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Best Portfolio Website Builders That Might Be Useful For Desigers And Artists

Last update: June 7, 2019

Each designer, illustrator, artist faced with the need to have their own website where he can showcase his portfolio. Availability of a website for a portfolio allows to effectively show customers your works, leave comments, place your contacts. How to get this website quickly and not expensive? One of the most effective ways – is to use website builders for portfolio. We’ve created list of the five great website builders which allows to create your own online portfolio in a few minutes wherein your website will have professional design and all features of modern website.

Website Builders for PortfolioA picture is worth a thousand words, and a portfolio is worth millions! Imagine the kind of impressions that a visual testimonial of your expertise as a graphics designer can create on viewers. Whether you’re a hobbyist who’s learnt to mix smartness with skill and can render killer designs that are extremely sellable, or a full time web designer looking to expand your pool of clients through a website that speaks for itself, you need a portfolio to do the talking for you. The smartest, most successful and richest graphics designers out there have a world to thank their portfolio websites for, and it’s time you plucked a leaf out of their gardens of wisdom and joined the league of the most admired and hired artists and designers out there.

The least that clients and viewers expect from an artist is an easily accessible platform where they can have a look at what the artist is all about. Your portfolio website does that for you, and backs that up by doubling up as a pitching tool for your services. You would not be wrong in treating your portfolio website as a visual resume, and that’s exactly how potential recruiters view it! Thankfully, creating a portfolio websites that converts viewers into fans in a moment is not a tough job. You don’t need to invest either time or money into having a portfolio website up and running, as there are several cool and dedicated website builders that help graphics designers and artists to connect with their audiences the market. We tell you more about five of the most widely used website builders for portfolio websites, so that you can pick the one that suits you the most.

Wix Free Website Maker for Portfolio

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Wix Website Builder for Blogscreate free website

Wix has been a favorite of many from several years now, and the fact that it has something unique up its sleeve for all kinds of website buildings needs is certainly responsible for this infallible reputation being enjoyed by Wix. For web designers and graphic designers, Wix pulls together some delightful and useful features that can help these people create stunning portfolio websites to capture prospective clients with. From preset templates to hundreds of customization options that give wings to the inherent creativity of these designers, Wix has loads to impress you with.

A world of free images and fonts – It’s all about the visual appeal, when you’re trying to build a killer portfolio website that helps you showcase your mettle with designs. With thousands of free images ready to be used without any copyright concern along with several cool fonts that make text more expressive, you will find Wix a resource rich toolbox to create portfolio websites that convert viewers into addicts of your designs.

Mind boggling portfolio templates – You will find some scintillating portfolio templates, spread across all sorts of styles and color tones. So, you will have a sturdy and impressive base to build your portfolio website on. Also, the drag and drop styled website builder will make sure that you spend as little time as possible on the website building task.

Amazing color palettes to fine tune your website with – As a web designer or a graphics expert, your choice of colors needs to reflect your potential, and that’s why Wix manages to attract these design savvy people. With more than 50 preset color palettes, fine tuning the shades of your website will be a cakewalk for you. You will be quickly able to reflect a coherent brand identity with the help of this color customization facility.

Customization, the key to successful artists’ portfolio websites – As an artist, your flair for designs needs to be expressed in the design of your website as well. With customization features such as backgrounds, fonts, layouts and text, you will find it easy and breezy to transform a cool template into something that retains the life of the template but adds a lot more appeal in the form of customized design elements.

There’s more in the Wix repertoire to appeal to designers, artists and graphics experts:

  • Why waste time in fine tuning your images offline before posting them on the website? With the fully loaded and integrated image editor that comes with Wix, you will find image editing a walk in the park
  • HTML embed coding option ensures that web designers with HTML knowledge are able to leverage their technical skills into creating truly unique websites
  • Page transition effects make your portfolio website a delightful and eye pleasing experience for viewers

VIDEO Tutorial – How to build a free website on WIX? Step-by-step guide

Krop Free Website Builder for Portfolio

Krop Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

If there’ one portfolio website builder that lives the lengths, breadths and depths of the central idea behind a graphics designer opting to create a portfolio, it has to be Krop. With a gallery of heart winning styles that you can use to create your portfolio, and being a database that hundreds and thousands of client search everyday for hiring freelancers and full time graphics designers, Krop is the best launch pad for budding web designers to make some money out of their skills and creativity. Here’s a quick swim through the several superb features that Krop has up its sleeve for you.

Attach a resume with your portfolio – Here’s a feature that not many portfolio website can boast of. Interestingly, a resume is something that you most certainly would want attached to your portfolio, so that visitors who find reasons to be impressed with your uploads have more information about you readily available in the form of a professional resume. Visitors can see your resume, or download a PDF copy of the same Of course, you have access privilege granting rights, so you can govern as to who gets to see your resume and who doesn’t.

Single Click style transformation – Does that sound more like a fantasy? Well, Krop makes your dream come true with the single click portfolio style change. This feature is all that you will need to create a dose of uniqueness and freshness every time your customers and fans visit your portfolio.

A constantly upgrading style gallery – With inputs from recruiters being used by the Krop team to come up with great new styles every time, you will have just the perfect platform for staying in sync with what the big hirers want. Also, this leaves you just with the concern of popularizing your portfolio, and not maintaining it in the latest styles and standards.

Interested in knowing more about Krop? Here goes:

  • An amazing chance to get picked – Some of the world’s leading hirers for creative artists and graphics designers search through the Krop database for talented designers like you, and this makes Krop a pot of gold for several enthusiastic and talented graphics designers
  • A feature rich builder – Organizing your ideas and content elements into a coherent design is a breeze with Krop, and this ensures that you use very little time in having your portfolio up and running
  • Styles with custom logs – A custom log gives your page an identity and a sense of belongingness for you, and that’s what you get in many of the styles provided in the Krop gallery

ProSite Web Builder for Portfolio

ProSite Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

Style and neatness are integral features of a portfolio website builder, Graphics artists are bound to find it tough having to work with chaotic and unorganized website builders. Whereas neatness and stylish sophistication are not routinely found attributes in website builders, ProSite delivers a healthy dose of these desirable qualities. An innovative and groundbreaking offering from the renowned designers’ community Behance, ProSite is a winner all the way. Of course, the website builder is right up the alley of creative artists who think they can match the best uploads on Behance. There are no outside ads and branding messages to clog your connection with your audiences, not are there any bandwidth limitations to worry about – ProSite is a hassle free and limitless platform for graphics artists and designers to showcase their brilliance to the world with a lively portfolio website.

An interface that both hardcore coders and code-o-phobics will love – The drag and drop styled website builder interface provided by ProSite provides you a breathtaking experience; all you have to do is to drag and drop the content element you want at the position you want, and then populate it with the content you desire. On the other hand, if you are an expert at HTML and CSS, you have all the flexibility in the world to take the designing in your own hands and come up with a truly unique website design.

Full resolution images – As a web designer or a graphics expert, you really don’t want your content to look less impressive that it actually should. With the HD image viewing feature from ProSite, you can be certain that your high quality images will be visible in all their glory. Viewers will only have to click on an image to have it enabled and shown in the full size.

Integrated blogging for more engaging interaction with your visitors – With ProSite, you can really go for the most content rich approach towards popularizing your graphics designing and similar skills. Integrated Tumblr and WordPress features provide you everything you need to have an easily manageable blog integrated right into the ProSite empowered website.

TypeKit fonts for that extra leverage – Whereas many graphics designers fail to make the best use of cool and crazy fonts, you don’t have to commit the mistake, With TypeKit fonts, you will have multiple options of portraying text elements in an attractive manner.

  • SEO features that make your portfolio website a hit with the search engines, thus landing you with ample scope for capturing organic traffic
  • Google Analytics to help you understand the search behavior of your audiences better, which can help you in fine tuning the content of the website
  • Publish your creative works on Behance, and you can also automatically sync content with ProSite, LinkedIn and Adweek, for a more comprehensive digital marketing management

PhotoShelter Website Creator for Portfolio

PhotoShelter Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

Over 80,000 artists are already in love with PhotoShelter, and you only have to scan through the features list of this amazing portfolio website builder to fall for its charms. Integrating superb designing features for those who don’t even know the first alphabet of coding, and providing enough flexibility for coding lovers, PhotoShelter is a paid website builder that can help any website creator come up with a masterpiece in terms of design and style. Moreover, it is one of the few portfolio website builders that integrate a sophisticated selling system into the website designing platform. Here’s a ride through the dozens of amazing features provided by PhotoShelter.

Create and showcase like never before – There’s hardly any portfolio website builder that empowers you with immensely useful designing features of the likes that PhotoShelter does. Not only can you quickly create stunning web pages using the intuitive website builder, but can also manage how your content is shown to audiences by choosing options such as slideshows, image galleries, blogs and individual mages. Adding logos and watermarks is a breeze, and manipulating fonts and color combinations is equally easy.

Sell your work like you would never even have dreamed about – PhotoShelter is among the most power packed eCommerce solutions for graphics designers and artists, as it features a shopping cart dedicated to photographs selling. You can accept payments in 23 different currencies, and also have the leverage of integrated payment services. Creating customized packages of photographs, products and downloads is also easy, and that’s enhanced all the more with batch pricing option for images and galleries.

Awesome digital product delivery – Here’s what sets PhotoShelter miles apart from other portfolio website builders for graphics designers. You can allow your clients to effortlessly choose the galleries they love using the LightBox feature, and can then deliver the same to them through downloads to FTP shares.

Secure backup to ensure you sturdy disaster recovery – How tragic would it be to realize that an accidental formatting makes your website look like a blank page? Well, with the secure cloud back up that Photoshelter provides for your PSD, RAW, TIF and JPG files, you will never have a reason to worry.

Already excited? Here’s more to impress you:

  • Integrated pro lab services – You can create the complete supply chain using PhotoShelter’s superb services, as any photographs you want printed before delivery can be printed through the services of top notch photo labs. Of course, you can integrate your own preferred photo lab also
  • Access privilege management – With advanced PhotoShelter access management features you can clearly define as to which members can access certain galleries, and which of them can download files
  • The Quick Send and Instant Sale leverage – Why waste time in creating DVDs or attaching files in emails once you strike a deal? Close every deal in a jiffy using the agile Instant Sale and Quick Send

IMCreator Free Web Builder for Portfolio

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IM Creator Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

With more than 4.8 million websites already active after having been built upon the IM Creator platform, there’s no dearth of credibility for this website builder. The two most integral bricks of the portfolio you create for your service are the template it’s based upon, and the ease of use offered by the website builder. With IM Creator, you have these two bricks cemented perfectly in place, as a breezy drag and drop styled editor builds upon dozens of eye catchy templates to offer convenient and effective portfolio creation services for graphics designers and artists. That’s just the beginning of the long carpet of impressive features that IM Creator rolls out for its users.

Dozens of templates for graphics designers – You will not have to worry one bit about having to spend several hours on your website to have a visually delightful output, as IM Creator offers several exciting templates that are good enough to be the base of your portfolio websites. Moreover, there are several detailed customization features that help you to tweak the template in the way you want, so that the output retains the best of the template and seasons it with your creativity.

SEO focused portfolio building – Your portfolio, however magnificent it might be, will fall short of the expectations you rest on it, unless it has ample leverage to feature highly on search result pages. With in-built SEO features, your portfolio will be right up there at the top of the search result pages from popular search engines.

Limitless website experience – With free custom email accounts and unlimited bandwidth, you will not have any reason to be concerned about the ease with which your portfolio website manages to handle surges in traffic. This makes IM Creator a good pick for all those artists and graphics experts who are looking for a stable website builder.

Here are other features that might help you make up your mind about IM Creator:

  • IM Creator provides you hosting, so that’s another headache off from you
  • You can also create websites that are optimized for viewing on mobile phone devices, so that your hardcore fans have access to your content even when they are on the move
  • Export your website, if that’s what you want to do!

VIDEO Tutorial – How to Create Free Professional Looking Portfolio Website

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