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Free Website Builder Software 2018

In spite of how easy everything has become because of availability of free software and free advice, website creation continues to be a bit of a challenge for many people. It’s natural, considering how a website requires time, money, experience, creativity, design expertise, technical expertise, domain knowledge, and what not. Thankfully, you don’t have to build your capabilities around all these aspects. Instead, you could use a free website builder software and create a world class website in less than an hour. Blogs, portfolio websites, ecommerce stores, agency websites, subscription based portals – you name it, and there’s a website builder available to help you create it.

The biggest advantage of using a web builder software is that you don’t need to write any HTML/CSS code to create your website. For starters, most people don’t know how to code. Even those who do, prefer using programs that present a visual interface to help them create content, instead of creating everything via line after line of coding. Website builders deliver an intuitive, easy to use, and purely visually powered interface for website creation. This takes more than 90% of the difficulties of website creation out of the picture.

Then, the next best thing about website builder tools is that they provide you professionally designed website templates that will certainly appeal to the masses. This means you don’t need to make crucial and difficult design decisions. Nor do you need to pay a website designer to create a unique and good-looking website. On top of these pre-set templates, you get a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder using which you can customize the look and feel of your web pages, and add your unique content. Beyond these basics, website builders offer you specialized add ons, widgets, plugins, and tools to add all kinds of amazing functionalities to your websites, for better outreach, marketing, driving sales, and publishing stunning content.

Let’s tell you more about some of the most dependable free website builder soft you can use.


Wix free website builder

One of the veterans of the website builder market, Wix is an end to end solution for anybody with any kinds of website creation needs. Once you sign up Wix shows you some eye-popping designs to choose from. You can then use Wix’s WYSIWYG based drag and drop styled website editor to give the final shape to your website.

Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence tool makes it, by far, the most advanced website creation option from a design perspective. The ADI tool asks you a few questions, and creates a basic website design in a jiffy. Another differentiator is Wix’s pixel-perfect drag and drop, which means you can position any content element at any pixel on the screen, giving you complete control over the layout. Wix also lets you animate text and image elements on screen, one of the few website builders to allow so.

Wix’s App Store packs a punch. Online bookings, live chat, newsletter, advanced SEO, email marketing, integration with 3rd party services – there’s an app for everything you could ask for. Wix’s email and telephone support makes sure you get answers to your queries and complaints.
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  • Quick and easy registration process
  • One of the best Drag & Drop website editor
  • Over 475 professional looking HTML5 templates
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Easy Social Media integration
  • Unlimited depth of navigation
  • Excellent App Market with premium and free add-ons
  • Various help options, 24/7 support over the phone/email/live chat
  • You can’t switch to a different template when you feel like a redesign
  • No access to ecommerce tools in free version
  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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Webnode free website builder

Webnode started way back in 2008, and has been empowering individuals, businesses, and bloggers with its website creation software. More than 22 million websites have been created using Webnode already. With a wide range of impressive templates, SEO features, and customer support, Webnode is an automatic entry in any list of top free website builders.

Webnode’s template selection is not as expansive as those of, for instance, Wix, but the designs are impressive enough, modernistic, and above all, responsive. Webnode is particularly well suited for creating personal, photography, and business websites, as reflected in its template designs. You can add content elements to the template using a point and click based design interface, with individual element level customizations. Also, Webnode offers you advanced SEO options to improve your website’s online visibility.
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  • Advanced easy to use website editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Unlimited sub-navigation
  • Automatic mobile version of your website
  • Access to the CSS for customizing your website
  • You can add your own domain name to your website for free
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Outdated design of templates
  • Limited e-commerce options
  • Very limited bandwidth
  • Not so comprehensive support

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Weebly free website builder

Another long standing player in the website builder marketspace, Weebly offers all inclusive website building to beginners as well as professionals. Weebly hosts your website on its subdomain (in its free plan), takes care of backend security and upgrades, and delivers you all the design assets you need to create a memorable website.

Once you select a suitable responsive template, Weebly offers you a drag and drop and WYSIWYG powered website builder. Note that the drag and drop functionality here is not a pure as Wix’s, as you can position your content elements at one of the many possible ‘areas’ on the page. However, even for control freaks, the flexibility can accommodate all your design choices. You get complete HTML and CSS code access, and hence, with programming and web development knowledge, you can tweak the design to any possible extent (unlike Wix).

Weebly scores well at assisting beginners in navigating the initial learning curve, with a beneficial drip email campaign, and on-screen help with most buttons and menu options. Weebly also offers basic SEO and marketing functionalities to get you started. The app store is not as expansive as Wix’s, but is growing and offers some pretty useful addons.
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  • Ability to create two free sites on one account
  • Easy and intuitive Drag & Drop interface
  • Ability to download the site for hosting else where
  • Built-in Site Planner
  • Assign different access levels for editors
  • Unlimited depth of navigation
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Average quality of Weebly’s templates
  • Very basic blog functions for free version
  • Limited ecommerce options
  • No special features to create multilingual sites
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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Ucraft free website builder

Choose Ucraft for a convenient business website building experience. It’s also recommended for creating standalone landing pages. After choosing a template, you can use the website builder interface to customize the template. Drag and drop content elements, and tweak attributes such a color, size, spacing, and positioning.

Ucraft lets you use ‘blocks’ which are readymade designs to perform specific tasks such as adding header and footer, contact form, feedback form, gallery, etc. These content blocks can be dragged and dropped to desirable positions on the screen.

Ucraft also offers you ‘elements’ which are multi-purpose widgets, such as Soundcloud, countdown timer, video, icons, maps, text, image slider, etc. Ucraft web templates are mobile responsive, which is a great help. Flat design, industry specific styling, and full screen formats make Ucraft templates pretty impressive. The knowledge base makes it convenient enough for beginners to find their way around even if they encounter technical difficulties. There’s live chat support, though, for more immediate and complex queries.
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  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop editor
  • Modern website templates
  • Ability to create 5 free sites on 1 account
  • SEO friendly
  • Free logo maker
  • Free Connect Domain option
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Only 1 page for free websites

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SITE123 free website builder

Launched in 2015, SITE123 is an open source web development platform that caters to small and medium scale enterprises. You can build landing pages, blogs, e-stores and web pages without having to write a line of code. SITE123 offers free web hosting, domain registration, and storage services to first-time customers. Other than that, users can avail the benefits of basic SEO tools, CRM solutions, e-commerce solutions and various extensions that enable them to add sales and marketing widgets and link social media networks among other things. Read on to know more about why you should choose Site123 to develop your next website.

SITE123 is the perfect platform for beginners who want to create interactive web pages and expand their business globally. The drag and drop editor is based on the WYSIWYG framework, i.e. you get to preview the web page before launching it. In just three simple steps you can design a web page, customize it and launch it online. What’s more, with just one administrative account you can create multiple sites and unlimited web pages depending on the storage space you’re allotted on the server. The email marketing tools and newsletter feature integrated into the system further expand your scope.

Moving on to the customization options, SITE123 features an extensive collection of free quality, readymade templates, vibrant images, videos and other graphics. The Free Images and Icons Library give you unlimited access to pictures, fonts, layouts, and colors that make your website aesthetically pleasing. All the templates are mobile-friendly and can be customized for Android, Windows and iOS devices. The Analytics tools help you track the performance of your website, gain information on the visitors and the traffic pattern of the market. SITE123 is renowned for offering quick, free, and feature rich website building experiences; try it today.

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  • Easy-to-use website editor
  • Reponsive website templates
  • Free SSL/HTTPS encryption protection
  • SEO friendly
  • Unlimited web pages
  • You can create a blog in free version
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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Mozello free website builder

One of the best website builder options out there, Mozello makes it super easy for beginners to create basic website. In Mozello, you have a no-frills website creation experience.

Mozello’s library of free themes is pretty impressive. You can easily switch among templates even after creating your website. This flexibility, however, comes at the cost of limited customization in website design. The builder interface is pretty basic. Though there’s no drag and drop facility, you can use inline editing to quickly design web pages and see how they’d look after you publish them.

Your Mozello website will be responsive, though you don’t get the option of mobile website editing with this builder. Mozello offers a searchable support center and has email support.
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  • Easy-to-use website editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile optimized version of your website
  • Free online store for 10 items
  • Access to HTML code
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • Doesn’t provide its own email

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Webstarts free website builder

With its speedy registration and well-designed website building interface, Webstarts is the ideal tool for those making their first moves into the world of website building. Programmers might not want to head this way, as Webstarts focusses on blending ease into every website building task. You get a sidebar with several website content elements. All you need to do is to drag these and drop them where you want the corresponding content to appear on the page. Then, you also have dependable customer support to guide you so that you don’t get stuck anywhere. Webstarts comes to you with an inbuilt Form Builder, SEO Wizard, and Photo Gallery editing tool, all of which combine to provide you a pretty impressive first experience of designing a content rich website for free. The templates on offer create a decent mix of bright and dull colors, so there will be something up you alley when you choose your website’s template. Moreover, there are ample customizing options available with Webstarts, so it will not be tough for you to add those differentiating elements into your web pages.
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  • Easier and faster registration with your Facebook account
  • WYSIWYG website builder platform
  • Extra customizable web templates
  • SEO friendly
  • Phone support
  • Extremely basic templates
  • Mobile version won’t be created automatically
  • Limited eCommerce options
  • Most options aren’t free

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Webs free website builder

Because Webs has been in the website builder market since 2001, a whopping 55 million websites have already been built using this platform. The features are geared towards the need of business websites, though the templates and features are expansive enough to cover all kind of website requirements.

Over 450 website template across 20 industry categories make Webs a picky designer’s dream come true. The drag and drop builder allows you to easily position content elements where you want them to appear. Webs offers six page layouts (standard, sidebar left, sidebar right, banner, etc). Plus, there are specialty pages which are pre configured for purposes such as video content, membership pages, forums, guest books, appointments, etc. Webs’ membership feature makes it special; you can offer subscriptions, and selectively allow content access.
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  • User-friendly drag and drop builder
  • Allows to build membership sites
  • Great App Store
  • SEO friendly
  • Limited number of website designs
  • No access to templates code
  • Very basic blog options

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Moonfruit free website builder

There are quite a few benefits that Moonfruit’s free website builder can boast of offering exclusively, and that makes this website building toll a natural entry into this list. With ample number of templates and an intuitive drag and drop based website building interface, Moonfruit gets all the pre-requisites right. On top of that, you get automatic SEO as well as dozens of customization options to make your web pages look a class apart from the routine ones. There’s no registration process to halt you, and you’d love to go with the instinct and spring into the designing phase right away. It is only after you have enjoyed the website development experience that you are asked to share your email address. With no miniscule texts advertising the website building service even in the free version, you can easily rely on Moonfruit to create a website for your business. With tremendous features like no forced advertising, no lengthy processes to be followed to get going, Moonfruit is completely loaded for creating even a small business’ website.
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  • Easy to use website editor
  • SEO friendly
  • Extremely customizable HTML5 templates
  • Opportunity to create online shop
  • Multi-lingual website creation supported
  • Limited collection of website templates
  • No mobile optimized version of free website
  • No blog options
  • Limited number of pages
  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • No phone or live chat support

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Concluding Remarks

You don’t really need to look beyond the 10 free website builders we’ve covered in this guide. These free software are accessible via the internet, don’t need any downloads, allow code free website creation, and offer customer support.

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Free Website Builder Software 2018

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    Are there any companies that actually offer free web site makeovers or HTML web sites
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    Also if you can refer some companies, please do not refer them if they have
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    I’m agree that these free website builders are really the best ones, but it would be great if they were without advertising. I understand that small hardly visible link in footer or web builder logo can hardly be called ads – but it would be so great to have a free website without any advertising links and banners.
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