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The world is moving online – even small businesses feel the need to have their websites in order to broadcast marketing messages to their audiences, and even adventurous web wizards want to have their one unified channel of expression and content sharing. However, purely because of the uncertain nature of what the results of their website development and online promotional campaigns would be, these market segments share their desire for having a free to use and simple to understand intuitive website builder that they can rely upon to create pretty decent and functionally rich websites. The burgeoning demand for easily usable website building tools has led to a fairly intense degree of competition in the website development tools’ marketplace. Today, all you need in order to be on way to creating your first website is just the knowledge of the website development tool that offers the service benefits that you are looking for. The best part- these are free to use! Not only do these website building tools offer you your first flavors of the amazing world of online content sharing, but also let you do it without having to learn the ins and outs of any computer languages. Save yourself from having to compare dozens of website builders and depend on this compilation of some of the most differentiated website builders that are available for free!


Nothing beats a contemporary HTML5 based website building experience that doesn’t involve even a single bit of expertise with the language; that purely means that you get the benefits of an HTML5 website, without the hassles of creating one. With its free service, you can easily have your first ventures into the content rich HTML5 website arena. As all website developers louden their claims of being a drag and drop interface for website creation, Wix matches its word with its worth, and provides you a truly drag and drop website building experience. With 100s of stunning HTML5 templates for you to choose from, creativity will never find any inhibitions when you are at Wix. Then, you have the peace of mind that there will be help around at all points, something that not many website building tools can boast of, at least in terms of their free versions. If you are in a business that communicates best in terms of visuals, or are a photographer, designer, or creative artist, Wix might end your search for a free to use website builder that doesn’t hold you back in terms of creating visuals rich websites. Moreover, you have the Wix app market to enjoy added functionalities for your website. Then, Wix also allows you to create a mobile version of your website pretty easily, courtesy its mobile website builder.
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Wix free website builder

  • Quick and easy registration process
  • One of the best Drag & Drop website editor
  • Over 475 professional looking HTML5 templates
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Easy Social Media integration
  • Unlimited depth of navigation
  • Excellent App Market with premium and free add-ons
  • Various help options, 24/7 support over the phone/email/live chat
  • You can’t switch to a different template when you feel like a redesign
  • No access to ecommerce tools in free version
  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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Another one from the Drag and Drop family, Weebly is one of the most intuitive website building tools going around these days. The learning curve is pretty flat, and you will hardly need much time to be up and aware of all the free functions that Weebly offers. You have ample variety in terms of the templates you get to choose. Here’s something that gives Weebly the tag of being one of the most highly rated and loved free website builders. Whereas most website builders only allow you to create a website hosted on the website builder’s sub domain, Weebly allows you to use your already owned domain to create your free website, which means that you could actually use a website for all kinds of purposes without having to forcibly include the website building tool’s sub domain into your web pages’ addresses. Moreover, Weebly also offers you the functionality of building a blog right into your website, so that you could engage in more personalized conversations with your audiences. Moreover, you could even try out creating your very first web based selling store courtesy Weebly’s ecommerce functionality.
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Weebly free website builder

  • Ability to create two free sites on one account
  • Easy and intuitive Drag & Drop interface
  • Ability to download the site for hosting else where
  • Built-in Site Planner
  • Assign different access levels for editors
  • Unlimited depth of navigation
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Average quality of Weebly’s templates
  • Very basic blog functions for free version
  • Limited ecommerce options
  • No special features to create multilingual sites
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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There are quite a few benefits that Moonfruit’s free website builder can boast of offering exclusively, and that makes this website building toll a natural entry into this list. With ample number of templates and an intuitive drag and drop based website building interface, Moonfruit gets all the pre-requisites right. On top of that, you get automatic SEO as well as dozens of customization options to make your web pages look a class apart from the routine ones. There’s no registration process to halt you, and you’d love to go with the instinct and spring into the designing phase right away. It is only after you have enjoyed the website development experience that you are asked to share your email address. With no miniscule texts advertising the website building service even in the free version, you can easily rely on Moonfruit to create a website for your business. With tremendous features like no forced advertising, no lengthy processes to be followed to get going, Moonfruit is completely loaded for creating even a small business’ website.
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Moonfruit free website builder

  • Easy to use website editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Extremely customizable HTML5 templates
  • Opportunity to create online shop
  • Multi-lingual website creation supported
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • No mobile optimized version of free website
  • No blog options
  • Limited number of pages
  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • No phone or live chat support

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This one is one of the newest and most suave members of the online HTML based website builder family. Ucraft provides an amazing learning experience for the newcomers and it is sought out by the web building experts as well for its easy, drag and drop features. You can pick from among hundreds of free templates and their complementary tools to add extra oomph to your online presence. Ucraft provides every used with free cloud hosting and SEO features which pushes your website to the top of the SRLs. The umpteen number of designer tools give a creative edge to your website. Ucraft is an amazing option for all the artists, photographers, fashion designers and graphic artists. The beginners can enjoy free support from the Ucraft team with the basic set up as well as SEO features. You can enjoy free services that include demo content, customizable domain names, single webpage template and much more. Ucraft has marvelous options for creating landing pages and logos for your website, that too for free.Ucraft has gone onto create a new brand for itself which promises drag and drop web building and addition of contact forms as well. This website builder is ideal for small businesses and artists who want to make their online presence felt in this tech dominated world.
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Ucraft free website builder

  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop editor
  • Modern website templates
  • Ability to create 5 free sites on 1 account
  • SEO friendly
  • Free logo maker
  • Free Connect Domain option
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Only 1 page for free websites

Create a Website

Well, it might take you more than 10 minutes if you delve deep into the vast features of the website building interface of WebNode, but the idea remains that this is among the more easily usable and swift website building tools available. What’s great about the free service is that you can use your own domain, and can hence use the free website comfortably for your business needs. With the intuitive website editor, you will be able to easily create a website, ensuring that it comes out to be content rich. There are no peeving advertising attempts, even in the free version of WebNode website builder; there’s just a neat and compact little mention of the service in the footer. You also get a classy mobile ready website with your website built using the WebNode website builder. The number of templates on offer is pretty impressive, and irrespective of the category of your website, you will be able to find a good blend of colors that will make you happy and will suit the kind of content you wish to deliver through the website. WebNode is easily among the most preferred destinations for web enthusiasts who do not wish to get into the intricacies of coding and configuration in order to have their functionality rich websites ready to roll.
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Webnode free website builder

  • Advanced easy to use website editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Unlimited sub-navigation
  • Automatic mobile version of your website
  • Access to the CSS for customizing your website
  • You can add your own domain name to your website for free
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Outdated design of templates
  • Limited e-commerce options
  • Very limited bandwidth
  • Not so comprehensive support

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With its interactive interface, responsive design and functionality, Mozello.com is the answer to every web entrepreneur’s prayer! Known to be among the fastest and easiest tools for users who have no prior technical expertise in coding or website designing, this site builder also offers opportunities for creating online stores and shopping portals. Let us look into some of the main features and perks offered by this efficient website builder. Thanks to Mozello.com you can now create pretty multilingual websites in a jiffy! Choose from the extensive range of templates and professional designs that only improve the overall look and feel of your website. Also you don’t have to be a tech geek to learn the ropes of working on this site builder, just the basic knowledge of computers is enough. Mozello.com supports all platforms and devices as well; this means you can design websites via your smartphones! Also the websites you create would have none of the irritating pop up ads and promotional offers that affect the functionality of the page. Good SERP rankings automatically lead to a strong web presence and wider audience base. At Mozello.com entrepreneurs can use the various SEO improvement tools to enhance the visibility of their web pages. You can also benefit from the marketing and advertising tools that would increase your sales considerably. This site builder offers powerful e marketing solutions that contribute to profit maximisation. You can always contact the customer support in case you face any glitches; Mozello.com provides personalised, effective and reliable solutions to its clients.
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Mozello free website builder

  • Easy-to-use website editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Free online store for 10 items
  • Access to HTML code
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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With its speedy registration and well-designed website building interface, Webstarts is the ideal tool for those making their first moves into the world of website building. Programmers might not want to head this way, as Webstarts focusses on blending ease into every website building task. You get a sidebar with several website content elements. All you need to do is to drag these and drop them where you want the corresponding content to appear on the page. Then, you also have dependable customer support to guide you so that you don’t get stuck anywhere. Webstarts comes to you with an inbuilt Form Builder, SEO Wizard, and Photo Gallery editing tool, all of which combine to provide you a pretty impressive first experience of designing a content rich website for free. The templates on offer create a decent mix of bright and dull colors, so there will be something up you alley when you choose your website’s template. Moreover, there are ample customizing options available with Webstarts, so it will not be tough for you to add those differentiating elements into your web pages.
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Webstarts free website builder

  • Easier and faster registration with your Facebook account
  • WYSIWYG website builder platform
  • Extra customizable web templates
  • SEO friendly
  • Phone support
  • Extremely basic templates
  • Mobile version won’t be created automatically
  • Limited eCommerce options
  • Most options aren’t free

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With some staggering numbers under its belt, Webs is a pretty sturdy choice for small business owners and entrepreneurs. More than 40 million website have been built using this breezy building tool. Learning the functionalities and the options in the editor does not take much time, and you can quickly get off the blocks. The themes are pretty basic, but prove to be enough for all kinds of needs. Then, the drag and drop content elements of Webs are particularly lauded by website building enthusiasts who like to go easy on website designing. Among the features of Webstarts, the one that’s definitely worth mentioning is that you get 40 MB storage with the free version, which lands you enough breathing space to create content rich websites. Moreover, you can also savor the flavors of ecommerce through the free website builder which allows you to add up to 5 products in your web store. In addition to all this, you also get a mobile ready website with the free website builder from Webs.
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Webs free website builder

  • User-friendly drag and drop builder
  • Allows to build membership sites
  • Great App Store
  • SEO friendly
  • Limited number of website designs
  • No access to templates code
  • Very basic blog options

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  1. Lisa Blake


    Are there any companies that actually offer free web site makeovers or HTML web sites
    for non profit organization (that also do not require hosting or some paid services)?
    We are looking for updating site or possible makeover. Also talking about private web pages
    that belong to NPO not wix.com etc.

    Also if you can refer some companies, please do not refer them if they have
    any kind of waiting list.

    Thank you.

  2. Jonathan

    I’m agree that these free website builders are really the best ones, but it would be great if they were without advertising. I understand that small hardly visible link in footer or web builder logo can hardly be called ads – but it would be so great to have a free website without any advertising links and banners.
    Do you know such website builders? – I would be highly appreciated to get this information.