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10 Easy And Simple Website Builders For Beginners of 2021

Last update: January 25, 2021

The simplicity and the ability to develop the site by yourself – perhaps one of the main advantages of website builders. Almost all modern HTML5 website builders are very simple and easy to use. This allows to develop websites for users who don’t have skills in Web Design, HTML and Php. We’ve prepared a review of 10 easiest website builders among which the majority are also absolutely free.

10 Easy And Simple Website Builders For Beginners Building a website is quicker and easier than it was a decade ago. The clunky, chaotic, and crass interfaces of Flash based website development tools are a thing of the past. HTML5 has taken over the world of website creation, making it intuitive and seamless for even newbies to create competitive and professional-looking websites.

Then, cloud-based apps ensure that users are able to access advanced functionalities right from the World Wide Web. WYSIWYG and drag and drop styled website creation interfaces have made it truly accessible for everyone to create stunning websites without spending much time or money. These tools offer advanced integration with several online platforms (right from mailboxes to social media accounts), and hence enable websites to do a lot more than just information dissemination.

Thanks to website builders and e-commerce solutions, budding entrepreneurs, bloggers, and artists have to no longer depend on professional web developers and coders. Most web development platforms out there are user-friendly and require only a basic knowledge of operating a computer.

Here Are Some Of The Top 10 Easy Website Builders:

Wix – Best Easy Free Website Builder for Beginners

Wixcreate a website

Wix is number one on our list for all the right reasons. It is currently among the best easy-to-use website builders that cater to a wide range of clients from bloggers to businessmen. The intuitive drag and drop interface work on a WYSIWYG framework. This means, you can preview the website before publishing it, exactly as it would appear on the user-end browser.

The in-house editor allows you to make real-time changes to the content even after you’ve uploaded it. Wix also offers an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) functionality that automatically generates a website for you based on your preferences. You also have the choice of manually customizing the meta tags and HTML code of the page.

The more advanced features include Google Analytics, parallax, animations, ande-commerce storefront features. Free web hosting, custom domain registration services, and cloud support are additional incentives.

Weebly – Simple And Convenient Website Creator

Weeblycreate a website

Weebly is among the most comprehensive and convenient website builders on our list. This interactive, advanced yet simple buildercaters to both professionals and amateurs. You can build almost anything on Weebly from blogs to portfolios, contact forms, web pages, stores and more. It offers tailored step-by-step guidance to first-timers to integrate storefront designs, add content, market your content and promote your services.

The free plan from Weebly allows free domain registration and web hosting services. The payable plans offer you additional features like custom domain support, site search, site stats etc. With a drag and drop editor and a WYSIWYG framework, Weebly allows users to preview the website before you actually upload it on the server.

Plus, the site builder also creates a mobile-friendly version of your website as soon as you publish it, thereby expanding your reach and visibility considerably. On the downside, however, Weebly doesn’t offer a lot of built-in tools, a limited number of integrations and it gets difficult to move your Weebly site to another platform.

Webnode – Easy Website Builder for Multilingual Sites

Webnodecreate a website

Webnode is among the largest players in the industry with over 30 million registered users. This multilingual platform supports over 20 languages, giving you the truly international appeal and exposure. Recently, WebNode has introduced a few changes in their interface that has only added on to its credibility as an easy website builder.

The drag and drop interface allows you to edit your content in blocks. You can also tweak the HTML code and CSS of the page if you have the technical expertise. The paid plans allow for custom domain registration, an ad-free website, and free SSL security for the first year.

The e-commerce options have also been a recent addition allowing you to add payment gateways, discount options, manage shopping carts, add newsletters among other things. The SEO solutions, Google Analytics integration, and CMS tools are all available on the Standard plan.

IM Creator – Easy to Use Site Builder for Photographers

IM Creatorcreate a website

IM Creator is another effective and efficient player in the market that has over 11 million users. It is the best option for people who are aiming for an aesthetically pleasing, image-rich website. There are over 70 professional eye-catching templates to choose from.

The pre-populated templates save you a lot of time and effort, however, you can choose to build your web page from scratch as well. Here, you can also edit the meta tags and HTML code of the page, getting more control over the appearance and functionality of the website.

Another interesting feature is that IM Creator allows you to add sections such as Features section, Team Chart Section and Pricing Section to your website for greater flexibility and freedom. IM Creator is also compatible for mobile devices, giving you a chance to expand your content across different platforms and screen sizes.

Site123 – Simple and Universal Website Builder

Site123create a website

Site123 is one of the quickest and most user-friendly options out there that caters to beginners and professionals alike. As the name suggests, here you can create a wonderful and functional website in but three simple steps. All you have to do is create an account, choose a template, customize it and upload. It’s really the simplest website builder!

The intuitive design framework takes care of all the web development and designing, leaving you ample time to concentrate on the more pressing issues of your business. The interface comes with an intuitive sidebar-based editing system that accounts for the efficient transition between pages and simplifies adding content as well. Site123 is especially suited for creating online stores, the e-commerce templates come with pre-set features for adding products, descriptions and pricing options. You can opt for the free trial version before moving on to the five pricing packages.

Squarespace – Good For Online Portfolio

ProSite Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

Squarespace is the best website builder for users who want a stunning, professional website without any of the technical fuss. The simple, robust and reliable platform is just what you need to launch aesthetically pleasing and functional e-commerce stores. The full-featured website builder comes with an intuitive interface, tons of reliable editing tools, a wide range of templates and themes and other customizable features.

You can register your domain name for free with your annual Squarespace subscription. You also don’t have to pay any transaction fee for your e-commerce dealings via Basic or Advanced plans. After you’ve registered and subscribed to a package, you can avail the benefits of advanced services like SEO tools, Google Analytics integration, and other third-party plugins.

Plus, you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage on your account. The all-in-one website builder, though slightly expensive than others, is the perfect option for users who want to build everything from scratch.

Google Sites – Easiest Website Builder Platform

Google Sitescreate a website

Google Sites isn’t your regular small business website builder, you can use it as a collaborative tool where you can manage your Google Docs, Forms and Calendars in one place. The interface is pretty simple, clutter-free and easy to use. You don’t get a lot of customization options and themes, but it is enough to get you started. Google Sites is best suited for building wikis and intranets and weave multiple apps in one-page for organizing your business. There are two versions of the sites- the new version comes with responsive templates, SEO tools, and analytics tools.

Jimdo – Free Simple Builder With Artificial Intelligence

Jimdocreate a website

Jimdo brings artificial intelligence to the fore, and promises a website within as little as 3 minutes of starting up! The Jimdo interface asks you basic questions about the purpose of your website, and then presents a customizable design, with prepopulated content and highly relevant stock photgraphs, for you to tweak and finalize your website. Jimdo has overhauled the content structure, now offering advanced customizations and flexibility with each of the content elements, helping you prepare a website truly tailored for your audience.

Jimdo also offers seamless integration with social media; for instance, connect you Facebook account to your Jimdo website, and let it take out all details such as store opening hours, and update the same on the website. You also get a pre-loaded and industry-specific navigation menu for your website, which eliminates a lot of content planning time from your schedule. Automatic SEO is another great benefit; Jimdo’s technology not only solves basic SEO issues with your website, but also brings out actionable insight on what you can do to improve the SEO of your website.

SiteBuilder – Paid But Very Simple Website Maker

ProSite Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

SiteBuilder essentially breaks down the website building process into three tasks – select a template, choose a domain, and then publish the website. 100s of website templates on offer, and each of them customizable via the intuitive drag and drop based website editor – that’s SiteBuilder’s USP. The platform is equally awesome, whether you want to build a barebones blog, or a swanky ecommerce website.

And if you have the technical expertise then SiteBuilder also allows users to tweak the source codes, meta tags, and CSS stylesheets. Other tools include SEO tools, CMS solutions, e-commerce options like integrating multiple payment gateways, SSL security encryptions, managing shopping carts and a host of other things that are useful for amateur and professional web developers alike.

1&1 My Website – Paid Easy Website Builder for Business

ProSite Website Builder for Portfoliocreate a website

1&1 My Website is an all-around solution, a mixed bag of features and functionalities that make life a lot easier for the budding entrepreneur. With 1&1, you can build a powerful, attractive website in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is register, create an account, choose a template and customize it the way you want to.

The drag and drop interface and in-depth editor allow for greater flexibility and versatility. You can create multiple pages under one account, add a blog, integrate your portfolio, insert contact forms among a lot of other things. And if you have the technical expertise and coding experience, 1&1 also lets you tweak the source HTML codes and CSS stylesheets. This opens up the doors for wider customization options like editing meta tags, adding custom URLs and enhancing the SEO of the site.

Another thing that 1&1 offers its clients is a multilingual platform – a feat not many web builders have. The affordable pricing options are only a cheery on the cake. On the downside, 1&1 doesn’t support e-commerce.

What’s in the result?

The World Wide Web is currently crawling with web development platforms and tools. Choosing one amongst the hundreds out there is surely going to be a daunting task indeed. Lucky for you, we are here to help. In the list of the top website builders of the year, we have included both payable and free easy website builders for you to explore.

But if asked to pick one, we would recommend Wix for first-time web users. Wix is a user-friendly, intuitive and extremely convenient platform supporting various virtual models. However, you should consider the size, scale and audience base of your business before making a choice.

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