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Mozello – A new age, fully loaded DIY website builder for all


For anybody searching for the simplest, smartest way to build a decent website up, Mozello is the miracle maker you’ve been looking for. This is a website builder which has something in store for all website designers. Whether you’re a design veteran or taking your baby steps into the world of website developing, Mozello will deliver on your needs. Mozello is one way to breathe life into your creative dreams. Mozello will help you to create state of the art, functionally strong websites for all purposes.

A fully decked up DIY (Do It Yourself) website builder, Mozello stands out with its easy to use templates and impeccable hosting services. There are scores of options to choose from and each of them is completely customizable. Mozello actually makes it possible for you to go online within an hour, minus any extensive coding. The templates range from the simple one page blog layout to expansive business layouts comprising of several pages and sub-pages with multiple links.

Getting started

The first step towards creating your own website is signing up with Mozello.


Signing up with Mozello is quite a breezy affair. It requires nothing more than your email id and a new password to create a new account. You kick-off the process by christening your website.

Mozello signing up

Here, you need not pay a buck, but remember, if you are using a free version of the website the domain name with contain a Mozello reference. For example, if you choose your website name as XYZ, the domain name will be

While signing up or signing in you can choose the category of website you choose to work on. You can select from among the following options:

  • Business
  • Blog
  • Freelancer
  • Online store
  • Other

This takes you to a subcategory of multiple edit friendly website templates and themes, which you can enlarge and test before deciding on one. In short, Mozello takes you on a wonderful journey of learning and creating user friendly websites within minutes of signing up. Best part is you can switch templates later on, even after your website goes live, without losing any data.

Mozello takes personalization to a new level altogether. You can select from among 10 different types of page layouts before getting down to work. You might as well leave the layout choice for later as Mozello makes sure that you don’t lose any data in case you decide to go with a different layout at a later stage during editing.

The moment you zero in on a template you will be led to the template editor, where you can unleash your creative prowess. Start with changing the title to your business or blog name, add a message or sub-title for your visitors and gear up for having loads of fun with the powerful editor that gives you a professional looking, functional website without having to spend a penny!

Mozello responsive templates

Mozello will land you on the lap of the latest, mobile responsive website templates which can be experimented with and edited without any coding hassles. Take for example, the background picture of your template; you can select any picture from the internet or your own PC to replace the demo image. All the must-have editing tools for any rookie designer can be found in the left panel of the website. From adding new pages to changing payment plans, designers can spoil themselves with hundreds of possible choices.

Tools and options from Mozello

Adding new pages to your web template

The first option of the tool panel on the left is Pages. Each template already comes with its own plethora of pages with demo content. Each of these pages are either specialized as galleries and contact info pages or you can add new pages with the Pages option as available at the top of the left tool panel.


This Page option, expectedly, lets you add multiple pages to your current website template. But here’s the twist, this is no simple page adder. When you click on the Pages option you get to choose from among 7 different options including:

  • Normal page with text
  • Front page or special page
  • Picture gallery
  • Blog or news
  • Web form
  • Catalog or store
  • Link to other page

These are a set of predetermined layouts which make your work inevitably easy. From changing copy and images to injecting your own HTML code snippets, you can knock yourself out when it comes to layout choices with Mozello. With the blog layout you get a native commenting system, you may as well set up DISQUS by simply mentioning your Mozello username in the corresponding box. Although the features of the e-shop cum catalog layout of Mozello aren’t closely comparable to Shopify or Prestashop, it has its own way of keeping the UI neat, the itinerary organized and your orders updated.

Making design changes with the Design option

The Change Design option takes you to a world of possible customizations which you can perform on the templates to make your website one in a million.

Mozello design option

On top of that, you can change the colors of the buttons, link hover, menu text, title, link ad the banner overlay with the Change Colors option. You can tweak the transparency of the same to add the desired effect to the home page and other pages of your website. You might as well browse through the different fonts through the Change Font Scheme option, for a new style to suit the purpose and theme of your website. The paid users can also inject their own HTML codes in the head section of the website templates.

Editing and replacing the demo text content

The best part about Mozello is that they provide users with editable blocks and grids, which is missing from many of the other leading DIY or WYSIWYG website editors. These editable block elements range from texts, side blocks (left and right) to footer space at the bottom. Editing these text blocks is very simple; you can simply click on them for beginning the edit process. From overwriting the demo text to changing the style of the text, you can have tons of fun to keep the website both informative and visually appealing at the same time.

Mozello text edit


The Blog/News option lets you add new post to your website. Although this does not have a scheduling option, you can add social sharing button to your posts for a wider reach to your target audience.

Mozello Blog/News


The Address option takes you to a pop-up address editor which lets you edit your free Mozello address. As a matter of fact, you can also import a domain you already own to create your individual address.

Mozello Address


The Settings option takes you to a world of new possibilities. You can upgrade your account right from here and you can also make other major changes to your website including change of title or brand name and adding website logo(s). This is also the option from where you can insert your own HTML code for different sections of your website which includes both the Head and the Body.

Mozello Settings


This is a very important option which gives you a complete view of the website before it goes live. Getting a glimpse of what your website will look to your target audience gives you a clear idea of what needs to be changed, removed or even added to impart world-class functionality to your brand new online presence.

Mozello Preview

One stop Publishing options

Publishing is literally a one step process with Mozello. Once you feel your website is ready, click on the preview option for a quick overview and hit Publish on the left tool panel of the editing interface. Mozello makes sure that from the beginning to the end, you enjoy the process free from any coding clutter and payment worries. You can create your own website and publish it too within a few minutes with this amazing DIY website builder even without any previous website development experience.

Mozello Publishing

Wherever you are, Mozello is ready to help you

Now comes the question of online and offline support for the Mozello users. Needless to say, Mozello has surpassed its contemporaries when it comes to customer support. Firstly, it has an exhaustive FAQ section which answers almost all questions regarding payments, subscription offers, and withdrawal of subscriptions as well as SEO aspects of Mozello based websites. And, if these don’t suffice you can opt for their live chat any time of the day. The chat box directly connects you to a customer care executive who troubleshoots your problems and answers all doubts without a moment’s delay.

Mozello has everything needed to make your site SEO friendly

Firstly, you need the make sure that your website content is reader friendly and original. Use high quality links on your website so it makes the crawling process of search engines faster and more efficient. All Mozello websites have options of embedding social media widgets. Make use of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sharing options to increase the social media presence of your website. In reality, Mozello has everything you need to make your website rank high with the search engines; all you need to do is make sure that you know how to use them. In this regard, if you find the process too cumbersome or difficult, you may take help of the customer support or make use of the multiple walk-through videos from Mozello to educate yourself about SEO and SEO techniques.

Things to remember to make a SEO friendly website

Mozello templates have the option of incorporating personal Title and Meta description tags on the websites and WebPages. You can simply click on the Pages option and click on Advanced Settings to access your website’s SEO settings. Make sure that:

  • You designate keywords to your content
  • The Title tag is brief and yet descriptive
  • Each page should have a unique title
  • Title Tag should be within 70 characters
  • Meta description should summarize the page content
  • Meta description should contain important keywords

The best way to ensure that you have got the SEO options under your thumb is to monitor the website stats. Again, Mozello comes equipped with all the tools and plug-ins required for you to do so. The best way to monitor the footfall and stay time is to use Google Analytics with Mozello website. Let’s see how to make it possible:

  • Create an account with Google Analytics if you don’t have one already and choose Universal Analytics as account type
  • Copy your Tracking ID and log in to your Mozello account
  • Paste your Tracking ID in the Google Analytics Tracking ID field
  • Hit Save

It may take you a few days to observe significant change in the tracking data and website statistics.

Setting up your own email service with Mozello

With Mozello, you can even create your own email address with your domain name. However, Mozello does not include a free email service provider. Hence you can choose from any of the following email services:

  • Gmail – paid only
  • – paid only
  • Inbox Bizmail – both paid and free
  • Zoho Mail – both paid and free

Now all you have to do is get in touch with the tech support team of Mozello to inform them about the plan and service you have chosen. Your domain will be configured by the staff and you won’t even have to lift a finger. However, if you are using an independent domain, bought separately from somewhere else you will need to follow the instructions of your email service provider to configure the domain yourself while Mozello will be ready to provide you will pertaining suggestions and advice.

Now let us peer into the nitty-gritty of the payment process which makes Mozello quite a treat for designers and developers from around the globe.

Mozello’s Free and Premium Plans

Mozello offers both free and paid (Premium, and Premium Plus) subscription plans. The subscription plans include premium for $7.00 per month and premium plus for $14.00 per month. While the free plan offers a domain name with the mention of Mozello in it, the other two offer completely independent plans without the mention of Mozello at all. In fact, the latter two ensure that there is no mention of Mozello in your website design, no watermarks and signatures. All three plans support mobile friendly websites and marketing features. The free plan is somehow still restrictive in certain aspects, for example, it offers only 0.5 GB storage space for the users. On the other hand, Premium and Premium Plus offer 5 GB and 50 GB of storage space respectively. You can store up to 100 items in your online itinerary with the Premium plan and unlimited items with Premium Plus.

Mozello pricing plans Check actual prices on

All in all, Mozello is a steal deal for everyone whether you go for a free plan or a paid one. As a matter of fact, quite unlike the other website builders, Mozello does not keep sending you push messages to upgrade to a paid plan while you are on the free platform. But if you are willing to dish out a few bucks for the incredible services you can simply sync your PayPal account or use your credit cards to make all payments. For payments made from EU, Mozello also accepts wire transfers.

Final Thoughts

At the first glance, the editing options may seem very limited. However, for a novice website designer these options make the creative experience less intimidating. Mozello strives to give a 360-degree experience of website building for all website designers carefully avoiding the coding fuss. This is what makes Mozello a darling of almost all leading website developers. Currently, about 2,000 websites from various genres are powered by Mozello.

Mozello provides the most wholesome experience possible complete with one of the best tech support services. This website helps you say goodbye to the geeky stuff totally, no HTML coding, no CSS coding and tons of variety. Just the knowledge of English is sufficient to build your own website with Mozello. However, the biggest disadvantage of working with Mozello is its lack of drag and drop facility. Almost all its competitors are securing the market with this feature and Mozello has not yet shown any indication of incorporating drag and drop features to its website editor. This means, although you get tons of free pre-designed layouts you cannot add blocks and web elements to them.

But the lack of these features is surely made up for by the user friendly interface of Mozello. There is no clutter, there is no complexity. You can just sign in and start creating as long as you are registered with Mozello. It is especially recommended for the small business owners and entrepreneurs who want a fully functional and professional website without paying for professional website developers who charge a fortune for all the services Mozello provides for free!

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