service. With flexible server and domain options and easily manageable website maintenance and promotion tools, you will find the experience of managing a photography portfolio website thoroughly enjoyable.

Pure drag and drop interface for quick results – Here’s a pure drag and drop editor that allows you to drag and drop content elements effortlessly at various screen areas. Coupled with the pre populated templates, this feature makes website creation with IM Creator a matter of minutes.

Mobile specific websites – IM Creator lets you create websites that are optimized for mobile device viewing; however, there’s no automatic mobile optimization feature which makes it stand a step back from its competitors.

Killer collection of templates – Contemporary, colorful, conventional, and outrageous – you will find every possible flavor of visual appeal in the collection of templates flaunted by IM Creator.

Basic SEO functions – IM Creator allows you to add meta descriptions, titles and keywords, but for the entire website, and not individual pages. This makes the SEO features of IM Creator websites pretty basic and somewhat lacking as compared to those of other website builders. However, you might not mind if all you’re looking for is an uncluttered builder.

Other smart features from IM Creator:

  • Hassle free hosting, as IM Creator does that for you, including managing upgrades
  • Allows you to export your website out of IM Creator, if at all you want that to happen
  • Designed and delivered particularly to appeal to those looking to create photography portfolio websites with minimal hassle and almost no learning curve!

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Photography Website Builders

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  1. Marianne

    Smugmug is another photography website builder which deserves a mention.

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    Thanx for sharing! When I was creating my website I use this software mobirise. It’s easy in use and it allows me to save my time. So now I just need to attract more visitors=)

  3. Freeman

    Thanks for detailed review. I really liked that you could choose the best from the best web builders for photo portfolio. But I would add Squarespace here – it’s really worthy platform with professional templates. Of course, it’s paid web builder but it offers a trial version for 30 days.